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How this Tag Sticker is Beneficial:

    • Insert customize tags.
    • Design Flexibility.
    • Quick Turnaround.
    • High Quality.
    • Increases traffic.
    • Easy to understand.
    • And a lot more unseen features.

Tag Sticker is combination of tags styles. This will highlight your tags, so that users will attract and stay on your website.

With the help of this plugin you can easily change your whole website tag style. This plugin will help you by improving your website lookup field; it is a gathering of tag styles. This will helps you to highlight your tags,  with the goal that users will appeal to and stay on your website. It also gives you security, so that no one will copy your tags without your authorization. This plugin is valuable for all kinds of websites for the visibility purpose.

Tag Sticker gives a configurable widget showing a cloud of tags, categories or any other taxonomy.


  • Flat list distinct by spaces.
  • It provides UL tag with the different classes.
  • It provides Price tags.
  • It provides Rectangular tags with rounded corners.
  • It provides Horizontal bars.

You can configure:

  • The maximum number of taxonomy classification displayed.
  • Whether the entries in the cloud are requested by name or post count.
  • Whether the entries are arranged in an ascending, descending or random order.
  • The size of the small and big items in the cloud (in percentage).
  • The font( text style) color used.
  • The background color is used for horizontal bars.
  • The border is color used for horizontal bars.
  • Whether to colorize the showed terms randomly.
  • Whether the widget should be stored and for to what extent.



Key Features:

  • Expands the visibility and readability of the keywords.
  • Increment your site execution.
  • It has a basic interface, which is built on WP UI.
  • This plugin is light weighted.
  • No paid updates required.


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$99 reg price

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