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Traxoft : An Image Voting Tool

Traxoft : An Image Voting Tool

Traxoft Lifetime Deal

Have you ever felt the need to get client feedback through voting?

Well, voting is a tremendously interactive tool that helps to gather feedback from customers.

It also provides customers with full insight into the type of feedback requested.

It is an easy and exuberant way for clients to give their valuable input.

Besides, this is also time-saving as it requires just a few clicks.

The best part of feedback through voting is that it provides exact feedback as required by the initiator.

Meet Traxoft Lifetime Deal

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Traxoft lets you hear customers’ voices and read their minds.

It provides customer feedback and enables you to form product designs, pricing, packaging, branding, and numerous such activities according to what your customers desire.

Dashboard Overview Image

Traxoft is one such tool that helps you build interactive voting feedback.

It will surely assist you to know your customers’ minds in a better manner.

Therefore, it helps you reduce waste and hit the bull’s eye as far as customer satisfaction and demand are concerned.

Create Campaign

Add Tittle And Description

Publish Your Images

Voting Results

Traxoft will ensure that all your future business endeavors are a success.

Create products and designs that consumers love

Make every customer’s voice heard! Capture feedback on product designs, colorways, flavors, pricing, and more to create product assortments based on your consumer preferences.

If you’re looking for inspiration on using our image gallery voting tool, check out the templates and examples.

Features & Benefits of Traxoft

product gallery voting tool are simple and effective. See what you can do with it to engage your customers and generate more sales.

Grow and Manage Email Lists:- Traxoft has integrated with Klaviyo which means that you can easily capture your emails and boost sales.

Redirection to Pages:- The tool lets you add buttons and links at the end of voting campaigns to make your customers land on pages of your choice such as discount offer pages, new launches, etc.

Multiple Feedback Option:- Traxoft lets your client give feedback for multiple products as well as a single product.

No Coding Skills Are Required:- Designing feedback templates on Traxoft is easy and lots of templates are available.

You do not require any sort of coding knowledge while designing templates.

Feedback Analytics:- Feedback can only be put to use if analytics for the same are available.

Traxoft provides you with complete analytics on the votes cast for your campaigns.

This helps you to further modify your campaigns and attain desired results.

Google Forms Integration:- Since Google Forms are the globally used mode of taking feedback and building questionnaires.

Therefore Traxoft has integrated with Google Forms to provide you with seamless usage of the same.

Validate your product ideas and stop overstocking products that won’t sell!

With Traxoft, you can remove the guesswork from your future product launches.


By letting your customers vote on their favorite product designs, flavors, packaging options, etc.

Plan Details

  • Unlimited voting campaigns
  • Unlimited participants
  • Embed and link-sharing options
  • Color customization
  • Klaviyo integration
  • CSV export

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to Traxoft PRO Plan
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Traxoft PRO Plan updates

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