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Hi, folks,

I’m Amber Fisher, and I’d like to share my experience of how I discovered a brilliant and cheap online design tool called Fotor with all of you.

I see myself as a photography lover and a graphic designer, which means I’m all too familiar with how deadlines work.

Fortunately, since I found Fotor back when they first started up in 2012, Fotor’s versatile templates have been a lifesaver for me and have helped me hit a ton of deadlines, Woohoo!

Cheap, versatile, and trendy are the words I think about when talking about Fotor. Out of all the many online design tools, I’ve chosen Fotor because it is cheap and simple to navigate all around the features and templates I want to use.

Better yet, they have all kinds of promotional design templates for all kinds of holidays and festivals around the world, not to mention I can always find the most popular designs on the market for any kind of product or industry.

It has a library with over 100,000 templates!

As a graphic designer, it’s really important to be aware of trends. That’s actually how I’ve gotten my name out there as a designer. Fotor’s my little secret, though.

It’d be too easy for some of my clients to come onto Fotor and easy nail designs they want to create by using Fotor’s design templates even though they have no clue to make them!

In November 2020, Fotor finally unveiled their Fotor 2.0, which means that they have added 1 million stock photos resources in the brand-new Fotor 2.0.

Now I can use so many stock HD photos with my original Fotor Pro subscription at no extra charge! What a deal!

Wow! I want to thank you Fotor team for being even a greater online design tool even during the pandemic.

They did their part to make things a little easier. Fotor 2.0 has also added the Fotor Cloud to allow me to store more of my designs when I’m running out of space to keep them on the computer.

Well, I think I’ve said enough for one day!

Haha, you won’t get what I’m saying unless you try Fotor yourself!

Here we introduce our new product called Fotor

Revolutionary Photo Editor and Design Maker

Billions of photos processed | 450M+ Fotor users


Where to use the power of the Fotor?


You can edit and change photos in a way to present them for professional as well as personal purposes.

In a company or being a marketer, you needed to make posters and banners for the marketing promotions you can easily make them at Fotor.

In social media marketing, there are over 100,000templates likes Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Pinterest posts, and other social networking platforms.

You can lean on Fotor to post on social networking platforms in order to gain more traffic into your business.

Fotor’s Review Video



Quick Overview-

  • Effectively alter your photographs with apparatuses for trimming, resizing, modifying, and more.
  • Add an expert touch to your representations with the wrinkle and flaw remover.
  • Catch a lot more extensive scope of lighting and hues in your pictures with Fotor’s HDR tech.
  • Make photograph arrangements rapidly and effectively with the inherent maker.
  • Effectively modify picture sizes, drag and drop your photographs, include hues and more.
  • Make your very own plans with devices for shadows, straightforwardness, hues, and more.
  • Access an abundance of layouts and adaptable components like text styles and stickers.
  • Synchronize your substance in the cloud to get to it anyplace.
  • Best for a professional editor, Designer, photo editor, etc.

3 Year Offer Only at $ 49.99

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Fotor, an online photo editing, and graphic designing tool provide you the best solution to all of these problems. It comes with a powerful editing suite, 10,000+ ready-made design templates, and weekly updated resources, perfect for all your needs.


How Fotor is useful for professionals


100,000 Stunning Design Templates

Fotor gives 100,000+ templates, running from web-based social networking posts, publications, promotion flags, and significantly more. You can supplant the pictures and content in these layouts to modify your own proficient plan easily. It will be anything but difficult to help your business with delightful designs.

Easy-to-use and Advanced Photo Editor

Altering photographs is totally essential and turned out to be normal for individuals of today. Photoshop has for quite some time been utilized to accomplish this.

However, it requires a hard expectation to absorb information, which has halted individuals without structure aptitudes.

With the crucial make photograph altering simple for everybody, we made Fotor and each one can alter their photographs like a master.


Photo Effects

All the exclusive and amazing photo effects on Fotor’s image editor are created by our talented team of designers.

A large selection of photo filters can give you the magic touch to edit your photos the way you want.

Portrait Retouching

You can easily transform your portraits into something beautiful. Our amazing beauty features can give your subject a makeover, add highlights, increase radiance, etc.

Natural Photo Re-touch

Fotor’s photograph modifies the supervisor offers a few basic structures, For example, wrinkle remover, flaw remover, teeth brightening, red eyes remover for photograph correcting administrations and embellishes your selfies effectively.

The cosmetics highlight is amazing to such an extent that individuals will never realize you are not wearing cosmetics when snapping this picture.

100 + styles of photo effects


In excess of 100 photograph impacts are offered by Fotor, and everybody can make pictures in various styles.

With a few ticks, you can transform a plain picture into cool, vintage, matte, realistic, shiny, creative, and more styles. You simply should be innovative and Fotor will get all going for you.

Stylish photo collage maker

Intuitive your most loved photographs to make ravishing collections in minutes.

You will locate the most in vogue and famous formats that can make your photograph collections astonishing and great.

A striking story can be effectively explained with a magnificent collection.


Social Media Post Image Maker

Make amazing internet-based life designs in minutes and level up your web-based social networking nearness with incredible visuals.

On the off chance that you need to get more likes and develop your internet-based life record quickly, there is no purpose behind you don’t attempt Fotor.

Delightful web-based social networking post pictures are at your hand.

Massive Cloud storage

  • Seamlessly sync unlimited photos and work online.
  • Easily access everything you do anytime, anywhere.

Why you Chosen Fotor for your business


Everything you need for online photo editing – Fotor got it covered!

  • Photo Editing:
  • Photo Effects:
  • Photo Collage:
  • Portrait Retouching:
  • Comment:
  • Image Shape:
  • Hundreds of Fonts:
  • Countless Pretty Stickers:
  • More Design Tools:



3 Year Offer Only at $ 49.99

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Project Management LifeTime Tool

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See How Fotor is better to their competitors


Fotor Lifetime Deal


Amazing Features of Fotor

    • Easy-to-use yet advanced photo editor.
    • Amazing and natural photo retouch.
    • 100 + styles of photo effects.
    • Stylish photo collage maker.
    • 100,000+ preset templates made by a professional designer.
    • Massive Cloud storage.


Our Customers Love Us Here are some precious words from our customers


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Fotor Fotor Fotor


Deal Terms:

  • Redemption deadline: 30 days from the date of purchase
  • Length of access: 3 Years
  • Email support available 24/7/365

Fotor Plan Details

  • All advanced editing tools
  • 200+ Premium photo effects
  • Advanced beauty touch-up
  • 200+ Photo collage layouts
  • 100,000+ Templates & design resources
  • Sync photos and works online to access anywhere
  • Supports HD files for download and printing (JPG, PNG, PDF)
  • High dynamic range (HDR) tech
  • 100+ Photo frames
  • 300+ Stylish fonts
  • Massive storage in Fotor cloud
  • Ad-free
  • File management
  • Auto-resized designs
  • Priority email support

Original price was: $540.00.Current price is: $49.99.

What you get in this deal

  • 200+ Premium Photo Effects
  • 100,000+ Preset Templates
  • 200+ Photo Collage Layouts
  • 100+ Photo frames

Hurry! Only 00 Licence are left

Fotor 3 Year

Pro Plus Plan


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Fotor 3 Year

Pro Plan


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Reviews & Questions

15 reviews for Fotor: Online Design Maker and Photo Editor

  1. Avatar

    fabrizio spanu (verified owner)

    I tested the App extensively and can assure that you won’t regret if you buy it. It’s solid, fast and complete. You can do banners, social media images, pdf and much more with ease and obtaining a professional results even if you’re not a professional. If you are on the fence i suggest you to watch my honest review about it but note : it’s 1 hour long but 100% True! Skip when you feel you want to go forward. I wanted to deeply test the app and show the real speed and features, hence it required more time. This link is NOT affiliate, while the Youtube video description contains my affiliate link to buy the app and support me. Last, i loved the app and use myself, hence if you want to have some tip, hint or a smaller video to help with some feature just comment and ask and i will be glad to help.
    Now Click and Enjoy!

  2. Avatar

    Ayesha Imran

    Fotor comes up with some great options that look as if the photos are created by a professional editor and not with such an easy program at your fingertip. It has so many filters and templates etc that you can make in your images and photos, you can edit your pictures with quite professional and quality finishes.
    The FOTOR LTD has just nailed it so far and I have been using it and it very useful to create youtube thumbnails.
    So I’ll continue to use it when I need it and highly recommend it to everyone.

  3. Avatar

    Luca Antony

    Fotor – a great tool for editing purpose.
    I have been using Fotor for the last 7 days and I have to say this that FOTOR is just wow. Its editor has all those functionalities that you need to work with images.

  4. Avatar

    Alex G

    FOTOR is an awesome multi-platform that meets all the features that it promises since I can edit my photos very easily and with that I can create a collage as well by adding borders.
    We can change the scene of your photo as well by placing Dark, Sunset, Flash, Night and much more. Fotor is such an ideal tool that I’ve found so far.
    Great Job DealMirror :)

  5. Avatar


    After stumbling upon the Fotor lifetime deal, I had gotten the lifetime access at a very reasonable price. After continuously using it for a couple of weeks, I strongly feel that it has the potential to over-power other graphics designing tool.

  6. Avatar

    Michelle M

    Huge benefits! I need to make small and large edits to photos all the time in my marketing job. This has really helped me accomplish that without a ton of editing knowledge or overhead. Great product!

  7. Avatar

    Henry N

    Fotor helps me to make my photographic shots one of the best in my field of work since, with just one click in this application, the image acquires much sharper appearances and with a quality superior to the original, which greatly favors my work as a photographer.

  8. Avatar

    Gopi k

    For ad sets, templates creation and banners creation i used this tool.

  9. Avatar

    Kimberly G

    The layout of Fotor is very similar to Canva, so if you have experience with Canva you’ll be good to go with Fotor!

  10. Avatar


    Great alternative to Photoshop for the average person. So many cool different filters and light options, great template options.

  11. Avatar

    James S

    This is a very easy to use. The one step photo enhancement works very well. I have found after manually adjusting lightness and color the one step enhancement does a better job in one click! The normal photo editing features crop, resize rotate , mirror image, are very straight forward and easy to use.

  12. Avatar


    I like the interface of FOTOR as it’s very elegant. The collage option is just amazing as you can make professional collage form this. I use it to edit images, create social media covers and many more. It helps me, especially whenever I work on my website to quickly fix any photo. Another aspect that I like about the Fotor is that I can use photos from my computer, FB, etc
    And finally, I actually like the one-time price for lifetime service. Thank you Dealmirror for bringing such premium product on a Lifetime deal.

  13. Avatar

    Mary Miller

    Can I use it on my Mobile as well?

    • Avatar


      As for now Fotor Mac, Fotor Android, and Fotor IOS are independent and not connected to the license we are selling.

      So, anyone who is buying the license can use it for Fotor online website and the PC Windows only.

  14. Avatar

    Krishna Kumar

    Is there any major difference between Fotor Pro and Fotor Pro+?

    • Avatar


      Yes, Fotor Pro+ membership not only grants access to all premium resources and features that Fotor Pro provides but enjoy 1,000,000+ high-resolution photos for personal or commercial use.

  15. Avatar


    How can I renew my subscription after 3 years?

    • Avatar


      After 3 years you can switch to a monthly subscription or you can enjoy the free version for a lifetime.

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