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Shopia : AI Content Writer & SEO Tool

Quick Overview

Use AI-generated drafts for content ideas.

Alternative to,, Writesonic, &

Score your content with competitor insights.

Best for marketers/entrepreneurs, writers, & eCommerce.

Shopia Lifetime Deal

Everyone needs a bit of help when it comes to writing quality, SEO-optimized content.

Whether it’s researching keywords and topics, analyzing your competitors, or writing engaging and original content, producing material that ranks is tough.

This is where Shopia can make a difference. It allows you to streamline the processes of keyword research, competitor analysis, and content writing using AI (yes, GPT-3 DaVinci 3!).

Want to hear the best part? You can do it at lightning speed with one-click articles and bulk generators with the Shopia Lifetime deal.

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General Overview:

Generate any type of content with artificial intelligence, organize your content into documents, and set up your workspace to work in teams!

80+ Writing Templates using Long-Form:

  • Packed with over 80 writing templates to help you write pretty much anything you need.
  • Create original content from just a brief description, such as articles, product descriptions, emails, reviews, and even songs.
  • Use your existing content to summarize, paraphrase, enhance, and more!

The most comprehensive article writer is:

  • Shopia’s Article Writer is the most comprehensive step-by-step article writer yet. You can write articles that are just right for you by choosing a template, keywords, and tone.
  • Provide example sections to match its style, structure, and length.
  • Scrapes top-ranking articles from Google, allowing you to analyze competitors’ content at each step using the Research Assistant.

Shopia was built with speed in mind; you can generate engaging, 2500+ word articles within just seconds! Not only that, but we also allow you to automate other parts, such as providing royalty-free images and accessing YouTube suggestions.

The Article Writer wouldn’t be complete without ensuring its content is 100% original and SEO-optimized, which is why it is supplemented with a built-in plagiarism checker, content grader, and SEO metrics.

You can always edit and generate new content for your article using the AI Writers tab, which provides full access to all our writer templates straight from the article writer!

What makes us different?

Send and schedule your content to 5K+ apps with our custom integration system using Zapier; this makes automating your content creation process easier than ever.

Product Overview Images

Plan Details:

  • 25K words per month
  • Access to 80+ AI Writers
  • Integrate with 5K+ apps with Zapier
  • Write in 30+ Languages
  • One-click 2500+ word articles
  • 20 SERP Analysis Searches
  • 10 Topic Clusters
  • Bulk-generate content with any AI writer
  • 20 AI-Generated Images
  • 5 User Seats

Deal Terms:

  • Length of Access: Lifetime
  • Redemption Deadline for the coupon code: 60 days from the purchase.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (for Regular Users)
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee (For Prime Members Only).


What you get in this deal

  • 25K words per month
  • 80+ AI Writers
  • 5K+ Integrations
  • Write & Translate 30+ Languages

Shopia LTD


$99 LTD


Shopia LTD


$198 LTD


Shopia LTD


$297 LTD


Shopia LTD


$396 LTD


Shopia LTD


$495 LTD


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions:- Does Shopia provide support?
– Shopia Lifetime Deal offers customer support via email at [email protected]
Questions:- Do unused credits from the previous month carry over?
- The credits will not be transferred to your new plan. However, you can upgrade at least 24 hours before the renewal date and any unused credits will still be valid for 30 days.
Questions:- Can you read and translate content in all 25+ supported languages?
- Our models have been trained to handle multi-language inputs and output content up to our quality standards for 25+ supported languages. As of current, our best performing languages include: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Many languages are in our beta program while we continue to make quality tests. Check out our supported languages page at If you are interested in languages that are not listed please contact us today.
Questions:- Can I get an invoice for my subscription under my company name?

--Yes, you can. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will take care of this.

9 reviews for Shopia : AI Content Writer & SEO Tool

  1. Avatar

    This is arguably the best writing software. I’ve tried many, from Ritr to Bramework, but this one surpasses them all. No doubt.

    • Avatar


      Thank you so much for your feedback :)

  2. Avatar

    hugo (verified owner)

    Shopia is a must-have tool. With this AI-powered content writing software, you can create product descriptions, blog posts and more with a single click. It’s so easy to use and I couldn’t imagine what I would do without it. It really helps me save time and money. This is one of the best tools I’ve come across.

    • Avatar


      Hi Hugo,
      Thank you for sharing your honest feedback with us :)

  3. Avatar

    Taha Khan

    Believe me, when I say this, Shopia is better than ClosersCopy, Scalenut, Ryter, WordHero, GoCharlie, TextBuilder, Bramework, and many others I’ve tried when it comes to content output.

    And I am saying this as someone who’s been writing content manually for more than 5 years and I am quite good at it too, have worked with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects.

    The best part of the tool is the Depth that it adds to the content. It doesn’t just give shallow, generalized content.

    I really hope you guys keep working on it and using the same AI engine (or better in the future).

    • Avatar


      Hi Taha,
      Thank you for sharing your honest feedback with us :)

  4. Avatar

    What I really love about Shopia is that the UI is very clean, good number of AI writing framework including Amazon listing, I like the simplicity of the bulk generation tools and the API access too!!! (not many tools offer API access)

    The Shopia Business plan is a no-brainer for me to add in my daily use, despite I already have Rytr, Braumwork, Neuronwriter and Writerzen but yeah I don’t mind to add this one to my toolbelt.

    I haven’t try out their magic one-click blog yet. This is something I want to try too.

    Would love to see:
    – more integrations liks Pabbly Connect, Albato as Zappier is quite expensive to use for automation
    – AI image generation using text
    – may be some tutorials on the workflow on how to make the best use of the tools? I guess starting off with SEO content clusters, then SEO reports and then the blogs generation? Would be good to have them so beginner like me would be more confident to use the AI writing tools

    P.S. This deal on this platform is definitely a hidden gem. Get it you wont regret it!

    • Avatar


      Thank you so much for the detailed review :)

  5. Avatar

    The best and easiest AI writer with SERP, competitor analysis and Keywords Related optimized writer.

  6. Avatar


    Shopia is an all-rounded AI-writing tools.
    It helps us for the SEO aspect while also output good quality AI writing content. besides the UX is very smooth and you dont need much additional learning curve.
    Give it a try !

    • Avatar


      Thank you so much for your supporting words :)

  7. Avatar

    selleramztv (verified owner)

    I tested it writing blog article in german language and i am impressed how good the results are. It needs a little handwork enhancements but overall it generates pretty good content and will save me a lot time in future.

    • Avatar


      Thank you for sharing your honest feedback with us :)

  8. Avatar


    Like probably most users of AI Content Generators I am constantly testing and searching for the best available solution. I have checked and tested most of the available software that allow trial or purchase with refund option. The problem with most of the available generators is that it only generates English or very poor quality text in another languages. This is where many well-known and widely recommended programs have fallen down in my opinion. So far, I have decided to use only 2 applications on a daily basis, and only one of them currently provides probably the most wanted function – auto generated Long Form Articles (often called 1-Click Blog Article). This best program of its own is Shopia – its high quality of not English text generated content struck me from the first attempt. In addition, Shopia’s long-form article creation system is probably the most extensive and refined I’ve seen. Other article generators often simply generate text based on the title which is hot or miss – sometimes the generated content is useful, but usually (for me) it is very random and does not match expectations. In Shopia, a competitive analysis of the keyword is first performed and only then AI generates content tailored in detail to the needs. After that you can further regenerate or expand chosen sections of article.
    In addition, what is unique about Shopia is the speed of its expansion – this program simply changes before your eyes, with new features and more advanced solutions to existing elements appearing every few days. Never before have I seen such speed and dedication to improve the product.

  9. Avatar


    This is by far the best ai platform ,seo optimised ,

    • Avatar


      We’re glad you liked the platform :)

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