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Learnitive : AI-Powered Writing and Learning Platform

Learnitive : AI-Powered Writing and Learning Platform
Learnitive AI

One-time payment. Lifetime access.

What you get in this deal

  • Unlimited words/month (AI Text)
  • Unlimited Kanbans & Todos
  • Unlimited Calendar & Notes
  • 100+ AI prompts



90% Saving

30 Day Money-back Guarantee


Learnitive Lifetime Deal

Many AI writing tools lack interactivity, plagiarism checking, and seamless content creation. They struggle with limited learning opportunities and lack research or fact-checking options.

High monthly fees, complicated interfaces, and ineffective performance often hinder current solutions, creating barriers for users seeking to enhance their writing and learning experiences.

Try Learnitive; itĀ transforms content creation with its AI writer, merging learning, copyscape-checked content, and code execution.

It is a low-cost option for academics and copywriters, with features like plagiarism detection and Grammarly integration that provide a seamless all-in-one solution.


Tutorial Video


Academic Writer with the Power of AI

Experience the power of AI in academic writing with Learnitive, the leading e-learning platform. Seamlessly plan, research, compose, cite, and generate exceptionally unique content using the most innovative AI writer available. Your content is guaranteed to be Copyscape-approved.


AI Assistant

Learnitive’s AI assistant facilitates seamless content creation and code generation, enabling immediate testing and execution. With 100+ AI prompts, it refines output while searching 250 million academic papers and Wikipedia for automatic reference insertion.Ā The tool streamlines writing workflows with grammar checking, citations, paraphrasing, and research capabilities.

AI Writer

Learnitive’s AI writer, powered by Editor.js, is freely accessible. With Grammarly, AI, diagrams, Amazon Polly Neural, and Playgrounds integration, it offers unlimited code executions, content creation, and dynamic features.

Enhance your writing and learning workflow with built-in grammar checking, citations, and versatile capabilities, including voice-overs, plagiarism detection, and intelligent error suggestions.


Streamlining Writing with AI Widgets & Project Management

Learnitive’s AI widgets aid in swift research, writing, and learning within the workspace, generating optimized content and codes effortlessly. Utilize “AI Expand” for sentence autocompletion and paragraph creation, enhancing writing quality through automatic paraphrasing.

Manage writing tasks seamlessly with Learnitive Projects using built-in Kanban boards, calendars, and user-friendly tools. Simplify planning, organization, and content creation. Learners can easily attach custom domains, creating and publishing private or public blog posts with ease.


Unlock Seamless Content Creation with API & WP Plugin

Connect effortlessly with Learnitive AI through the Learnitive API for efficient content creation. Forget about token costs and auto-renewal concerns; each API call deducts words from your prepaid balance.

The Learnitive WP Plugin, compatible with WP Classic and Gutenberg editors, utilizes API endpoints. Grab your free API key, increase AI word limits with a prepaid plan, and dive into creating outstanding content with Learnitive AI + and WordPress.


Use Cases:

  • Academic Writing: Ideal for academics, Learnitive streamlines research, content creation, and citation integration.
  • Blog and Website Content: Enhance blogs and websites with engaging, plagiarism-free content using Learnitive’s AI writer.
  • Efficient Code Generation: Seamlessly generate and execute code with Learnitive, catering to developers and coding enthusiasts.
  • Project Management: Manage writing tasks effortlessly using Learnitive’s project management tools, including Kanban boards and calendars.
  • AI-Powered WordPress Integration: Elevate WordPress content with the Learnitive WP Plugin, utilizing AI endpoints for a smoother writing experience.


Deal Terms:

  • Length of access:Ā Lifetime
  • Redeem your code withinĀ 60 days of purchase
  • 30-Days Money-BackĀ Guarantee (ForĀ Non-PrimeĀ Members and Regular users)
  • 60-Day Money-BackĀ GuaranteeĀ (For DealMirror Prime Members Only)
Learnitive AI

One-time payment. Lifetime access.

What you get in this deal

  • Unlimited words/month (AI Text)
  • Unlimited Kanbans & Todos
  • Unlimited Calendar & Notes
  • 100+ AI prompts


90% Saving


30 Day Money-back Guarantee


License Tier 1

One Time Payment


  • Lifetime Access to Premium Plan
  • Unlimited words/month (AI Text)
  • Unlimited Kanbans, todos, calendars, and notes
  • Unlimited code playgrounds
  • Unlimited vector drawing
  • Unlimited Pixels images search and embed
  • 100+ AI prompts
  • Copyscape feature
  • Premium AI writer with a learning assistant
  • Private share
  • PDF exports
  • Premium WordPress plugin
  • MS Office integration
  • Browser integrations: Chrome and Firefox
  • Store up to 50 articles or books


    Questions:- Does Learnitive provide support?
    -Learnitive AI offers customer support via email at [email protected]

    Questions:- Can I get an invoice for my subscription under my company name?
    -Yes, you can. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will take care of this.


    1 review for Learnitive : AI-Powered Writing and Learning Platform

    1. Amit Jaiswal

      Amit Jaiswal

      “I started using Learnitive a few days ago. It’s been a real timesaver. Its “Expert AI Mode” generated sophisticated, human-like content for my projects, and the built-in Copyscape checking also helped me to make my content completely unique.

      Learnitive is perhaps the future of AI-enabled education. It comes with an advanced block editor with many interactive features such as vector drawing, code playgrounds, etc., a WordPress plugin, browser extensions, and furthermore, an API.
      I am impressed by the quality of the product.”

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