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There’s WC Affiliate – the most feature-rich and reliable affiliate plugin for WooCommerce.

It can completely automate the affiliate program.

WC Affiliate is a full-fledged affiliate solution that comes with all the essential features such as referral tracking, short link generator, banner builder, automatic payout, etc.

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WC Affiliate is a full-fledged affiliate solution that comes with all the essential features such as referral tracking, short link generator, banner builder, automatic payout, etc.

WC Affiliate Dashboard Area

You can turn your WordPress website into a money-making machine and start an affiliate campaign in a few minutes with WC Affiliate.

This plugin is exclusively built for WooCommerce stores.

This plugin can take your affiliate program to the next level with multi-level marketing.


How WC Affiliate Works

You can set the number of levels, commission types, and add an unlimited number of affiliates at each level!

It also comes with some cool features like cross-domain cookie sharing, email notifier, one-click payout, and banner builder.

The advanced reporting system of WC Affiliate can display all the necessary information such as visits, affiliates, referrals, transactions, and much more. The reports can also be exported in CSV format.

This plugin is fully Customizable. Affiliate commission, cookie expiry, customer commission rate, referral status, etc can be customized by the admins.

Affiliate marketing is powerful- no doubt!

You can gain extraordinary business growth by launching an affiliate program for your WooCommerce store.

Moreover, it is risk-free. It doesn’t require any investment in advertising/marketing.

All you need is a WordPress plugin that works seamlessly with WooCommerce.

And, WC Affiliate is definitely the best choice for you.

WC Affiliate also has a built-in URL shortener to create a short link of your choice!

Referral Tracker

WC Affiliate helps you track your referred visitors with ease and precision. You can set any length of cookie validity period so your affiliate partners can feel confident!

You can decide if a new referred visit should overwrite the previous one or not.

Customer Discount

If a customer clicks on an affiliate’s link and purchases from your WooCommerce store, you can give the customers some discount too!

This is super helpful for the affiliates as the customers are more likely to click on their links and purchase.

Advanced Report

WC Affiliate brings an advanced reporting system that includes detailed information of visits, affiliates, referrals, transactions, and much more.

Reports can be exported in CSV format as well.

Graphs & Charts

Graphs and charts are always great tools to showcase your information and get a quick overview of it.

WC Affiliate includes some awesome charts and bars graphs to display your reports like visitors, referrals, etc.

Custom Shortlinks

Short URLs are always preferred by affiliates and customers because it’s both esthetic and easy to remember.

WC Affiliate comes with a built-in URL shortener to help you grow and protect your brand without taking the help of other 3rd party services.

Email Notifier

Don’t let your affiliates miss any important updates.

WC Affiliate email updater lets you notify the users about their affiliate application status, account approval, payout request, and more.

Multi-level Commission

Gain exponential business growth with the power of multi-level marketing. As an admin, you can set the number of levels commissions are to be disbursed at and if the commissions are fixed or percentage-based.

There can be an unlimited number of affiliates at each level.

woocommerce multilevel marketing plugin

One-click Payout

Affiliates can request a payout with just a click. Admins can pay affiliates the respective due amounts directly from their dashboard. Easy!

Complete Logs
Monitor all of your affiliate programs with WC Affiliate in a simpler way.

WC Affiliate helps you to keep important logs such as total affiliation balance, payouts, referrals to keep track of every part of your programs.

Banner Builder
With WC Affiliate you can also create banners to display across the referral links.

The banners are fully customizable and you can shape them any way you want.

Affiliate Dashboard
You can review your affiliate programs with a glimpse of an eye through the WC Affiliate dashboard.

WC Affiliate has a really informative dashboard that displays all the major statistics including visits, referrals, earnings, conversions, top affiliates, etc.

CSV Export
Store the valuable data of your affiliate program using the CSV Export feature of WC Affiliate and never worry about data loss anymore.

Cookie Sharing
Sharing an affiliate URL of one site and tracking referrals on another would be nice, right?

We made it possible with WC Affiliate! Now you can have multiple independent sites connected to your affiliate system.

Fully Customizable
WC Affiliate Dashboard is fully customizable. Admin can set Affiliate commission rate, Cookie Expiry time, Customer commission rate, Referral status, etc.

Want to integrate an affiliate dashboard in the WooCommerce My Account page? You can do that too.

All Automated
WC Affiliate lets you become more concentrated on your business and run all of your affiliate programs with a fully automated system.

So, what are you waiting for! Get fully automated today and reduce up to 30% of your workload by using the #1 affiliate plugin out there!


  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Live demo to try before buy
  • Dedicated customer support
Limited Time Offer Only at $69
View More Plans
Hurry Up !! Grab this Lifetime Deal

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WC Affiliate Common Features in All 3 Plans

      • Accurate referral tracking
      • Advanced reports with beautiful graphs and charts
      • Email Customization
      • Multilevel Commission
      • Customer discounts on link click and coupon usage.
      • Custom short links with a personalized identifier
      • Payout request and one-click payout
      • Banner builder
      • Cross-domain cookie sharing

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