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Best Support System Lifetime Deal

Do you know about boring, uninterested, and hard-to-solve problems related to support systems?

In today’s world, it’s very important to handles support tickets, email tickets, and the collection of payments.

Everyone is in a need of a simplistic way to use it without ease. Where it requires no programming skill.

Meet Best Support System Lifetime Deal

Best Support System is a self-hosted customer support desk software. It handles a support ticket, manages email tickets, collects any payment by PayPal. It has an easy installer so you don’t need any programming skills. We will keep update regularly and it has an auto-update feature.

Best by name – Best by nature – Best by feature

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What is the Best Support System?

Best Support System is a customer support desk software. It has many important features which are necessary to give support to your clients. The most valuable feature of this software is the Ticket System. Customers can open a ticket and the assigned agent or admin can reply to that ticket. It has a paid ticket system with many international payment methods. The role access feature of this software is well developed. You can give access to your agents what you want to. It has a website with 3 themes that can edit live. Email to the ticket, FAQ, RTL support, Web chat, Google analytics, and many more settings are the great features of it. You can judge it, after your installation it will never frustrate you, it’s guaranteed.

Who should use the Best Support System?

Best Support System is a self-hosted support ticket application. It handles support tickets, manages email tickets, collects any payment from PayPal. It has been created so simplistic that every company or organization including IT or non-IT can use it without ease. It requires no programming skill. One can just install it and use it from that very moment. It is that simple.

Key Features:

  • Knowledge Base: Automatically suggest knowledge articles while trying to create a new ticket and reduce ticket volume.
  • Proactive Search: Easy to use search – smart search engine can find relevant articles even with spelling mistakes.
  • Highly Secured: Get user uploaded file security, CSRF protection, boot force security, admin user login failure auto backoff, auto suspicious IP block.
  • Easy Customizable Roles & Privileges: Create user groups with roles and privileges of your choice and add the intended users to the group.
  • Customized Payment: It’s a very useful feature. You can set a payment of any amount for any service (i.e., hosting fee, maintenance fees) from on any ticket when required.
  • LIVE WEB CHAT Live web chat feature has been added. Your client can contact your agent using live chat. You can set everything effortlessly.
  • Easy Envato Integration: Allows purchase key validation, view support period, and view product and purchase information.
  • Collect User Feedback: Feedbacks are collected through special emails sent out to users after a ticket is closed with satisfied and dissatisfied buttons.
  • Automatic Update System: Hassle-free automatic update for your software so you do not have to manually install new updates or worry about new security threats.
  • RTL Supported: Best support system supports RTL.

What more you can do with Best Support System?

  • Auto Supervisor By Ticket Assign Rule: Get user uploaded file security, CSRF protection, brute force security, admin user login failure auto backoff, auto suspicious IP block
  • Auto Timezone Control: It’s another unique feature of this application. It controls the timezone automatically based on your user’s IP. That means users will see their timezone time and admins will see admins’ timezone time.
  • Remote Server Login: It’s an exclusive and differentiating feature. If you have any existing service with a lot of existing users and you want to use that service’s login in this application you can do that easily in this app.
  • Multi-Language Support: English(US), Chinese, German, French, Danish, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Dutch বাংলা, हिंदी, and more.
  • Easy Web Installer: The installer wizard will help you install step by step, get your service up, and run within minutes. Requires no programming skills.
  • Email To Ticket Or Email Piping: Tickets can be created by simply sending an email. Ticket responses can also be created by replying to the same email. It is also called email piping.
  • Multiple Text Editors: It has more than one editor. Use the enriched text editor of your choice.
  • Admin Note: Admins can add notes on Tickets or Clients. Notes are viewable only in the admin panel.
  • Work Log: Staff can add a work log and can see the full work log in ticket details.
  • Custom Page: You can create a custom page with custom contents like product pages, terms, and conditions, etc.
  • Email Template: Yes it has an email template system where you can edit or write your own email for your clients. Please check our demo to see how the Demo link.
  • Canned Message: It is kind of the same as an email template. So easy to design or write any canned message.
  • Additional Menus: Create your own customized menus through the admin panel.
  • Ticket Auto Closing: The ticket will be closed by your settings. That means you can set an hour of inactivity. If you set an inactivity hour of 72 then the ticket will be closed 72 hours later than your agent’s last replied time. You can set also auto-closing text and closing email.
  • Social User Login: It has Envato, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, GitHub, and Yahoo user’s login module. You can choose all or any.
  • GDPR Compliance: You can create custom pages with custom contents like product page, terms, and conditions, etc.
  • Announcements Or Notifications: Create announcements or notifications for visitors or admin users or both with start time and end time. Sometimes when you need to display messages to your visitors you can use it.
  • Custom Fields: You can set category wise custom field on ticket creation. We know all fields are not suitable for all category so we can add fields for all categories or for individual categories. You can add Envato purchase key verification input box as well.
  • Manage File Upload: Limit file upload with size and type. Another unique feature is all uploaded files are only accessible by admin users and only that user who has uploaded. So no one can download any private file if they have the file direct link too.
  • Multiple Theme & Any App Color: It has multiple themes and you can choose any color of that particular theme. We will design many themes regularly in future versions. It has an auto-update feature so you will get all themes automatically in the future.
  • Admin Ticket Creation: Admin/agent/staff can create tickets from their panel on behalf of the user.
  • Admin Notification: There there two types of settings for admin notifications. The first one is Email Notification and another one is On Screen Notification.
  • Page Or Language Override: You can easily customize any page or language. It has an override feature. If you use the override feature and design a customize page it won’t change in any future app update.
  • Country Block: Yes, It has a county block panel with two types of conditions. The first one is white list countries and the second one is blacklist countries. You can choose anyone.
  • Ip Block Panel: You can block any IP manually or you can set a rule for auto IP Block. If any IP is trying to hack or continuing to request this site that site will be blocked automatically.
  • Google Analytics: You can easily add google analytics to this app. It has a nice informative panel for google analytics.
  • WordPress, Woocommerce Integration: If you have a WordPress or Woo-Commerce site and you have many users those users can log into this panel automatically. It has a WordPress plugin. By that, you can easily set that up.

Dashboard Overview

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  • External link or projects mapping view.

System Requirements:

  • PC or any device which has a browser.
  • Good internet connection.

Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Redemption deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.
  • Lifetime Update. (Auto-update to the latest versions)

Limited Time Offer Only at $49

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Hurry Up !! Grab this Lifetime Deal

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Plan Details:

  • Easy Email to Ticket option
  • Paid Ticket
  • Product Updates
  • Translation Ready
  • API Integration
  • Addons
  • Email Templates
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Friendly UI & UX
  • Multiple Languages
  • Captcha
  • Theme
  • Layouts & Color
  • Web Chat
  • Canned Messages & etc…

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