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Creating quality and engaging newsletters with is just as simple as saying “Cheese”

You can create your newsletters in 100+ languages.

Get access to an amazing collection of “Done-For-You Newsletters”.

Best for Online Business Owners, Marketers, Freelancers, Startups, Copywriters, Email Marketers, Affiliate marketers And Content Creators.

NewzLetter Lifetime Deal

Are You Looking for a way to Engage your Audience??

Build A Long Lasting Relationship With them, and make them Always Excited to buy From you.

Say Hello to Newzletter Lifetime Deal

A newsletter writing software that helps you to automatically Generate DAILY, WEEKLY, and CONTENT RELEASE Newsletters for engaging your audience all year round.

Working Video is a software that helps online entrepreneurs to create quality and engaging daily, weekly, and Content Release newsletters for engaging their audience.

Creating quality and engaging newsletters with is just as simple as saying “Cheese”

Nobody wants to be sold to, Not even you.

But there’s only one thing that can make your subscribers want to buy from you every time.

“When you must have built a strong rapport with them over time.”

That’s exactly where Will help you.

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How Does It Work?

Step 1: Select the type of newsletter you want to create, it could be a Daily, Weekly, or Content release newsletter

Step 2: Select the month you want to create the newsletter.

Step 3: Chose the week and the day you want to create the newsletter

Step 4: Answer a few questions about your brand and your audience,

That’s all. Your newsletter will be generated almost instantly.

Note: Each newsletter comes with a description, this makes it easier for you to know the type of message you are about to share with your audience and how it can help them before you even create them.

What makes Newzletter a Kind?

Who is Newzletter For?

Online Business Owners: is for every individual or business that owns an existing email list or is planning to build one someday.

Marketers: If you own a business, or you’re helping someone else to market their own products, you still need to build a good relationship with your audience so they’ll keep reading your emails and buying from you.

Freelancers: will save you the time you could’ve spent brainstorming on what to write for your clients. This enables you to close more gigs while completing tasks faster.

Startups: The best way to run a start-up business in the early stage is to win your customers’ loyalty. Once you do that, you’ve conquered the first phase of starting a business, because once you build a great bonding with your early customers, they’d be the ones to spread the word. You can do that with quality newsletters.

Copywriters: Most copywriters do better when it comes to writing pure sales content, but find it boring to write content that doesn’t sell.

With, It’ll become very easy for you to create newsletter emails for your audience and your clients.

Email Marketers: If you’re an email marketer, sending newsletters to your subscribers should be on your priority list, By sending your audience a consistent email newsletter with ideas and reminders of how you can help, you are keeping your business and brand at the top of their mind.

Affiliate marketers: Most affiliate marketers make the mistake of selling different affiliate products to their subscribers every single time without any form of value or engagement.

This can make their list burn out so easily.

With, you’ll be able to send value-driven newsletter emails that’ll make your subscribers the feeling that you care so much about their success.

Content Creators: Content Creators Will be able to use the Content Release Newsletter feature inside to create Email Newsletters that they can use to announce the release of new content on their blog and social media to their audience.

Why Should You Sign Up To Newzletter

Build Trust & Customer Loyalty: Sending your subscribers a newsletter with valuable info will instill a sense of loyalty, trust, and love in them.

Get better Open rates and make more sales: While sales emails get an average open rate of 16.97%, newsletters emails can get you up to 40% open rates. This makes it better to even sell through newsletters.

Save Time: Save days of your precious time spent writing newsletter emails week after week!

Save Money: Stop spending your hard-earned money on swipe files or expensive copywriters.

Reduce Stress: Take the stress and worry off having to constantly brainstorm something fresh to send your email list.

Focus On Your Business: Focus on growing your biz knowing that you have a system that ensures that your subscribers are well-taken care of.

Reactivate your Dying List: With this software, you can turn your list from lukewarm contacts into new clients and customers.

Lower Unsubscribe Requests: Write and send daily emails without burning your list out (or getting lots of unsubscribes and spam complaints.

Keep your List Active: If you don’t email your list more often, it will grow cold and unresponsive. will help you to prevent that.

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What you get in this deal

  • Daily Newsletter
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Create Custom Newsletter

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions:- Does NewzLetter provide support?
-NewzLetter provide support by email at [email protected]
Questions:- I already have EmailWritr… Do I need
-Yes, you need even if you already have EmailWritr. The Two of them are not the same. While EmailWritr helps you to create Pure marketing email sequences for promoting your products and services, helps you to create engaging Newsletters that you can use to engage, and build relationship and trust in the eyes of your customers. This will make them trust and become more loyal to you than your competitors.
Questions:- How will impact my business?

-It’ll help you to train your audience. Here’s what I mean…
You’re probably worried that you will get a low click-through rate and that is why you are avoiding newsletters.

Keep in mind, that sending a regular newsletter will train your audience to open your emails.

By showing your audience you are providing quality content that is worth reading, they'll be more likely to open your email when you send a promo or special offer email.

Questions:- Can I get an invoice for my subscription under my company name?

--Yes, you can. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will take care of this.


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