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FRONTLEAD : Automated Online Software


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What you get in this deal

  • 2 Intelligent Projects
  • 40 contacts/month
  • Unlimited number of Q&A
  • Unlimited number of visitors



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Create forms, funnels, surveys, analyses, tests, questionnaires, etc. with an automated personal reply function. Perfect for entrepreneurs, marketers, coaches, consultants, and freelancers!

FRONTLEAD provides automated personal approaches and evaluations.

The future of digital marketing is personalization, and in this area, we developed a new way to generate more qualified leads with the power of personalization and artificial intelligence.

With Frontlead, you can automatically generate personal responses based on each participant’s answers.

The team goal was that the participants could no longer distinguish whether they received the email reply from a machine or a person.

Furthermore, their system offers a payment function where vendors can sell their know-how through high-quality and personal analysis.

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  • It allows you to create forms, surveys, and funnels quickly and easily.
  • Automated (personal) analyses can be created.
  • It offers the possibility of automatically addressing users personally.
  • It gives the impression that there is contact with a natural person.
  • It saves time and money by automatically creating analyses and personally addressing users.

What are the benefits of the auto-reply feature?

  • Enables the creation of automated personal analyses based on each given participant’s answer.
  • Address your customers individually and automatically by e-mail.
  • It saves time and money and gives customers the impression of personal support.

Suggestion: The front-lead team has added a time delay to the response function in this automated process, so it seems more realistic that it is a personal answer by a natural person. Otherwise, their system would react too quickly for it to appear natural.

Simple tool


  • For Online Marketers & Agencies: Are you already using the latest option for generating high-quality leads for you and your customers? FrontLEAD is the most individual marketing software for online marketers and agencies!
  • For consultants, coaches, & trainers: Attract new customers with your online marketing software.
  • For Imaginative Entrepreneurs: Save time and money by using FRONTLEAD to allure new customers.
  • For exceptional speakers & artists: Give your audience added value to your topics, even after your presentation. As a bonus, you can expand your mailing list automatically with high-quality leads.
  • For Online Shops: Discover & Advice… Automatic discovery and advice will lead you to more sales.
  • Automatic Support: Installation of automated & personal support.
  • For Paid Analyses: Are you an expert, and do you want to make money from your knowledge? No problem! Generate and sell high-quality analyses.
  • For health & beauty: suitable products & services based on customer needs for an excellent, healthy first impression.
  • For finance: suitable offers & services based on customer needs, finalized automatically.
  • For Tripwire & Free-Plus-Shipping Funnels: Receive more leads by using FRONTLEAD at the start of your funnel to attract your customers with a tripwire or free-plus-shipping product.
  • Sweepstakes With Personal Replies: Generate high-quality leads with value or free products using sweepstakes.
  • For smart job applications & recruitment, find out if a person is suitable for your product, an exceptional service, a job, or network marketing by asking well-directed questions.
  • For online tests & examinations: Create high-quality tests & examinations quickly and easily, with an automatically generated report.

Customer Reviews

Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime


Free Deal

What you get in this deal

  • 2 Intelligent Projects
  • 40 contacts/month
  • Unlimited number of Q&A
  • Unlimited number of visitors


100% Saving


30 Day Money-back Guarantee


License Tier 1

One Time Payment


  • 2 Intelligent Projects
  • 40 contacts/month
  • Unlimited number of questions and answers
  • Unlimited number of visitors
  • Website embedding
  • Score function: Display individual results on the thank you page
  • Personal reply function by email: Only with FRONTLEAD: Personalized email replies are 100% automated!
  • Send options: 1) At specific times 2) After a defined waiting time 3) Manually sending
  • Customizable to your design with your logo
  • Insertion of images, icons and videos
  • Available as a link or can be embedded on an unlimited number of websites
  • URL forwarding / Thank you page
  • Contact & Statistics Export
  • Including support via e-mail and chat


    Questions:- Does Frontlead Deal provide support?
    -Yes, Frontlead Deal Offers Customer support at [email protected]

    Questions:- Can FRONTLEAD be integrated into my website?
    -Yes, of course! Take advantage of the fact that users remain on your website. The service applies to all your websites, in unlimited numbers.

    Questions:- Can I also use FRONTLEAD without my website?
    -Yes, of course! FRONTLEAD is also available as a link option, so you can use it without your own website.

    Questions:- Will the automated e-mails be sent from my e-mail address?
    -Yes, no external mailing service is required. It will be sent using the e-mail address you specified.

    Questions:- Can I insert images, or is there an image database?
    -Of course, you can insert your images! But that’s not all. Icons and videos can also be integrated into the FRONTLEAD tools.

    Questions:- Is there a score function?
    -Yes, FRONTLEAD has an integrated score function! It can show how many points the users have scored. The personalized final results can be displayed on the thank you page at the end or sent automatically by email.

    Questions:- Can I transfer and use my logo/corporate design?
    -Yes! FRONTLEAD enables individual adaptation to your brand identity.

    Questions:- Can I get an invoice for my subscription under my company name?
    -Yes, you can. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will take care of this.


    3 reviews for FRONTLEAD : Automated Online Software

    1. Martin


      FRONTLEAD has become our go-to solution for lead generation, allowing us to swiftly create personalized offers for our customers online. These leads seamlessly integrate into our marketing funnel. We opted for FRONTLEAD due to its exceptional customer service, outstanding value for money, and comprehensive, user-friendly features that played a pivotal role in our decision-making process.

    2. Jarvis C.

      Jarvis C.

      visually appealing. However, what truly impressed me was the exceptional customer service!

    3. Kyle Wood

      Kyle Wood

      FRONTLEAD plays a pivotal role in my work, enabling me to collect valuable client data for analysis and effortlessly gather information to schedule appointments in my practice. This tool significantly simplifies my workflow, thanks to its user-friendly and self-explanatory nature.

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