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  • 20 web technologies in 5 categories
  • 40+ projects, mini-projects & code samples
  • 5 main areas- frontend, backend, databases, essential technologies, debugging & tools
  • Each area has 4-6 sections
  • Each section has 4-12 lectures

And much more…

The perfect deal for any budding developer that is looking to get their hands on some brilliant Web Development technology! 20 comprehensive courses that blend theoretical as well as practical knowledge perfectly to give you the most out of each course. You will not only get the understanding of the concepts but also gain the confidence to actually put the concepts into practice. Last but not least, each course provides a certificate of completion and you will have the access to all the royalty free codes from each project. The deal includes popular technologies, both big and small, such as

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Angular 2
  • Neo4J
  • MeteorJS
  • PHP7

and much more…

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All of these and so much more in this amazing price!
You will learn:

1. The Complete TypeScript Programming Guide for Web Developers-

We have designed a brilliant course just for you to start learning this programming language. While this course requires you to have a basic understanding of JavaScript, everything else will be taught to you from scratch. You will learn basic commands, how TypeScript can be compiled with JavaScript and also how can it be integrated with JavaScript. You will learn how to use the fancy static type checking and annotations, as well as adding types to variables and parameters.

2. Learn ReactiveX From The Ground Up-

This tutorial has been designed keeping you in mind, so that you don’t have to search high and low for different courses, tutorials and how-tos to learn this technology. With this course, you will learn the basics and the advanced techniques of using ReactiveX to make your apps and websites more robust and responsive.
In this course, you will learn:

  • A complete introduction to reactive programming, including Paradigms, ReactiveX API, how ReactiveX works with JavaScript, and setting up the environment.
  • Creating observables from various different items including events and arrays.
  • How observables work, what are hot and cold observables and creating simple operators
  • How to use the transforming and filtering function such as map & pluck, buffers and DebounceTime & Distinct.
  • How to combine observables, use Merge & Concat, MergeMap, ConcatMap, SwitchMap, and even Zip, CombineLatest & WithLatestFrom.
  • How to design a complete WeatherFinder Project from scratch and incorporate all the things you’ve learned in this course.


3. RactiveJS Fundamentals for Web Developers-

This course has been designed to help you understand and learn Ractive thoroughly. Designed by professionals, this course includes 6 sections that help you breakdown Ractive. The first five sections deal with learning the technology, while the last section allows you to actually use the technology to build a real-world working application.
This extensive course will cover everything you need to know to get started with Ractive including what it is, how to get started with it, what are mustache templates, binding data and even animations. All of this and much more is packed in this course of epic proportions
At the end of this course, you will have learned:

  • What is Ractive and how to get started with the library?
  • What are Mustache Templates with numerous examples?
  • How can you work with events using Ractive?
  • What are Data Bindings and how you can bind data using Ractive?
  • Different animations and transitions that can be used in your app with Reactive?
  • How to create a complete working app from scratch using Ractive and Node JS?


4. Angular 2 Fundamentals for Web Developers-

Our course has been designed in collaboration with industry experts and to give you a holistic view of the framework and help you learn the framework using no additional resources. The tutorial will also include a quiz at the end of each section to help you review what you have learned, along with building a full functional application to understand how you can use what you’ve learned in a practical setting.
In this course, you will learn:

  • How Angular 2 differs from Angular?
  • The fundamentals of Angular 2?
  • Features such as components, directives, services, pipes, data binding, Firebase, Events, Observables, HTTP Module, UI Design and so much more
  • How to work with asynchronous data?
  • How to create a functional Client Manager Application?


5. The Complete Web Development Tutorial Using React and Redux

This React and Redux course has been created to cover not only the individual technology and its features, but also to help you learn step by step how you can combine and use both technologies to create brilliant apps.
In this course, you will learn:

  • What is React and Redux?
  • A brief introduction to JSX, the JavaScript extension?
  • A detailed breakdown of React and its core features including state & nested components, methods and PropTypes & Validation?
  • A detailed breakdown of Redux and its core features including state, store and reducers?
  • How to install and work with Webpack?
  • How to fetch data from an API?
  • Using React and Redux together to create a WeatherCheck Application?

6. Learn Angular 2 Development By Building 12 Apps

In this course, you will learn how to start using the many different features of Angular 2 to create some epic applications using this framework. In addition to Angular 2, you will also touch base on other relevant technologies such as Node.JS, Angular CLI, Firebase, Bootstrap, MongoDB, FeatherJS and the Ionic Framework.
12 projects covered in this course include:

  • Project 1 – Simple Angular Website – The basic website will help you get a feel for the framework and understand the fundamentals.
  • Project 2 – Github Profile Search – Search Github profiles using the Github API.
  • Project 3 – ngSpotify – Create an album/artist application using the Spotify API.
  • Project 4 – MEAN Todos – Create a Todos App using the MongoDB, Express, Angular and NodeJS.
  • Project 5 – Firebase Business Listing – Learn how to build a business listing or a business contacts app using Firebase, a remote NoSQL database.
  • Project 6 – MyWorkouts – Build an Ionic 2 mobile app that allows you to track your workouts.
  • Project 7 – MyWeather – Another Ionic 2 mobile app that allows you to track worldwide weather using the Wunderground API.
  • Project 8 – AuthApp Auth0 Application – Create an authentication app for building a complete login/register/access control system using Auth0 and Angular 2
  • Project 9 – MapIt – An Angular 2 app that integrates Google Maps and allows you to mark points on the map and manage them.
  • Project 10 – Movie Finder – A movie directory application that uses the API.
  • Project 11 – DevLogger – A simple logging application that uses FeatherJS and REST API.
  • Project 12 – SocketChat – A real-time chat application using


7. Learn Nodejs programming from Scratch-

In our course we bring together the most popular JavaScript technologies in a comprehensive course to provide you an one stop training program. We will start with basic JavaScript and JQuery and will follow it up with Node.js, Node.Js Modules, Express Framework, BackBone.JS, Angular.JS, and Ember.JS. It is a unique offering from our web development team and will surely benefit anyone interested in web development. You may start this course as a JS novice but will surely come out as a JavaScript Master.

8. Learn Bootstrap Development By Building 10 Projects

We have brought together all the best practices of building bootstrap sites into an unique project based course which will teach you all the nuances of web development while building real world bootstrap projects. The projects cover generic development process and are diverse enough to cover a very wide variety of websites. The projects covered in the course are:

  • Photo App Sales Website: A simple project to get you started. It will help you quickly master the basic bootstrap structures and you will be quickly up and running on your first bootstrap website.
  • Portfolio Resume using SASS – Learn to use SASS along with Bootstrap for this next project. Learn about Grid Systems, List Styling and Progress Bar Components in this course.
  • Social Network Template – This will be a fairly complex project with multiple bootstrap components. You will learn about Nested grids, Button Groups, Gallery plugin and Responsive Media Queries.
  • Agency Landing page – This project develops a landing page using LESS. LESS is a CSS preprocessor. You will also learn Jumbotron showcase,Scroll Down Effect and Font Awesome Icons.
  • Photo Gallery – You will learn to create a Photo gallery display using components such as Grid UI and Tab Widget. You will also learn the use of Bootstrap Image Carousel and Photo Lightbox Jquery Plugin.
  • CMS Admin Template – Learn to build an Admin template for a content management system. You will learn the use of Bootstrap Table Classes,Glyphicons, Breadcrums and Button Groups
  • Web hosting Company Website – This project will teach you Bootstrap Components such as Bootswatch UI tools, Content carousel, Stack icons and stylish fonts.
  • E-commerce Template – Learn to build a front end of an E-commerce website. Learn components such as Tab Widget, Product Grid and Custom header.
  • Business Bootstrap Theme – Learn to use animation in your website with animated css. Also learn to optimize your site for mobile with this amazing project.
  • Blog Website – Learn to build the front end of the blog with components such as Dropdown menu, Contact form, Carousel Thumbnails & Grid View.

9.Learn Projects In JavaScript And Jquery

  • CH1: Simple JavaScript Quiz
    Description: We will start with a fairly simple project of a one page, multiple choice JavaScript quiz. In this projct we will look at some of the essentials when it comes to HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. We will look at event handlers, variables and even ‘for loops’ and arrays
    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Variables & Arrays, Loops, Responsive Design.
  • CH2: jQuery Content Slider
    Description: jQuery is well known for thigs like image gallerys, sliders, scrollers, etc. We will be building a very clean application which will allow us to click a ‘next’ button to fade in the next slide and a ‘prev’ button to go in the reverse direction. We will use the fadeIn() and fadeOut() animation methods to do this
    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Lists, jQuery selectors, methods like addClass() and removeClass() and animation methods like fadeIn() and fadeOut()
  • CH3: YouTube Search Engine
    Description: In this project we will use the YouTube Data API v3 to build a video search engine. We will use the ‘search . list’ method to do this. We will also implement ‘FancyBox’, which is a lightbox script. This will allow use to have the video open on our site instead of being redirected to YouTube.
    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Youtube Data API v3, jQuery $.get() request, inserting HTML via html() method
  • CH4: FAQ Accordian Slider
    Description: We will build a content accordion. This is great for an FAQ section but ofcourse could be used in many different contexts. We will use the slideToggle() method and some others
    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Lists, jQuery Selectors, jQuery slide methods.
  • CH5: Ajax PHP Shoutbox
    This project will implement many technologies to build a shoutbox/chat module. We will build a backend MySQL database and connect via PHP. We will then make a request to another .php file which will insert the data into the correct tables.
    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin
  • CH6: Apple Style Thumbslider
    In this project we will build an image slider much like ones you see on Apple’s website and apps. It will use thumbnail banivation as well as autoscroll
    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Custom animate() method.
  • CH7: Create a jQuery Plugin
    In this chapter we will actually create a simple jQuery plugin, get it ready and then upload it to the jQuery. com plugin registry. We will also look at using Git and Github. com
    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery plugin conventions, Git, Github, Command line utility
  • CH8: jQuery Portfolio Gallery
    We will build an image gallery with a few features such as categorization, lightbox effect and overlay effect
    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Lightbox2 Plugin
  • CH9: jQuery Mobile App
    This will be our first mobile based app. We will use HTML5 and jQuery Mobile framework. You will learn how to build multi-page templates with jQuery Mobile. We will be building a miletracker app which will allow you to enter run or jog mileage and the date along with the ability to update and delete. localStorage will be used for storing data Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, localStorage api
  • CH10: Tic Tac Toe  
    This will be a nice and simple application. It is a very basic tic tac toe game. It will implement a few rules and conditionals for things like not being able to click in the same square twice.

11. Learn Database Design with MySQL From Scratch

This course will teach you the nuances of proper database design. It will teach you all the hidden tips and tricks and will ensure that you learn all the major concepts of a proper database design. This course will also teach you SQL and you will be a SQL power user by the end of this course.
You will start with basic introduction to data storage and will follow it up with storage engines and other tools. You will also learn about MySQL installation and database design process. Database design , normalization, structure mapping, keys and junction tables comes next.
The next units will teach you SQL and Advance SQL and you will also learn to use PHP with MySQL. So this complete Database course and will surely help you become a Database Design Guru.


12. Learn PHP and MySQL Development By Building Projects

This course can be done sequentially or you can pick and select the project and start working on them directly. These projects are all independent of each other. Besides the royalty free code can be used for any of your personal projects.

  • Shoutit Shoutbox
  • PHP Quizzer
  • PHP Lovers Blog
  • TalkingSpace Form
  • The GamingPlace Shopping Cart
  • WordPress Contact Widget
  • AJAX Address Book


13. Learn Redis from Scratch-

This Redis tutorial will begin at the very beginning including helping students break down Redis, what Redis best used for, how to install Redis on your system, what are command base databases, different Redis commands and syntax.
The course will also focus on the different data structures that Redis offers such as Lists, Sets, and Hashes. You will also learn about the various different clients that work with Redis and also how to use the NodeJS client in tandem with Redis.
In this course you will learn:

  • What is Redis and what it is best used for?
  • Various different Redis data structures such as Lists, Sets, and Hashes
  • What are Redis commands such as get, set, expire, scan, config, commands and client
  • How to persist data to disk and different methods of persisting including RDB, AOF, and snapshotting
  • How to build a task manager website using NodeJS, Redis and Twitter Bootstrap


14. Learn to Build Apps Using Neo4J-

The course will start at the very beginning with what is graph databases, general overview of different databases, the advantages of using graph databases over traditional relational database with tables and rows, what is Neo4J, how to set up the Neo4J environment, understand the Cypher Query Language, take a look at the official and the contributed language drivers that are available and finally put the theory to good use by building a practical application.
The tutorial has been optimally designed and divided into five major sections:

  • Section 1 – Intro to Graph Databases – what they are, their advantages, the graph data model and so on.
  • Section 2 – Getting Started with Neo4J – what it is, install Neo4J on Windows and Linux and start to work with Neo4J browser.
  • Section 3 – Cypher & Neo4J browser – in depth into the browser and the cypher query language, create nodes and relationships and visual representations through the browser.
  • Section 4 – More on Cypher and Neo4J – other cyper queries and clauses such as lisp, with statement, conditions, other things to help query the database.
  • Section 5 – SocialClient Application – build a NodeJS or JavaScript application that allows us to create nodes and relationships, add properties, etc.


15. Learn PHP and MySQL Development From Scratch-

Our course on PHP-MYSQL will provide quick and focused training in PHP and MySQL which are arguably the most popular web development tool out there. You will start with basic PHP and will follow it up with a comprehensive training in MySQL. You will also build a complete web application from scratch using the concepts learned in this course.
Like all our other courses we have kept the content fun and we are sure it will be a enjoyable learning experience for you. So why wait be the expert web developer you always wanted to be


16. ReactJS and Flux – Learn By Building 10 Projects

In this course, you will build the following 10 projects:

  • Project 1 – Bootstrap React Components – This starter project will familiarize you on how you can create simple React components using the Bootstrap framework.
  • Project 2 – Github Profile Viewer – This project will show you how to create a UI using React and also how to fetch data from the Github API.
  • Project 3 – Quick Quiz – This course will get you started on how to design a simple quiz using ReactJS.
  • Project 4 – Movie Find – Learn how to use the OMDB API to fetch data and create a database for movies.
  • Project 5 – Contact List – Learn how to make a contact list using the Firebase database technology.
  • Project 6 – Stickypad Notes – This project will teach you how to create a ToDo List that looks like a Sticky Note.
  • Project 7 – InfoFinder Search Engine – Create a working search engine using the DuckDuckGo API.
  • Project 8 – Youtube Gallery – Learn how to make a video gallery that allows you to add YouTube videos using just the ID of the video.
  • Project 9 – Chat – Create a functional chat application that allows you to add a username and send messages back and forth over web sockets.
  • Project 10 – Workout Logger – Learn how to create a local storage and make Workout Logger with a mobile friendly interface, which allows you to input your exercise data.


17. Learn MeteorJS By Building 10 Real World Projects

The course includes the following topics:

  • Project 1 – My ToDo App – Create a functional To Do app that will teach you how to build the UI and also create and display posts.
  • Project 2 – Microposts – Create small mini posts and learn how to create and display these posts.
  • Project 3 – FAQ Component – Create a FAQ and also how to use the Accordion UI and the Houston Admin Panel.
  • Project 4 – SpatIt Product Reviews – Create an app where users can log in, pick a category, add a product and allow other users to add reviews and comments.
  • Project 5 – Custom Login System – Create a login system from scratch including designing the UI and a Dashboard and control panel.
  • Project 6 – Helptickets – Create a support ticket system, where customers can log in and create tickets while staff can reply to the tickets.
  • Project 7 – WebPlans – Learn how to build a simple subscription login website, where we can add plans and users can then subscribe to those plans.
  • Project 8 – Codefolio – Create a project showcase operation for a designer or photographer. A user will be allowed to log in upload the projects, which will then be displayed in the frontend.
  • Project 9 – PhotoStory – Learn a drag and drop application for adding photos for upload. Users will also be allowed to add a title and a short story with the image.
  • Project 10 – TechMeetups App – An application where users can search and post tech meetups


18.Learn Top Ten Frameworks In PHP By Building Projects

Our course will tackle ten of the most popular PHP frameworks that are available and will show you what you can do with simple coding and an amazing framework. Each framework will be used to create a brand new project.

The 10 frameworks that this course will undertake include:

  • Section 1 – CakePHP – Patient Manager
  • Section 2 – Yii2 – Job Board
  • Section 3 – Symfony – Event Calendar
  • Section 4 – Codeigniter – Sparkup CMS
  • Section 5 – Laravel – Photo Gallery
  • Section 6 – Zend – Knowledgebase
  • Section 7 – Slim – RESTful API
  • Section 8 – Nette – FreshIdeas Idea
  • Section 9 – PHPixie – Weblink Manager
  • Section 10 – FuelPHP – Album shelf


19. Learn Plugin Development in WordPress By Building Projects-

This simple course breaks down numerous concepts such as WordPress CMS (Blog System), PHP, OOP/Classes, JSON APIs (Fetch data from different APIs), Project Structuring (how to set up our files and structure them), Taxonomy, Widgets, Custom Post Types, SQL Query and XAMPP/Apache. It will go over all of these by helping you build 10 practical applications.
This course will cover the following projects:

  • Facebook Footer Link – Learn how to add a link to Facebook at the end of very post
  • Social Links Widget – Learn how to create social icons with links to specific profiles
  • Newsletter Subscribe Widget – Create a widget that allows users to subscribe to your blog
  • Todo List Plugin – custom post type plugin where you can incorporate text and save it
  • Github Repos Widget – Learn how to use the repo feature where you can enter a username and get reports for that user
  • Youtube Video Gallery – Custom post type plugin that will show Youtube videos
  • City Weather Report – Weather underground API to get full weather report for various cities
  • Instagram Photo List – learn how to use the Instagram API to create a gallery of your Instagram photos
  • Facebook Page Plugin (Likebox) – Incorporate the new Facebook like box on your blog
  • Movie Listings Plugin – Create a full plugin that includes timings for movies and also incorporate really cool features


20. The Complete PHP 7 Guide for Web Developers

The PHP 7 tutorial also includes breaking down features such as the new spaceship operator, Throwable Interface, Handling Fatal Errors, Generator Delegation, Anonymous Classes, Fetching Data & Error Handling and so much more. That’s not all. Some sections even include quizzes to help you test your understanding and a project that will allow you to become comfortable coding in PHP 7.
In this course, you will learn:

  • Introduction to PHP, its fundamentals and its environment
  • What is new in PHP 7 and how it differs from PHP 5
  • New features such as spaceship operators, error handling, new declarations, new classes, new functions, etc.
  • Fully design a GoodQuotes app project that will allow you to add, edit and remove data.


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