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How to Use Pinterest to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Are you wondering how Pinterest could increase your website traffic?

We all know that nowadays, traditional marketing methods are becoming both expensive and ineffective and you know that by neglecting to promote your business online, you’re missing out on the impressive business results that an effective online marketing strategy can bring about.

Whether your business is just getting started with internet marketing or you want to look over with the basics, this blog will help you  to set up and implement a successful online marketing strategy, step by step.

Pinterest is a social media website for sharing and categorizing images or website pages found online. It is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you  to discover and save creative ideas.

How to Join

How to Pin

1. Sign Up 1. Install the Pin It Button
2. Create Your Profile 2. Pin from a website
3. Check Your Settings 3. Upload a Pin (Image)
4. Create a New Board
5. Like and Comment

Below are the simple steps that will help you while using Pinterest:

For each search, Pinterest shows you:

  • Pins that contain the search term in the description
  • Boards that contain the search terms in the title or description
  • People who have the search terms in their profile

Note: Pinterest never returns a list of every possible match. You should try each search several times to see how the results change.

For each blog post you consider pinning:

1. Create a new account or sign up with Facebook –


2. How To Edit Your Profile –

3. Add an extension on your browser –

4. Add board categories –


5. How to Pin: It displays a list of pins that contain your search term in the pin description.


  1. Write Your Pin Description.
  2. Click Boards to review all boards that contain your search term in their title or description.
  3. Review the pins in each of these boards.
  4. Add followers and following (by simply follow their boards and pins).


After giving so much time to Pinterest and figuring out how it works, you are ready to start using it to drive traffic to your website.

Note: Modify your search phrase to see, if there are different words that people are using for topic.

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How To Schedule Pins?

Schedule Pins like a Pro as given below. Using Below given tools you can increase your earnings with Pinterest:

  1. TailWind App – It is a full-out management tool for Pinterest with analytics substitutes that will genuinely help you. Not only can you schedule and get your standard stats, but you can see pins that are trending, who your most powerful followers are, who the top re-pinners are and analyze your competitors very closely.
  2. ViralTag – It is the ideal fit for somebody who deals with different Pinterest accounts and is on a budget. Being the very first tool I used for Pinterest, I keep on using it today in view of what number of Pinterest accounts I oversee for customers (and for my different records).
  3. Pinterest Extensions- Get the Pinterest browser extensions or a button on your screen. Whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, there are browser extensions and buttons you can install to simply and quickly pin images from any website to your boards. It is a simple and convenient way to publish your product or content using Pinterest.
  4. Photoshop – As a graphic designer, I am best friends with Photoshop for all things visual. Whether I am creating pin-able graphics, board or infographics images, it is my go-to source.
  5. Pinterest Widgets – Pinterest itself offers several tools to help integrate your website with Pinterest.


There are five widgets to help you do exactly that including:

  • Pin It Button: allowing people to pin directly from your website
  • Follow Button: allowing people to follow you with Pinterest
  • Pin Widget: allowing you to embed pins on your website.
  • Board Widget: Showing up to 30 of your favorite board’s latest pins.
  • Profile Widget: Showing up to 30 of your latest pins on your site.

And more tools  are available…


How to add your Pinterest Account to Facebook business page:




Track Traffic to Your Website from Pinterest:

The pin for your website post appears on your pins and on your selected board. Everyone who follows your pin has a chance to see it. Anyone who checks out your pins can also see it.

Other people see your pins, and if they find it interesting, they will click through to your website post. They may also re-pin your blog post to share it with the people who follow them.

There are several ways you can track the traffic to your website post from Pinterest. Use whatever traffic monitoring tools you have in place on your website. For example: Google Analytics.

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