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Express Your Vision By Digital Story Telling

You have a great idea for new business and now it’s time to secure some funding. The first thing potential investors are going to ask for is your business plan. A business plan serves as a directional roadmap for your company and outlines what you plan to accomplish and how you plan to do it.

Having a strong business plan allows you to maintain the organization as your company grows, letting you focus on the main goals instead of being distracted by hurdles that may get in your way.

Without a solid business plan, the company will grow aimlessly and developing metrics for success will be almost impossible. Create a business plan today to help secure investors and secure a prominent future for your company.

Quick Overview

  • Posable Characters and Scenes from Antiquity to the Space Age
  • Customizable Smart Scenes
  • Optional Title and Descriptions
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • No Software to Download
  • Create Your First Storyboard in Minutes

Latest Example of StoryBoard



Storyboard That empowers you to get the most out of your storyboards once created


Storyboard is a full cycle product development and design tool. It allows users to create visual user personas, customer journey maps, product roadmaps, and then wireframes and mockups for their final product.

The program has thousands of pre-made scenes, characters, textables, and templates that you can use to help yourself get started & to jump right in and start from scratch.

This deal will allow you to have access to a single user LIFETIME BUSINESS ACCOUNT.

You will have your own business dashboard where you can organize your visuals into folders and share with co-workers or friends. The account will also allow you to download your work as a high-resolution image, a PowerPoint, or even animate your storyboard by turning it into an animated GIF.

“90% of Startups Fail … 42% of those failed from building a product no one wanted.”


The storyboard allows people to think about the big picture, without getting bogged down by details that should be thought about later.

The very first, second, and third question should be:

  1. Would people use this product/service as envisioned?
  2. Can this product generate revenue (or achieve a nonprofit objective)?
  3. Do I actually understand what was recommended?

As humans, we love stories and find them more relatable than bullet points because we can imagine ourselves or others in those situations. Seeing a product idea in the context of a story conveys so much more about the ecosystem and the users than mere text alone can.

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Storyboard bag a digital Storyboard and visual creation tool designed to help you improve internal communication develop a new product and bring that product to market how often do you have miss communications at work in the product development process how common is it for your idea to be misunderstood by another department and vice versa.

Here take a scenario where we’ll use the fictional product SoLoMoFoo. SoLoMoFoo is a product designed to alert employees when there is free food available in common office area.

Nick is upset as he’s missed the free food in the kitchen. He searches for more food but there is none to be found.

A co-worker then alerts nick to the SoLoMoFoo app that he’ll be notified when cupcakes are ready, nick installs the app & notified of free food and is happier and more productive employee to make sure colleagues fully understand the product vision :)

Now it’s time to find out who your target buyers and create a few buyers personal review them with your team to decide which one you believe is the most valuable and realistic for your product your market.

Features of Storyboard


Extensive Image Library :

  • Posable Characters and Scenes from Antiquity to the Space Age
  • Customizable Smart Scenes
  • Millions of Creative Commons Photos or Upload Your Own

Flexible Layouts :

  • Optional Title and Descriptions
  • 11 Layout Choices: Classic, T-Chart, Grid, Frayer Model, Spider Map, 16×9 Movie Layout, Timeline, Handouts, and Posters
  • Up to 100 Cells per Storyboard

Intuitive and Simple :

  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • No Software to Download
  • Create Your First Storyboard in Minutes

With so many companies and projects failing due to creating products no one wants, or often referred to as “the cure for which there is no disease”, how can you, as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, product manager, UX guru, or anyone else on a team, increase your chances? The methodologies in this Illustrated Guide to Product Development are aimed toward new companies but are equally beneficial for existing companies developing new products or simply developing their business models.

Here at Storyboard That, we practice what we preach and believe you will be more successful if you have amazing team alignment and execution, and follow a cycle of

  1. Think Like a Customer
  2. Rapid Prototyping and Testing
  3. Learn From Your Customers

Want to know how Storyboard That can help your business?

We know in today’s workplace there is never enough time in the day. Great resources on how to create a storyboard are hard to find. We have created a library of storyboard resources for you and your team to use. You will find storyboard templates, information on storyboarding for the product development team, systems planning, negotiation preparation, business frameworks, and so much more.

Business Edition

Great For:

  • Journey Mapping and Design Thinking
  • Product Development / Agile Software Practices
  • Creating Personas
  • Processes, Systems, & Education
  • Negotiation Planning
  • The Need for Extra Security and Privacy for Your Company/Team

Best Option for Professional/Corporate Use (Especially with Teams)

Limited Time Offer Only

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What You Get in this LTD :

  • Lifetime Access, Business/Team Edition Plan Single User Account
  • Intuitive Drag & Drop Interface
  • Extensive Library With Thousands of Assets
  • Hundreds of Posable Characters and Scenes, from Antiquity to the Space Age
  • Characters Include Adults, Teens, Kids, Professions, Jobs, Sports, and Dozens More
  • Tons of Different Customizable Smart Scenes
  • Millions of Creative Commons Photos or Upload Your Own
  • One Click Live Slide Shows
  • Export to PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides
  • Download Adobe Illustrator files
  • Layout Choices: Classic, T-Chart, Grid, Frayer Model, Spider Map, 16×9 Movie Layout, & Timeline
  • Flexible Layouts
  • Optional Title and Descriptions
  • Up to 100 Cells Per Storyboard
  • Presentation Ready: Turn Any Storyboard Into a Presentation Easily to Receive Immediate Feedback!
  • Create a New Presentation Just as Easily After Edits
  • Safe, Secure, and Private
  • Numerous Privacy Settings on Viewing a Storyboard
  • By Default, All Storyboard Assets Are Stored With Encryption

Deal Terms

  • Redemption Deadline – Within 60 days of purchase
  • Length of access – Lifetime
  • Lifetime updates are included in this deal
  • Lifetime support

If you stack 5 codes you will get one additional account

and for 10 codes you will get two additional accounts and so on.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Share My Storyboards?

Absolutely! You are encouraged to share your storyboards digitally, physically, via email, social media, linking, and any other way you can think of! For information on how to do so, visit How to Share Storyboards.

How do People React at Work When You Use a Storyboard?

Most people are visual people and react very positively to a new and refreshing way to consume information. Storyboards provide that novel approach.

If I buy the 2 or more licenses LTD I get two accounts each for one user? Or one account with two users?

Both things are possible if you want separate account then you can or if you want to convert your account to multi-user then you can also do this :)





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