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Quick Overview

WTBot Telegram Chatbot

Developing Telegram bots requires extensive coding knowledge, limiting accessibility for non-technical users.

Existing bot-building platforms offer pre-built solutions but are often costly and complex for small-scale projects.

If only you had access to every tool you need to effortlessly craft sophisticated Telegram bots on a single, user-friendly platform.

WTBot Telegram Chatbot Builder empowers users to effortlessly design and deploy custom Telegram bots with minimal coding knowledge required.

WTBot Telegram Chatbot Builder is a user-friendly platform enabling the creation and management of custom Telegram bots with ease, catering to both novice and experienced developers.

Create Chatbots, Share Links, and Build Lists

Elevate your communication strategy with Telegram Chatbot Builder‘s robust capabilities. Effortlessly create chatbots tailored to your needs, then easily share links to engage users across platforms.

Take advantage of our intuitive interface to build lists and enhance your outreach strategies efficiently.

Amplify Reach with Broadcast Messaging and Drip Campaigns

Unlock the potential of your messaging strategy by leveraging our platform’s powerful features. With this tool, you can effortlessly broadcast messages to your audience, ensuring widespread reach and instant engagement.

Seamlessly implement drip messaging campaigns to deliver personalized content over time, nurturing relationships and driving conversions effectively.

Streamline Communication with Live-Chat, Input Fields, and Custom Fields

Revolutionize your interaction channels with our comprehensive toolkit. Utilize live-chat functionality to provide real-time support and foster meaningful connections with your audience.

With customizable input fields and custom fields, tailor your interactions to gather valuable information and deliver personalized experiences effortlessly.

Streamlined eCommerce and Team Member Management

Empower your business with efficient eCommerce capabilities, seamlessly managing transactions and orders.

Enhance collaboration among your team members, facilitating smooth communication and coordination for improved productivity.


Effortless Group Management, Seamless Integration, & Automation

Empower your Telegram groups with our comprehensive solution. Simplify group management tasks with intuitive tools, ensuring smooth communication and organization.

Seamlessly integrate third-party services and automate routine processes to enhance efficiency and productivity effortlessly.


Use Cases

  • Customer Support Automation: Utilize the tool to create Telegram bots capable of handling basic customer inquiries, providing instant responses, and escalating complex issues to human agents when necessary, thereby improving response times and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Implement the tool to broadcast promotional messages, share links to landing pages or product pages, and engage with customers through personalized drip messaging, effectively driving sales and conversions.
  • Community Engagement: Create interactive chatbots to facilitate discussions, polls, and feedback collection within Telegram groups or channels, fostering a vibrant and engaged community around your brand, product, or cause.
  • Lead Generation: Employ the tool to build lists of interested prospects by capturing user information through customizable input fields, then nurture these leads over time with targeted messaging and drip campaigns, ultimately boosting conversion rates.
  • Internal Communication: Enhance team collaboration and communication by integrating the tool with internal systems and workflows, enabling seamless sharing of updates, task assignments, and notifications within your organization’s Telegram channels or groups, thus streamlining operations and boosting productivity.

Deal Terms

  • Length of access: Lifetime Access
  • Redeem your code within 60 days of purchase
  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee (For Non-Prime Members and Regular users)
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee (For DealMirror Prime Members Only)

Original price was: $499.00.Current price is: $49.00.

What you get in this deal

    • Subscribers 45K
    • Connect Account : 10
    • Number of Messages : 45K / Month
    • Unlimited Broadcast
    • Unlimited Bot Conditional Reply


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