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Get up to 30-50% more followers within a month and Increase your engagement up to 100%.

Turn Your Twitter into a Mega-Funnel for Your Business, Organization, Blog, Email List, etc.

Convert your audience into happy customers who evangelize your products and services.

Best For: Digital Marketers, Social Networking, Startups, and Business Owners.

Zlappo Lifetime Deal

Grow your Twitter audience rapidly like a Top-1% influencer with the most powerful Twitter growth tool.

We understand Twitter growth hacking and have built a product that bakes in all the state-of-the-art best practices.

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Schedule great content and grow your audience rapidly with the smartest automation app of 2021


Zlappo Working


1.  Schedule Threads like a Champ!

Zlappo Lifetime Deal

Hack your growth using long-form storytelling and schedule insightful threads

A. Write in your native environment
Perfect your content without 280-character limits.

B. Copy and paste into a thread
Zlappo converts your content into threaded tweets in the composer window. Just like that.

C. Reorder tweets if necessary
Drag and drop your tweets to reorder them if you want, or even add a tweet anywhere in between your thread. Can’t do this on Twitter, can do this on Zlappo.

D. Set custom time intervals for thread replies to go out, sequentially
Don’t want to post the entire thread at once? Set your desired time intervals at which you want each reply to go out. Absolute killer feature!

2. Auto-Recycle Evergreen Content

Zlappo Lifetime Deal

Showcase your best content regularly and maximize visibility/engagement

A. Zlappo auto-adds your tweets with good engagement to an Evergreen List
Zlappo identifies your popular tweets and auto-adds them to an Evergreen List. This happens automatically in the background.

B. Zlappo auto-retweets from your Evergreen List
Whenever you have an open time slot in your Queue, we’ll automatically and randomly retweet a tweet from your Evergreen List to keep your Queue full.

C. Alternatively, add tweets to Evergreen manually from your timeline
You can also sort/filter your timeline by engagement and add popular tweets to your Evergreen List.

3. Rapid-Fire Scheduling

Zlappo Lifetime Deal

Introducing unrivaled speed of use in scheduling tweets

A. Write a post, add it to Queue
Get in the zone and bang out some good content.

B. Write the next post immediately
Stay in the flow and become super-productive. Schedule months of content in one sitting even.

Why Schedule Threads?

  • Batching/Productivity- Write a month’s content in one sitting, and then have them drip out over time instead of inundating your followers with burst-posting.
  • Autosave- Ever typed a 30-tweet thread only to crash or accidentally click the close button and lose everything? We never let that happen.
  • Dramatically– Increased quality — make drafts, read, re-read, and edit or make changes to your threads before they go out.
  • Best timing- Post not when you’re inspired, but when your audience is looking to get inspired. Big difference.


Get up to 30-50% more followers within a month

The difference in your growth and productivity after using Zlappo cannot be overstated. Simply put, you’ll see astounding results.

When you automate your content, you not only free up your time to focus on value creation but also leverage automation fully to pump out high-quality content in the background while you handle real business.


Increase your engagement up to 100%

Zlappo tells you which content has resonated the most with your audience, so you know to schedule more of the same.

You can then focus on interacting genuinely with your tribe and make loyal happy customers out of curious followers.

This is how the pros do it, combining authentic interactions with smart automation.


Wake up to new sales, conversions, and sign-ups every morning, weekend, and even over vacation

There’s no better feeling than waking up to new sign-ups, sales, commissions, etc. each morning, knowing that you’ve made money in your sleep only because you auto-tweeted your content the night before.

But it won’t happen unless you automate and systematize your Twitter into a powerful funnel that generates sales on its own.


Decouple your earnings growth from your time/labor, scale-up exponentially by fully leveraging automation

If you want to avoid constant active labor and minimize your hours at work, you need to scale up and grow a lot faster and use all the help you can get, especially in leveraging technology to scale your growth.

Don’t leave money and growth on the table anymore. Be smart, automate, and create systems that do the work for you.



Evergreen List – it’s a database of all your most popular tweets from the past. Zlappo will auto-retweet a random tweet from your Evergreen List every once in a while, so as to showcase your older content to your newer followers, to maximize the ROI of each tweet.




Tweet Smarter


Turn your Twitter account into a mega-funnel for your blog, consultancy, Gumroad, email list, and more:

  • Powerful Twitter thread scheduler for PROS
  • Auto-retweet evergreen tweets in the background
  • Auto-retweet your trending content for visibility
  • Time slot-based Queue for rapid-fire scheduling
  • Sort your Twitter timeline by engagement for insights
  • Build a loyal tribe that evangelize your product
  • Analyze your follower/unfollower analytics
  • Tweet smarter, grow faster, save time

Benefits of Zlappo Lifetime Deal


Why Zlappo?
Tweet Smarter. Grow faster.


TweetDeck Schedules Tweets. We Deliver Results:
-Whether you want to sell more ebooks, get more affiliate sales, or otherwise grow your audience to monetize later, our smart features are built specifically to increase your ROI on Twitter.

Focused and Serves Only One Purpose:
-Zlappo serves only one purpose: to grow your audience rapidly. Nothing else. We loathe becoming yet another me-too bloatware app that tries to do everything shoddily.

Best Practices Baked into the App:
-Even if you’re new on Twitter, Zlappo’s workflow is tactically designed to embody Twitter best practices within an intuitive workflow. No strategy?

No problem. Zlappo is the strategy. Just go with the flow, use all features, and you’ll naturally run a tight ship with your Twitter.

We Understand Twitter Growth Hacking in 2021:
-Growing an audience on Twitter in 2021 is a science. And we understand that science. This is why we constantly evolve our product to embody only the most effective strategies today.

Cleanest User Interface Ever:
-According to our users, Zlappo’s speed, intuitiveness, and ease of use are unmatched.

No Spammy/Black-Hat Automations:
-We don’t allow bulk following or unfollowing, mass liking or retweeting, mass/auto-DMs, etc. We’re a white-hat tool that follows Twitter’s terms of use to the letter. Period.

No Hype. Just Smarter Automation:
-Our product philosophy is simple. Tweet smarter, grow faster. We help you get ahead by doing what no one else is doing and getting you results from no one else is getting.

Deal Terms:

  • Length of accessLifetime
  • Redemption Deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.


Q1 2021

*Add native mobile sharing via Web Share API
*Revamp and expand on Instashot feature

Q2 2021

*Add video uploads
*Integrate with LinkedIn

 Q3 2021

*Create Chrome extension for native browser sharing
*Create native iOS/Android apps

Q4 2021

*Create dark/gray modes
*Advanced growth/audience analytics


Limited Time Offer Only at $ 39

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Hurry Up !! Grab this Lifetime Deal


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Plans Common Features:

  • Schedule Threads
  • Schedule Retweets
  • Schedule Quoted Tweets
  • Schedule Replies
  • Evergreen List
  • Followers & Unfollowers Analytics

Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $39.00.

What you get in this deal

  • Connect 1 Twitter account
  • 1,000 Tweets/Month
  • Followers & Unfollowers Analytics
  • Schedule Threads
  • Schedule Retweets
  • Schedule Replies
  • Schedule a month ahead

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Frequently Asked Questions

11 reviews for Zlappo : The Ultimate Twitter Growth Tool

  1. Avatar

    Soumya Sethi

    It offers useful automation tools for Twitter that make a posting, scheduling, etc. a lot easier. I am really glad that I came across this tool, as before Twitter wasn’t really worth it for me.

  2. Avatar

    Logan Sears

    Zlappo is a great tool to automate Twitter retweeting of prior posts.

  3. Avatar

    Finn Allen

    Can I use Zlappo to manage multiple Twitter accounts?

    • Avatar


      Yes. Both the Hustler and Tycoon plans allow you to manage multiple Twitter accounts, which means that you can schedule tweets across multiple accounts from one easy-to-use interface.

  4. Avatar

    James N.

    Will I get free product upgrades?

    • Avatar


      We improve Zlappo on a daily basis. That’s our commitment to our users. Free product upgrades, bug fixes, and new feature releases are a standard feature across all plans.

  5. Avatar

    Ken McClure

    Do all plans include the Zlappo app for iOS and Android?

    • Avatar


      Yes. Just log in as usual from your mobile browser, and you’ll be prompted at the bottom: “Install Zlappo app.” Even free trial users get access to the Zlappo mobile app.

      We highly recommend you to install our mobile app, as it makes it super-convenient to schedule content on the go… or even on the couch!

  6. Avatar

    Aarav Mehta

    In the tweet limits above, what counts as a tweet?

    • Avatar


      -A tweet is a post, so if you have a long thread with multiple media attachments they still count as one tweet.

      For most personal brand accounts, 1,000 tweets/mo is more than enough to achieve your marketing goals.

  7. Avatar

    Ritesh Kumar

    What is the exact meaning of Repeating a tweet?

    • Avatar


      Repeating tweet – posting the same tweet over and over again at a certain interval, e.g. every 3 days. Usually, if you have a promotional tweet, you can post it as a repeating tweet.

  8. Avatar

    Dom Bess

    Can you explain more about an evergreen list?

    • Avatar


      Evergreen List – it’s a database of all your most popular tweets from the past. Zlappo will auto-retweet a random tweet from your Evergreen List every once in a while, so as to showcase your older content to your newer followers, to maximize the ROI of each tweet.

  9. Avatar

    Mustafa Zahid

    Is there any video tutorial OR documentation available like how it works?

    • Avatar


      Yes, you can check this video –
      Blog –

  10. Avatar

    Anay Singh

    Do they have any roadmap available?

    • Avatar


      The roadmap is available within the dashboard itself.

      Here are some major updates coming soon: LinkedIn integration, Chrome extension, and video scheduling on the roadmap, among others.

  11. Avatar

    Ollie Stone

    Does it support the Spanish language?

    • Avatar


      Yes, Zlappo works with Spanish content!

      It supports a wide variety of languages, including French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, etc.

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