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10 PSD Banner Templates: Optimize Your Ads & Increase Your Revenue

A collection of premium nicely crafted vintage web banner templates that can be used to advertise your product, company or service. To ensure your brand visibility, and stand out from the thousands of similar advertisements, our experts make sure that your PSD Banners Templates target your audience, deliver a message in a single glimpse, and provide you with a constant flow of traffic to your website.

Instead of generic web banners with no genuine expression, we tailor custom banners to match your brand message and marketing strategy. Keeping our designs small in size but powerful in appearance is our specialty, and we guarantee that our banners will load instantaneously while still providing an impressive quality of resolution. By keeping solutions simple but effective, with an emphasis on the content and promotion material, the audience will receive your positive message loud and clear.

From season sales to the timeless presentation, and for any possible type of advertisement you need, DealMirror will deliver a header, a cover, design a logo or any type of a graphics banner according to your needs. Download the fully layered PSD now!

How PSD web banner Ads will increase your business:

  • Banners are considered as the most visible advertisements in online. This is because of banner ads contains attractive images.
  • The banner ads save time for both publishers and advertisers. It just needs to insert a line code and the advertiser’s website or the required link.
  • The advertiser is allowed to select a list of websites to post the banner ads. It enables the advertiser to make more targeted potential customers.
  • With the banner ads, website traffic will be increased. If the ad is interesting to the visitors, they will look for more information by clicking the ad. Therefore, the advertiser needs to take the link directly to the information contained page.
  • Tracking is easy with banner ads. Putting the goals and analyzing after each campaign of those goals will give a clear idea as for how the campaign is going.
  • If a publisher using an Ad server, can get a monthly pay all at once instead of from each advertiser once.
  • Brand of the ads results on the effectiveness of the banner ads. If the advertiser’s brand is well established, by adding some attractive pictures viewers’ attention can easily seek.

Let’s have a look…

Sport Shoe Sale Banner

graphics, free psd buttons

Travel and Tour Banner

graphics, free psd buttons


Real Estate Banner

cool website buttons, graphics

Note: If you want to see more web banners and wish to download, please click 

Tips on how to maximize your DealMirror earnings:

1. Use lots of ad units. For best results, you should place ads as many as possibly you can. Depending on the content length. I use about 5 units per page and I get high results. The more units, the better.

2. Use all the available “Location of Ad” options. Since DealMirror’s Ad Tester won’t show more than 1 ad for each “Location of Ad”, it’s important that you have at least 1 ad unit for each “Location of Ad” option.

3. Choose from many ad sizes as you think will fit in each ad unit even if you don’t think they will work.

4. Enable Mobile Anchor Ads. This is a type of ad that sticks to the bottom of mobile devices which can boost your earnings from mobile devices without annoying your website visitors.

5. Create Mobile Ad Units. As of 2015, worldwide mobile phone internet user penetration was 7%, therefore mobile ad units matter! turn on “Mobile” to enable mobile ad units. Make sure to select all the units available on the “Mobile” part.


As soon as I understand about custom web banners, I’ve downloaded it from DealMirror and use in my website. After using these web banners PSD, my website looks more attractive and elegant. On the other hand, if we talk about traffic then this PSD element is a boon for your web design because it also helps in bringing traffic to our website.


Thank you for reading this post!! Feel free to suggest your own PSDs for this collection.


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