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WaTrend Lifetime Deal

What is the most used social messaging app that is popular worldwide? We know most have you must have got it right. It is Whatsapp.

Do you also feel the need to integrate your e-commerce website with Whatsapp? If yes, then Watrend is just the right app for you.

Meet WaTrend Lifetime Deal

WaTrend is a WhatsApp server-less API solution for sending WhatsApp messages that connects your phone to our automated system via a WordPress plugin & REST API for other frameworks.

It enables customers to receive updates about their orders directly on WhatsApp after having shopped from your store.

You will be amazed at the simplicity with which this app can be integrated with your e-commerce website.

It also works on several plugins/apps like Caldera Forms, Contacts Forms 7, and more.

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By using Watrend the happiness quotient of your clients is certainly going to increase manifolds. After all, who doesn’t like automatic updates on order status? The app may result as a game changer for your e-commerce platform.


  1. New Order Notification: The feature delivers Whatsapp messages right after checkout.
  2. Notify Order Status: Notify customers of every status change related to an order. The clients will readily be updated with changes in status on the e-commerce website.
  3. Reminders: Messages to remind customers to pay for orders after certain days automatically.
  4. Fully Customizable Messages: Inserting the customer’s name, order item, total price, bank account, etc is just a click away.
  5. Unlimited Messaging: No embargo on the number of messages you want to send.
  6. Personal Whatsapp Number: You can use your own Whatsapp number to send messages thereby helping you retain your brand image and direct client contact.
  7. Integration of Files: Integrate different files, images, texts, etc in your Whatsapp messages without any hassle.

Why is WaTrend so powerful?

  1. Easy To Setup
    ✔ Ready-to-use Plugin
    ✔ Painless Integration
    ✔ Solid Documentation
  2. Developer Friendly
    ✔ Simple REST API
    ✔ Send Text, Image & File
    ✔ Support Any Country
  3. Unbeatable Plan
    ✔ Unlimited Messages
    ✔ Monthly/Yearly Options
    ✔ Affordable Price
    ✔ Save a Lot!
  4. Message
    Send WhatsApp messages to any number, anytime, without being limited.

Plan Details:

  • 1 Instance
  • Unlimited messages
  • Personal WhatsApp number (use your own WhatsApp number as the sender)
  • API – notification only
  • Webhooks

Deal Terms:

Original price was: $330.00.Current price is: $49.00.

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