Apprised Lifetime Deal : Increasing Your Sales, Leads and Conversions

Apprised Lifetime Deal

Apprised Lifetime Deal

Make Your Marketing Efforts More Efficient 

A good portion of your time is spent on tracking, monitoring, and chasing down to meets your goal to increase sales (by all means, it takes your time lifetime Deals, Michael Said).

How often we can’t monitor and track sales leads???

A colleague of mine Michael started a new business for their Online Shopping portal business. And notified their customers through the website. And meantime he can’t get a better result.

After numerous social gatherings talking and analyzed with many business giants different businesses required different planning and strategies. And then he came back an idea about to track and monitor sales and help to increase sales and conversions almost immediately.

Every small and big business, blogger, e-commerce owner, SaaS owner wants to increase conversions.

Meet Apprised Lifetime Deal

Apprised Overview Video


*Apprised Update*

  1. Apprised now supports 4 more languages – Danish, Turkish, Spanish and French. 

Apprised helps you create social proof on your website with simple installation, but Apprised is much more than a social proof platform.

Apprised helps in increasing sales, leads, conversions and engagement on your website.

It can be installed on any website in 5 minutes with ease. You just have to copy a single line of code and paste it in the head section of your website (Just like you do with Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel).

Apprised Brings you to Build trust, create urgency and boost your conversions by 10% in 10 minutes. Show visitors what is going on on your website.

It can also be installed with Google Tag Manager.

Along with social proof notifications Apprised supports many other notifications to help you increase engagement on your website.

Quick Overview-

  • Build your email list by collecting emails from your visitors.
  • Shows a number of active visitors in a certain amount of time.
  • It helps to increase your sales and conversions.
  • Best for Small business, Online shopping, e-commerce owner.

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Project Management LifeTime Tool

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Apprised Brings you to Build trust, create urgency and boost your conversions by 10% in 10 minutes. Show visitors what is going on on your website.



Start In Less Than 5 Minutes


How Apprised Works

It’s super easy to get started with ProveSource, as easy as adding the Facebook Pixel to your website.





How You Choose Your Notifications

Apprised has 13 notifications as of now (We are continuously adding more features and notifications). Details of these 13 notifications are given below.

Apprised Lifetime Deal

Apprised Notifications


Informational Notification:

If you want to make an announcement on your website you can use the informational notification. You can use it to convey any message to your customers. It can be completely customized. SaaS owners can use it to convey in-app messages to their customers’-commerce sites can use it to announce sale or offer.


Coupon Codes:

It is a well-known fact that coupon codes increase sales and leads. Apprised empowers you to give away coupons in a very easy and comfortable way. You can even get started in less than 5 minutes. Just create a Coupon Code notification customize it your needs set your URL and you are good to go.


Live Visitors:

This notification is used to create FOMO and urgency on your landing and sales pages. It shows the number of active visitors in a certain amount of time. Apprised pixel easily captures this data for you. Like other notifications, this can also be customized to your needs.


Recent Activity:

Want to show your visitor that someone purchased your product? Or someone signed up for your SaaS product? Or someone signed up for your newsletter? Use Recent Activity notification. There are two methods for data capture (For capturing recent activities in apprised)

  1. You install our pixel on the page with the form where conversion is supposed to happen, and our pixel will handle the rest. It will automatically try to get the customer’s name (We do not ready passwords).
  2. You use webhook to send us data about recent conversions on your app or in any other app like MailChimp. You can easily use our webhook with Mailchimp or any other app to send us Data about the latest conversions.  Apprised

Conversion Counter:

Conversion counter-notification shows the total number of conversions in a specific period of time on your website or store. It helps create a FOMO among customers and gives them an extra push to signup or purchase your product. It can be set up using a similar procedure as Recent Activity Notification.


Video Notification:

If you want to onboard your customers with a notification or announce a sale with a video on your e-commerce website, you can use Video Notification in Apprised. It can also be used to show a demo of your product to the visitors on your set triggers.


Email Opt-in:

Build your email list by collecting emails from your visitors. Apprised is much more than a social proof notification. You do not need to buy any extra plugin or subscription to collect emails from your customers.


Emoji Feedback:

Whether you run a blog, SaaS, e-commerce website or a small business, feedback is very important to improve your products and offerings.
With Apprised you can easily set up Emoji feedback in under two minutes.



Build immediate trust and credibility among your visitors by showing them a review from your customers. We are adding a feature to integrate Google and Facebook reviews and also reviews from some other websites.

Cookie Notifications:

Inform your customers and visitors about your Privacy and Cookie policy with cookies notification. You can also use this notification whenever you update your policy.

Collect Phone Numbers:

Collect phone numbers from your customers to provide them support or book more meetings.
Sometimes your customers or visitors may want to talk to you in person to ask for support or for asking questions to understand your products and services better.

Score Feedback:

Get feedback from your customers about your products and services. Ask your customers how much they would rate your product out of 5. This is very important to see where your product stands in the eye of your customer.
With Apprised there is no need to buy any subscription or extension, it is available to use on all plans.

Apprised Integrations


Limited Time Offer Only at $28

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Project Management LifeTime Tool

Hurry Up !! Grab this Lifetime Deal



  • Unlimited Campaigns.
  • Custom Branding.
  • Access to all notifications.
  • 100000 Unique Visitors/ Month.
  • Unlimited Sites.
  • Powerful Analytics.
  • Integrations.

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Deal Terms:

  • Redemption Deadline: Lifetime
  • Length of access: Lifetime
  • Lifetime updates and support FREE
  • 30 Days Money-Back guarantee


What you get in this deal

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Custom Branding
  • Access to all notifications
  • Unique Visitors/ Month
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Integrations
  • Premium 24/7 Support
  • Lifetime Updates and Support FREE

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Essential LTD Plan

One time purchase of

$28 LTD


30 Days Money Back


Plus LTD Plan

One time purchase of

$38 LTD


30 Days Money Back


Premium LTD Plan

One time purchase of

$58 LTD


30 Days Money Back


Unlimited LTD Plan

One time purchase of

$174 LTD


30 Days Money Back

Reviews & Questions

Questions:- Is that deal is Stackable?

–  Yes, This amazing lifetime deal is Stackable but you can stack only premium plans.

Question:- What is the redemption deadline for Coupon Code?


Question:- Length of Access for this product?


Question:- Does Apprised provide support?
Question:- How can I redeem my code?
Question:- Do you have a refund policy?

-Yes, at DealMirror we offer 30 days refund policy.

Question:- Do I have Access To All Notifications In All Plans?

-We believe in empowering business and that is why no matter which plans you have, you will have access to all the Notifications.

Question:- Can I Use It On Any Website?

-Apprised works with any kind of website. You can easily integrate it with WordPress, Shopify, Clickfunnels and other platforms by copy-pasting a single line of code.

Question:- How Can I Install It On My Website?

-After creating your account on Apprised you just need to copy paste a single line of code insection of your website to start showing notifications.

8 reviews for Apprised Lifetime Deal : Increasing Your Sales, Leads and Conversions

  1. Jeffrey

    Great Product at Affordable Price
    It does exactly what it says. I want to integrate it with Shopify and contact support and within 60 seconds they jumped right in and helped me with integration. Great Support.
    I especially Thanks to Ani and Silky. She’s very supportive and helpful.
    Thank you DealMirror.

  2. Stephen

    Apprised is just next to perfection.
    The key point that I want to mention about Apprised is given below.
    1. The app is very easy to use – you are stepped through each action
    2. The display is beautiful, I haven’t needed to customize much
    3. I integrated with Zapier and it works great
    4. Customer service is excellent – they’ve replied almost instantly every time.
    SO glad I got in on this deal. I stacked 2 codes of the unlimited plan.
    Thank you DealMirror for this amazing deal.

  3. Tyler

    Finally an excellent tool!
    Finally… A social proof made for real businesses…
    As soon I have seen the roadmap and that they were in the process to integrate with some other platforms, I decided to purchase!
    Looking forward to when they released updates.

  4. Lawrence

    Overall, my experience has been wonderful. I had Apprised and running within minutes of purchasing, and the analytics have been very insightful. It was also easy to go in and adjust my campaigns by adding in more information and conversion settings as I continue to grow.

  5. Amanda

    I have used some other Social Proof Platforms in the past and decided to stick with Apprised. I like one fact about apprised that it has clear pricing with no limitation. It’s also just as easy to set up and use as any of the other platforms.
    The one thing that I like the most is clean notification and the ability to choose between different notifications.
    Looking forward to getting the updates soon!!

  6. Sandra

    The notifications look clean and professional, which I find extremely important, as It’s one of the first interactions with your clients.
    All is good so far especially for the price
    The founder of Apprised, Asad is very responsive and always willing to take on ideas and requests for features or integrations. The support provided by DealMirror is just amazing and beyond belief!!

  7. Christine

    I’ve seen a huge conversion with a week of installing Apprised on my first sales funnel and then immediately I installed it across the `different offers and I’m running and saw a similar result.
    The pricing is just awesome for the lifetime deal and at last, I just want to say that it’s an awesome tool, so easy to work with.
    The support is also five stars.

  8. Willie

    I’ve tried a few different services out there, and they’re simply smoking their competition!
    Apprised’s ease of use, generous plan allowance, and really good cost as compared to its competitors.

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