SwipeNote : Save Any Content on Web, Organize & Collaborate in One-Click

SwipeNote : Save Any Content on Web, Organize & Collaborate in One-Click

SwipeNote Lifetime Deal

Save your favorite Web & Social content including Ads in a Single Click!

Organize & Collaborate your saved content with others all in one searchable place.

Meet SwipeNote Lifetime Deal

Swipenote helps individuals and businesses by connecting everything they need, on the internet in a single, searchable and connected place.

Create teams, share content, and assign tasks using a personalized Workspace (or subspace). Collaborate and track any assigned tasks with ‘labels’, ‘cards’, ‘filters’, ‘group chat’, and more.

With SwipeNote you can:-

  • Save any Social posts, videos, or ads in one single click.
  • Save in one searchable and connected place.
  • Manage & collaborate on any project from Start to Finish through Planning, Assigning, and Tracking with a highly flexible Project Management Tool. All in One Place!!

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What SwipeNote Provides?

1) Chrome Extension to Save

Save Facebook posts and ads, Instagram posts, Youtube videos, Twitter tweets, Amazon Product listings, Zillow, and much more. Capture full-page screenshots, regional screenshots, and Kindle highlights save URLs, and save any text content from the Internet in one searchable place.

2) Web App to Organize

Organize your saved content by creating cards within a folder/sub-folder and add tags, notes, and filters for easy access. Moreover, you can edit individual cards, annotate and share with a few simple clicks. Get inbox reminders on a daily basis.

3) Workspace for Teamwork

Assign, collaborate, track and manage any type of work with Workspace to meet team objectives. Work smarter as a team with real-time chat, mentions, and file sharing. Stay on track to hit your goals with targets for task completion by easy drag and drop.

Benefits of using SwipeNote: –

Organizing Data



Assign Task

Job Done

Product Features: –

Social Swipe

With a single click save Facebook posts and ads, Instagram posts, Youtube videos, Twitter tweets, Amazon Products, Zillow, and much more.

Full-page Screenshot

You can capture a full webpage and save it in different folders as cards. Add tags, notes, and descriptions on the go for future reference.

Regional Screenshot

You can capture a partial or regional webpage, add tags, notes, and description on the go and save it in different folders as cards.

Kindle Import

With a single click, import all your Kindle highlights and organize them by book titles. You can edit, sort, and share your imports with others. Get a daily reminder e-mail of the same.

Highlight Text

Highlight text from any web page or article and swipe it to your folder(s) for easy access later.


Keep all your favorite URLs organized in one place, accessible from any device. It is far more convenient than a browser favorite list.

Hot Keys

Create shortcut keys for a particular function available in the extension. (Advanced users)

Simplify Your Work And Bring Everyone Under One Roof: –


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Product Road-map:

  • To check out the upcoming features, click here

Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Redemption deadline: 60 days from purchase.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • All future plan updates.

All Plan Features:

  • FREE Powerful Extension includes:-
    1) Ability to grab Fullpage/Regional Screenshot
    2) Ability to Save any Text from any Website
    3) Ability to Save a URL/Bookmark
    4) Ability to Save a Social Post from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Amazon including ads
  • Unlimited Folder/Subfolder
  • Unlimited Card
  • Unlimited Workspace/Subspace
  • Unlimited Social Content Save
  • Unlimited Tags/Notes/Favorites
  • Unlimited Share, Invite & Collaboration
  • Kindle Highlights Import
  • Daily Reminder Email
  • Ability to add Images, Word doc, PDF, XLXS, PPT, and TXT Files
  • Image Markup
  • Set Reminders and Due Dates for your Cards
  • Personalized My Work Section
  • Dark Mode/Light Mode
  • Notifications, Mentions


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