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Voicera : Add Natural Voice Dictation To Your Content With A Single Click Tier 3

Voicera Lifetime Deal

Have you ever imagined that if you could provide a voice to your blogs and articles?

If you could do this then certainly you can engage your clients better. Most people today are multitasking.

Providing them a way to listen to your blogs while working on something else at the same time can do wonders. It will certainly increase customer engagement.

This sounds like a great idea, but how do you do it?

Meet Voicera Lifetime Deal

Voicera is a platform that provides a complete solution for implementing this idea.

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Create life-like voice dictation for your blogs and articles in one click.


Why Should You Use Voicera

Voice dictation of blogs enables users to multitask and therefore helps you access 200M plus more users across the world.

Besides this, audio content certainly resides far more in the memory of any individual and thus increases your brand’s presence amongst people.

People who find reading difficult can be easily engaged with voice dictation.

Voicera is an AI tool that automatically detects your content and creates audio for it.

So, you do not have to worry about voice creation for each blog.

Just keep making your blogs the way you do and voice dictation for the same will be taken care of by Voicera.

The best part of the Voicera platform is that, unlike its competitors, it counts one word as one credit instead of one character as one credit, so you get more value for your money.


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Using Voicera, bloggers and content writers can embed a life-like voice dictation of their blogs directly into their content.

All of this in one click.

Just copy and paste your article’s link into our dashboard, select the voice you want, and in an instant, you’ll get a life-like AI-based voice dictation HTML embed that you can add to your content so that readers who don’t have time to focus on reading can listen to your great article while doing some other work.

The bottom line – audiofying content will result in more users and more hours throughout the day when users are engaging with your content.

Additionally, significantly improves your Audio SEO, which has a significant impact on your SEO.

With more than 200+ accents and dialects available in Voicera Lifetime Deal.

The users that opt for audio typically do so because they don’t have the time or patience to read or watch (multitasking is the no.1 motivation to choose an audio experience).

Thus, increasing the time users spend on your website and their pages per session.

Benefits of Audio

  • Enjoy increased traffic and engagement by people both with and without disabilities in situations where looking at a screen is not an option.
  • Have better indexing by search engines thanks to Google making audio content more searchable by focusing on incorporating audio metadata into search results.
  • Audio is generally easier to fit into a busy lifestyle than reading – 79% of Americans listening to more spoken-word audio say it’s at least partly because it allows them to multitask.

Benefits of Voicera as a service

  • The readers of your articles can become the listeners of your stories.
  • Regardless of their busy schedule, the articles can always be listened to. As they sip their coffee, do chores, jog, commute, or on an elevator. With Voicera, your article will be hard to miss if they are your readers. Moreover, users will recommend to their peers, circles for a more time-efficient and effective way to retain information.
  • Providing users with a unique and time-efficient way to retain content. They will prefer your blogs over the blogs of your competitors. Will rarely switch to your competitors for the same topic and content.
  • Users find it more engaging. This will significantly reduce bounce rates. Therefore, SEO will be improved, thus boosting business.
  • Listening and reading together help people retain information better. User retention will be longer for your content. More readability, improving business and profits.
  • In adults with low reading skills or illiteracy, the content can easily be understood giving huge traffic.
  • It is mainly designed to benefit people with low levels of attention span (basically every teenager out there).
  • Your content can reach corners of the globe in a way you couldn’t have imagined. It will have more user base and retention if it supports different languages and dialects. Gives the opportunity to join forces with international media to promote international readability.
  • Your blog’s audio version represents your blog’s high brand value and content’s unmatched authenticity.

Product Features

  • Natural lifelike voices
  • 200+ Global languages and dialects are available.
  • Gender and age-based voice accent diversification are available.
  • One-click audio embed creator.
  • Able to run in the background while other programs/applications are running.
  • Voice player speed control is available.
  • Personalized dashboards for each user.
  • 2.2Kb Ultralight

Plan Details

  • 2 Million Credits (1 Credit = 1 Word)
  • 200+ Global languages & dialects
  • Natural life-like voices
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Voice speed control
  • Premium support
  • Gender & age-specific voice dialects
  • Audio SEO booster

Roadmap:(For next 12-24 Months)

  1. OpenGraph for sharing voices on social media (Shareable audio).
  2. Educational content with audio support. Listen to courses. RSS feed for podcasts.
  3. Robust analytics for voice.
  4. Voice-as-a-service API for the masses
  5. Adding celebrity voice as a dictation service
  6. Add in-voice ads and earn money per ad listened to a. Place ads at i. Start ii. End iii. Midway iv. Custom time
  7. Building in-house voice Al
  8. Alexa-skills subscriptions for reading content
  9. Create Voice NFT for your articles and sell it to the highest bidder
  10. YouTube for Audio
  11. Turn audio into video with graphics and subtitles

Deal Terms

• Length of access: Lifetime
• Redemption Deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from the purchase.

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