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Explore and monitor strategic insights and contextual business intelligence driving transformational change across the world.

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Vizologi helps you reduce the uncertainty and risk in choosing your startup’s business model.

Boost your business strategy and create a successful business model for your startup.

See what strategies big businesses are using, identify niches waiting to be disrupted, mix-and-match, and build your startup’s successful business model.

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Get Inspired by the Most Innovative Companies

Powered by artificial intelligence, Vizologi searches, analyzes, and visualizes the world’s business intelligence to help answer your strategic questions


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In less than 20 minutes you can see what strategies big businesses are using. Find the key ingredients they are missing, and create your business model canvas directly in Vizologi.

Vizologi searches analyze and visualize the world’s best business models of companies like Amazon & Spotify to help build your startup’s business model.

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It combines the simplicity of the business model canvas with the innovation power of the mash-up method.


  • Vizologi believes in challenging the status quo.
  • They believe in thinking differently.
  • They believe every human is creative.


  • Making business strategy knowledge accessible.
  • Discovering new innovative ways to explore.
  • Connecting data experiences to synthesize new things.


  • To inspire the business models not written yet.
  • They develop tools to create better business strategies.
  • Providing technology and data with billions of unique and creative business model combinations.

Analyze The Business Models Of The Most Successful Companies Like Amazon, Spotify, Reddit, And Much More.
-Vizologi’s machine learning analyzes the business models and trends of the world’s best brands and puts them together in Vizologi for you to analyze and use for your own business model canvas.

Mashup The Best Aspects Of Your Selected Successful Business Models, Mix-And-Match And Build Your Own Disruptive Business Model
-Vizologi applies the Mash-up method to play with different business strategies that apparently can seem disconnected between them, but together help you invent creative and invincible business models.

Boost Your Business Strategy

Boost your business strategy and create a successful business model for your startup.


Discover Hidden Niches Waiting To Be Disrupted. Get Inspired To Create Unique And Original Start-Ups


How does the Mashup Functionality Work?

Vizologi defines the business design challenge in a problem statement which is also known as Point Of View.

For example: How can we reduce risk in innovation while creating unique business models at the same time?

We can start opening up the exploration for ideas to solve your POV by asking “How Might We” statements where:

“How” suggests that we do not yet have the answer.
“Might” emphasizes that our responses may only be possible solutions.
“We” immediately brings in the element of a collaborative effort.

Example of Vizologi:

How Might We reinvent [innovation] [consultancy]?

How Might We apply [data & analytics]?

How Might We release free [knowledge]?

How Might We generate [long-tail content]?

How Might We play with [blockchain]?

After that, you can search and filter from different companies with unique and invincible business strategies.

Example of Vizologi:

  1. Strategyzer and IDEO thanks to their standardization
    and innovation methodology.
  2. The Quid influenced us through data and analytics
    to augment your human capabilities.
  3. Quora emphasized the importance to democratize
    access to knowledge and expertise.
  4. Netflix motivated us to create a long tail content strategy
    monetized through a premium subscription.
  5. Brave brought us the opportunity to remove ads while earning
    Basic Attention Tokens at the same time.

Then you can proceed to combine the best aspects into your own business model. Capture the essence and combine elements to generate new and fresh ideas.

Inspired by insights of companies that belong to different categories like consulting, data & analytics, Internet, or entertainment. We invented a different business model.

Product Overview

  • Premium strategy data
  • Strategic insights network
  • Data analytics
  • Search engine & filters
  • Create lists
  • Create projects
  • Business Model Canvas
  • SWOT analysis
  • Project exportation


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Deal Terms

  • Length of accessLifetime
  • Redemption Deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.
  • Stack Unlimited Codes (Promo codes can be stacked by users to increase the number of credits)

Note: – Stacking Info

  1. Each new code adds 20,000 AI credits/month + 5 projects/month + 5 lists/month.
  2. From the second coupon in advance these are the instructions to redeem the codes: Click Profile picture > Click Membership > Insert the new coupon.


  • New business intelligence module.
  • New competitive intelligence module.
  • Collaborative for teams.
  • New companies are added every year.
  • New ppt slide format.
  • New strategy templates.
  • Word exportation.
  • PDF exportation.

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