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Vendors Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to register?

Go to the bottom or footer section and Click onSubmit a deal


2. How to login?

Once you can register on our site we will send your User Id and Password in the registered Mail id. After that follow the below-mentioned steps:

Login ——> Go to the heading (My vendor Dashboard) and Click here ——> Now your Dashboard will appear on your screen.


3. How to Upload your product?

Click the URL:

Or please provide us below mentioned details:

  • PayPal Id
  • Product Feature Image zip (520px * 360px)
  • Product Presentation Banners zip (Width – 798px)
  • Product Documentation (Maximum Upload Limit is 10 MB)


4. What will be the payment method?

Our payout method is PayPal. You will get 50% off each sale of your product.


5. What are the mandatory details?

  • Product Featured image (For reference please see the attached image).
  • Product short description
  • Deal terms
  • Product download link
  • License policies u0026amp; license Type
  • Product use in single domain / unlimited domain
  • Support Duration Lifetime/ specific time
  • Future Updates Lifetime/ specific time
  • Enquiry/support email
  • The price of your themes (You want to promote your themes individually or in a bundle format?)


6. How your product will run on DealMirror?

For first 1-3 days, when your deal is running in the front of and after that, your product moves on All Deal products.


7. What type of product should DealMirror accept?

We accept all types of digital products like Plugins, Themes, eBooks, all types of Web elements, Fonts, software’s, toolkits, etc…

Your product should be unique and original, it should not be the copy of another website. If we found that on clicking the “Buy Now” button if it goes into another website. In that case, your product will be rejected immediately.


8What will be the minimum and maximum cost of the product?

Here you can submit a deal from $0 (or free) to $50. The minimum cost of the paid product will be $1 and maximum cost of the product will be $50.


9. Are you promote in product deal or package of multiple products (Bundle)?

We support both single and multiple product deals (Bundle).


10. Can you please give us more information about the terms?

Click here to know to know more Terms u0026amp; Condition.


11When will we pay you?

After 60 days, Once the deal will be successfully run on the and we don’t get any complaint from the customer, then we will give your commission.


12. Are you providing customer Email address?

Yes, we will give you customer email address.


13.  Can you please give me some analytics traffic information to your site?

No, we will not provide any type of analytics information of our site.


14. Deal Close term

Vendors product will be on at least for 30 days.


We are collecting new FAQ and soon we will add on this page…

If you have any query regarding products and deals please contact us on [email protected].