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Are you soaked in social media tasks?

Do you need better tools to help you manage your Social media marketing?

We must understand the importance of Social media marketing in today’s world. People tend to promote their business via social media platforms but handing these Social media accounts sometimes hectic.

1. Posting your post, managing accounts, analyze your business and insights report of your business takes too much time.

2. For small enterprises, you can’t hire highly paid professionals to handle your business on social media platforms.

3. Social media management has now crept into the boardrooms of business organizations and just like the internet; it has transformed the selling and buying processes.

4. Social media has proven to be just as effective as or even more effective than traditional marketing.


To solve these problems we have introduces a Low cost and highly effective product called SocialBu.

SocialBu is an All-in-One social media management and automation platform which provides you a solution to all of your social media management problems in one place.SocialBu is a Social media management tool that offers post scheduling, responding to messages & comments, Social Listening, Automations – to make your social media presence more active and be efficient (fully dynamic automation rules) and Detailed Reports & Insights.


Quick Overview

  • Scheduling to multiple accounts Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn & Facebook (Pages only. FB Group is included in Roadmap).
  • Direct Instagram Stories Scheduling (without any manual action).
  • Fully-dynamic Automation Rules
  • Hashtags monitoring (social listening)
  • Detailed Reports & Insights

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SocialBu is an easy way to use Social Media Management and Automation Tool. Manage and automate your social media across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Why SocialBu


As we all know how social media marketing evolved as the next big thing in the marketing world. Politicians and celebrities use social media Likes of  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin as a brand-building tool. With the rise in popularity of Social Media, politicians all over the world have started utilizing it for sharing their views and engaging with their followers. Some researchers found that political socialization achieved through Social Media can be more powerful than traditional media.

  1. We often wonder how politicians, celebrities, Big enterprises, and many more Professionals use social media platforms as a tool to expand and explore their business and bring their business to new heights.
  2. They paid a huge amount to hire Social media professionals. But we as small industry can’t spend too many bucks on social media marketing.
  3. But we as Small industry use social media marketing tool in a smart manner…a low cost but highly effective tool and time-saving tools such as SocialBu to expand our business.


Social Media Management which saves your time


Now here we introduced our most awaited product SocialBu and we are into the dashboard-


When you first log in to SocialBu account you view a dashboard window. After that, you have to add your account to Facebook (Pages), Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin for further proceedings.


2. Multiple Posting-

After adding your account in SocialBu. now you have permission to post multiple posts in a single click by adding a description in it. and attach your media with the post.


3.Schedule posting-

Through a calendar window, You can select any date and time to post your content later.



SocialBu offers a various feature which provides you post scheduling, responding to messages & comments, Social Listening, Automations – to make your social media presence more active and be efficient and Detailed Reports & Insights.


  • Publish and Schedule-Publish content to multiple social media accounts from one simple dashboard.


  • Respond-SocialBu allows you to see your followers’ messages, comments, tweets, and posts all in one place.


  • Collaborate-Ever faced trouble due to a lack of effective communication between your team members. SocialBu removes this problem by allowing entire teams to collaborate at the same time from different places.


  • Monitor-You can monitor hashtags and keywords from Instagram and Twitter to listen to what people are saying about you and about your competitors.


  • Automate-Create full dynamic automation rules to eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks. Perform specific “actions” when an “event” happens, triggering the certain“conditions”.


  • Analyze-SocialBu offers detailed insights and reporting for keeping track of your social media progress. Detailed analytics and data help you to make better decisions for your social media strategy


See How to Connect SocialBu to Facebook and Instagram???


Connect to Facebook


Connect to Instagram


SocialBu helps you manage and automate your social media.

Limited Time Offer Only at $49

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What’s amazing features inside of SociaBu



  • Social networks
  • Social accounts
  • Post scheduling
  • Posts in queue
  • Monthly Post Limit
  • Publish images
  • Publish videos
  • Manage multiple brands
  • Teams
  • Feeds
  • [Feeds] Monitor Instagram hash-tags
  • Automation
    • [Automations] RSS feed to post
    • [Automations] Automate messaging and replies
    • [Automations] Webhook integrations
    • [Automations] Placeholders and dynamic variables
  • Insights and Reporting
  • Live support


Upcoming features


  • Social Calendar
  • Google My Business Integration
  • New Insights/metrics
  • In future SocialBu allows you to schedule posts in FB groups as well.

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What makes SocialBu different from others?



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Deal Terms:

  • Redemption Deadline: Lifetime
  • Length of access: Lifetime
  • Email support available 24/7/365
  • Compatible across all devices: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Edge as well as operating systems Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS
  • Lifetime Updates & support FREE


Limited Time Offer Only at $49

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Hurry Up !! Grab this Lifetime Deal




What you get in this deal

  • Manage multiple Social Accounts
  • Scheduling to multiple platforms
  • Direct Instagram Stories Scheduling
  • Unlimited number of posts
  • Unlimited replies
  • Fully-dynamic Automation Rules
  • Hashtags monitoring (social listening)
  • Detailed Reports & Insights
  • Team Collaboration
  • Post from RSS Feed
  • Webhooks
  • Premium 24/7 Support
  • Lifetime Updates and Support FREE

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SocialBu Lifetime Deal
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$49 LTD


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

SocialBu Lifetime Deal
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One (1) Licence

One time purchase of

$149 LTD


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Reviews & Questions

Questions:- How to redeem my codes?

Please visit – Helpfile

Questions:- What if I need any support?

In case if you need any assistance first contact to the team SocialBu at [email protected]

Further if you don’t get any reply then write us at support[at]dealmirror[dot]com

Questions:- What is special about this lifetime deal of SocialBu?

-SocialBu lifetime offer gives you a chance to avail discounts of up to 98% while giving full access to all its features that would be offered in a normal subscription plan.

Question:- What SocialBu automation can do for me?

– With SocialBu, you can generate automated functions. You can create automated responses to messages, comments, create an RSS feed, webhook, thus enabling you to save time by automating repetitive tasks. SocialBu’s automation makes sure that your social media is never inactive even when you are not around.    

-Accounts from various platforms can be integrated with SocialBu and you can post on all these platforms from one place. The social media platforms that can be attached are

  • Facebook (Pages only. Facebook group is upcoming feature)
  • Instagram (Personal, Business and Creator Profiles)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn (Pages, Brands, Personal Profiles)                
Question:- How SocialBu is better than its other competitors?

– SocialBu is an all in one social media automation solution. Unlike our other competitors which offer a limited number of features, SocialBu covers all aspects of social media management, at the lowest prices possible.

Questions:- Does Social media scheduling include Instagram story scheduling?

-With SocialBu, you can schedule not only your Instagram posts but your Instagram story as well for as long as you want.          

Question:- What is the maximum size of image and video that I can upload?

– Images are auto optimized and don’t have a fixed size limit.
The maximum video upload size is 100 MB.

Questions:- How would I be sure about the security of my data?

-SocialBu ensures the security of its user’s data. All the data from all user accounts are stored in a cloud server in encrypted form. This makes the breach of data almost impossible. Besides this, there are firewalls and other security measures in place.  A dedicated team is in place to ensure that no issue arises in data security.

Questions:- Do you Offer Free trial or Demo version for trial period???

-Yes, We are offering Free Trial at the moment, but we do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so there’s no risk whatsoever.

Questions:- How much would I have to pay for live support?

-For lifetime deals, live support would be free for a lifetime. Live support would include live chat and email support.

Questions:- Stacking of codes is allowed there?

-No, it’s not allowed there.

Questions:- Is it compulsory to have a SocialBu account to join teams?

-Yes, you need an account for that. There is also a free account available for SociaBu.

Questions:- For how long the Coupon/License would be valid?

– Valid for Lifetime

Questions:- What would be the next step after I purchase this deal?

– After you purchase this lifetime deal, You will be recive a .PDF file. If you don’t recive this .PDF file then you can Download here. Please follow gives instruction. After this you will be given a coupon code. After that you would sigh up in SocialBu and enter the code, you would be subscribed to the subscription plan for a lifetime.

For More detail please see How to redeem licence code – 

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Questions:- What is the Roadmap of SocialBu???

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  1. Amelia

    Awesome Tool & Support
    It is an awesome tool to manage your social media accounts.

  2. Thomas

    I have to say that I’ve tried so many social media management tools with regrets but this one can manage quite better.

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