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Storelax : Create your online store

Storelax : Create your online store

Storelax Lifetime Deal

Selling your products on an online platform shouldn’t be as difficult as it seems. It’s fine as long as you are selling physical products.

When you want to sell digital assets from your e-commerce store, things can get complex, and it takes several weeks to learn the ropes, adds third-party plugins, and set up digital selling capability.

What if you could easily sell both physical and digital products all from the same store? And without any kind of gimmicks?

Meet Storelax Lifetime Deal

With Storelax, you can open your online store production-ready in literally 2 minutes. Simply:

  1. Specify the type of your product (physical/digital).
  2. Add your product.
  3. See them live in your store.

It’s that easy!

Storelax gives you the TRUE white-label front and backend, unlike other eCommerce tools that still show their branding to cut your hard-earned sales.

A user can simply DOWNLOAD the digital item once the purchase is successful, meaning there’s no manual sending of files to users.

One store that sells everything

Your brand is your identity. That’s why we created a store where you can sell t-shirts and software both from the same place and at the same time.

Dashboard of one of the Stores that stands out!

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Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Redemption deadline: 60 days from purchase.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Stacking available.

Original price was: $1,049.00.Current price is: $79.00.

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