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How to Sell Your Product Through Email Marketing


Do you ever think why only a certain portion of the people you send an email to ever open it? Or, why even a small amount of people were actually click on the link within an email?
Well, there are ways to get more space out of your email marketing with simple changes that’re less demanding than you may might suspect! Here we specified some essential tips that you should consider for better promotion of your business Online.

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Learn Some Basic Tips Before You Are Starting For Selling Product Online:

#1. How to Select a Domain name

Before purchasing a domain name, you must consider some points from the user and SEO perspective as mentioned below:
  • Make the Domain Unique,
  • Avoid Numbers and Hyphens,
  • Don’t Follow the Latest Trends,
  • Try to choose Dot-Com Available Domains,
  • Make it Easy to Type,
  • Make it Easy to Remember,
  • Keep the name short and simple as much as possible,
  • Make it keyword focused, it helps you to promote Business Online easily, &
  • Use an Ajax Domain Selection Tool for your website.

#2. Website Creation

Before planning to design a website you should know the below mention points:
  • HTML – An introduction to the computer language which forms the heart of web pages.
  • Editors – Tools you can use to help create websites.
  • Hosting – How to find a home (host server) for your website.
  • Publish – How to upload your site to the internet so that other people can visit it.
Here are some steps for website setup:
  • Beginner-Friendly: The guide is very detailed, yet very easy to follow – even if you’re not very technical.
  • Platform-Specific: Your website will be set up the right way on the right platform for what you need.
  • Up-to-Date: Other guides are outdated or misleading. I update my guides every month.
  • Fast Setup: You’ll have a clean, mobile-friendly website up and running in less than an hour.

#3. Useful Tools For Website Promotion

For analyzing your website, there are so many tools, like: Free Meta Tag Analyser, SiteViewer, W3C HTML Validation Service, Google Analytics, Google Adwords (For keyword research), Google Webmasters, Google+ page, Google Bookmarks, and some other paid tools are also available online.
You need all the help you can get to promote your content on social media and be noticed. We’re singling out some tools, recommended by SEO experts and Business owners, that are promised to supercharge your social media strategy.
 Some useful tools for Email marketing:

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Effective Types of Email Marketing Messages You Should Use:

Here we’re going to give you some top effective types of email marketing messages, how to use them properly, and finally their advantages and disadvantages.
Let’s go through to it!
  • Welcome Emails,
  • Dedicated Emails,
  • Newsletter Emails,
  • Lead Nurturing Emails,
  • Transactional Emails, &
  • Anniversary Emails.
But here on this blog we are discussing about Lead Nurturing Emails.

Top ways to make more clients’ through email marketing:

  1. Apply content marketing best practices to your email.
  2. Create clear, tempting subject lines.
  3. Tell stories (ex: customer reviews).
  4. Keep it short.
  5. Offer incentives.
  6. It is a means of guiding prospects further into your sales funnel
  7. Deliver your information in an entertaining way. Show your personality, be engaging.
  8. Always remember one thing, when you are writing an Email, it is not just a copy of the email, it’s a conversation between you and your new customers. After all, you’re not cold-calling, you’re nurturing leads.
  9. It is a means of guiding prospects further into your sales funnel.

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These are just some simple steps that will help you to sell your product Online easily. Many magnificent marketing blogs are out there at Know of any other social media blogs you find helpful and insightful for your marketing needs? Let us know!

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