Master Addons : Best Elementor Addons & Extensions

Master Addons : Best Elementor Addons & Extensions

Master Addons Lifetime Deal

Have you been looking for the perfect addons for Elementor that can help you make a creative-looking website?

As of today, we are having plenty of add-ons to choose from and tons of options when customizing the site using the Elementor page builder plugin.

You must be looking for the best elementor addons, But to satisfy you the built-in add-ons may not be enough because you may need something different, unique, or advanced.

With Master Addons Lifetime Deal, you get a wide range of elements that make your ordinary-looking website into something interactive, visually appealing, and a lot more reader-friendly.

These elements are fully customizable and most of them come with multiple variations. With one click you can change any element’s structure. Also, you are free to customize any typography, color, background, margin, padding, border, border-radius too.

Master Addons plugin will be a winning choice for creating any type of webpage. It has necessary elements like Accordion, Heading, Infobox, Flipbox, Image hover effects, Team slider, Creative Button, etc. Not only elements but also has extensions like animated gradient, background slider, particles, which enhance the beauty of your section.

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Master Addons for Elementor – Best Elementor Addons


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Overview of Master Add-ons:

  • Create different types of eye-catchy headlines and also customize them in your own way.
  • Advanced animation and accordion system. Create your dream accordion bar with custom design and style.
  • Get more interactive potential for the content of your WP site using the tooltip feature.
  • Provide important information to the visitors creating the information box.
  • Make a better contact form with custom background color and information.
  • Convert your traffic into paying customers using the call to action button.
  • Use images as a hotspot to catch more paid customers and bring more sales.
  • Make the navigation simpler by adding appealing and informative tabs.

Notable Features of Master Add-ons:

  1. 55+ Elements: Can you imagine, Master add-ons is offering over 55 elements for the ease of designing. Isn’t it awesome?
  2. 15+ Extensions: What do you need when there are over 15+ extensions. There you’ll get free 12 extensions and paid additional 8 extensions including custom breakpoint, animated gradient background, floating effects, Rellax, etc.
  3. Rich Template Library: Another reason master add-ons are dominating is its rich template library. There are over a hundred built-in landing pages, sections, filters, and headers available.
  4. Header, Footer & Comment Form Builder: The e-marketers will get huge benefits from this feature. There are pre-ready layouts and designs to attract more clients.
  5. Display Conditions: Showcase your site differently for different clients. You can manage your content to showcase and hide for desired and unwanted traffic.
  6. Custom CSS: Custom CSS will let you configure your site manually. there are settings to activate it and apply it on the entire page, section, column, and others.
  7. Entrance Animation: Master add-ons also make your site more attractive with entrance animation options. The animations can be applied to any widget, column, page, or others. You can create animation from their built-in design and make your site look unique and catchier.
  8. Toggle Content: This feature allows you to showcase the display with different content based on how the traffic selects a toggle.
  9. Gallery Slider: Gather the most attractive images and create a slider. Showcase the most wanted images with a slide view using this widget.
  10. Restrict Content: Another supreme feature is the MA restricting content widget. There are several restriction methods such as Password, User role (for logged-in users), Restriction based on age, and Math CAPTCHA.
  11. Image Hover Effect: Another cool effect is the image Hover Effect which lets you display visual content on your website. For example, you can add any description or head over the image. The heading is only visible when you hover the pointer on the image.
  12. Mega Menu: When you have to display lots of info to the visitors you can create a mega menu by enabling the mega menu widget. Most e-commerce sites use this feature, for example, Amazon. There are also options to design it manually.
  13. 40+ Content Element: What do you need when there are over 40 content widgets? Here mentioning some of the notable widgets, such as Dynamic table, Image comparison, Instagram feed, Ninja form, gravity form, caldera form, WPforms, etc.
  14. Pre-built Templates: Your time is useful because you will find a lot of templates (500+) to design your WordPress sites. Aside from that, there are also pre-built sections to save your time. So, try the temples and manually design your site in the best way possible.
  15. Custom Breakpoint: Generally, elementor offers only 3 breakpoints but according to necessity we need to increase the breakpoints. Custom breakpoints provide this advantage to set it to unlimited. Plus, you can save them and export them to other sites. So, there will be no need to recreate breakpoints again.

Except for these features, Master Addons has more unique elements with 100% customization ability. Most of all elements have multiple variations and you can design anything using its widgets.

Product Overview

Boost your Creativity with 70+ Widgets & Extensions

Packed with Powerful Elements

Explore the Exclusive Features

Choose from Template Library

Ready-Made Landing Pages

Master Addons have 45+ elements and 20+ extensions that can help you build a prettier website.


  1. Animated Headlines,  2. Dual Heading,  3. Advanced Accordion,  4. Tabs,  5. Progressbar,  6. Progress bars,  7. Tooltips,  8. Flip Box,  9. Info Box,  10. Team Members,  11. Team Members Slider,  12. Call to Action,  13. Creative Buttons,  14. Changelog,  15. Creative Links,  16. Image Hover Effects, 17. Blog,  18. Business Hours,  19. Table of Contents,  20. Image Gallery,  21. Pricing Table,  22. Timeline,  23.  Image Comparison,  24. Current Time,  25. Dynamic Table,  26. Nav Menu,  27. Search Element,  28. Blockquote,  29. Counter Up,  30. Countdown Timer,  31. Mailchimp,  32. Gradient Headlines,  33. Advanced Image


  1. News Ticker,¬† 2.¬†Image Hotspot,¬†¬†3. Restrict Content,¬†¬†4. Domain Search,¬†¬†5. Toggle Content,¬†¬†6. Animated Headlines ‚Äď Unlock 6 More Animation,¬†¬†7. Advanced Nested Accordion ‚Äď Set Saved Section and Content,¬†¬†8. Nested & Tabular Tabs ‚Äď Unlock Saved Section, Content, and Page template,¬†¬†9. Creative Buttons ‚Äď Get 15 More Button effect,¬†¬†10. Creative Links ‚Äď 12 More Creative Link Style Effect,¬†¬†11. Team Members ‚Äď Unlock Content Drawer, Animation Background & more possibilities,¬†¬†12. Flipbox ‚Äď Unlock 16 Animation Style & 2 Design Variation,¬†¬†13. Image Hover Effects Unlock 22 hover effects, Border Radius, Popup, and more,¬†¬†14. Domain Checker,¬†¬†15. Toggle Content,¬†¬†16.Gallery Slider


  1. Contact Forms 7,  2. Ninja Forms,  3. WP Forms,  4. Caldera Forms,  5. weForms,  6. Gravity Forms (Pro Element)


  1. Particles Background,  2. Background Slider,  3. Custom Breakpoints,  4. Custom CSS,  5. Custom JS,  6. Reading Progress Bar,  7. Mega Menu,  8. Positioning,  9. Container Extras,  10. Dynamic Tags,  11. Wrapper Link,  12. Post/Page Duplicator


  1. Animated Gradient Background,¬† 2.¬†Custom Breakpoints ‚Äď Unlock Unlimited Breakpoints + import-export options,¬† 3.¬†Reveal,¬† 4. Rellax,¬† 5.¬†Transforms,¬† 6.¬†Entrance Animation, 7. Floating Effects,¬† 8.¬†Display Conditions

Product Roadmap:

  • To view click here

Server requirements:

Generally, it’s compatible with the present server requirements. But if you use a very old server then just check your WordPress and PHP version. It required the minimum following version to work.

  • WordPress Version: 4.7 or higher
  • PHP Version: 5.4 or higher

Deal Terms

  • Length of access:¬†Lifetime.
  • Redemption Deadline of coupon code:¬†60 Days from purchase.
  • Lifetime Updates.

Limited Time Offer Only at $29

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Here are some tremendous features that are packed in Master addons:

  1. Header, Footer & Comment Form Builder
  2. Elementor Custom Breakpoint
  3. Display Conditions
  4. Custom CSS
  5. Mega Menu
  6. Entrance Animation
  7. Toggle Content
  8. Gallery Slider
  9. Image Hover Effects
  10. Restrict Content
  11. News Ticker
  12. Numerous Blog variation
  13. Form Customizer Element’s
  14. Floating Effects
  15. 4000+ Free Icons Library
  16. Post/Page Duplicator
  17. Wrapper Link
  18. Dynamic Conditions
  19. Animated Gradient Backgrounds
  20. Background Particles
  21. Custom Positioning, and many more.

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