Splitmat Lifetime Deal : A/B Testing & Link Tracking Tool

Quick Overview

Great for A/B tests, for tracking emails, and also to track clicks.

Alternative to: ABtesting.ai, Flagsmith, Astrel, Convert Experiences, and more!

Easy to use, requires no code change, and works with any existing website builder.

Best for: Anyone who wants a URL shortener that can split your traffic between multiple pages.

Splitmat Lifetime Deal

Splitmat is a URL shortener that can split your traffic between multiple pages.

It also appends a specific UTM_ID parameter to your URL and then syncs with Google Analytics to compare conversions, page load time, etc.

It’s really easy to use, requires no code change, and works with any existing website builder like WordPress, Wix, or custom-built websites.

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How Does it Work?

Ab/Tests are really easy to make, require no code change on your website, and work with any website builder, like WordPress.

Step 1.
Create a couple of landing pages with your favorite landing page builder, WordPress, Wix, etc. They all work.

Step 2.
Splitmat will generate a short link (e.g. splitmat.me/ABC). Use this short link on social media, emails, and on any other marketing campaign.

Step 3.
Whenever someone clicks on this link, we will redirect it to one of your landing pages. We will split your traffic evenly.

Step 4.
We then sync with Google Analytics and generate an easy-to-read report.
Now you can easily track conversions and page performance.

One Platform, A Ton of Use Cases

Splitmat is great for AB/Tests but it can be used in several different situations.


The Easiest Way To Increase Your Conversions:

  • Automatic Conversion Reports
    Don’t waste time. Let Splitmat sync with your Google Analytics account and generate accurate reports for you with one click.
  • Custom Domain Name
    Connect your domain to Splitmat and run AB/Tests on your domain. SSL included!
  • Advance features
    Change report visibility, delete links, and more
  • Unlimited Analytics
    Access unrestricted analytics. No matter the number of clicks.


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Plan Details

  • One Custom Domain
  • Unlimited A/B tests
  • All future features in the Pro plan


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Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime Deal
  • Redemption deadline: 60 days from purchase
  • 6o Days Money Back Guarantee


What you get in this deal

  • One Custom Domain
  • Unlimited A/B tests
  • All future features in the Pro plan
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Hurry! Only 184 Licence are left

Splitmat Pro LTD

Tier One

$19 LTD


60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions:- How to redeem codes?
Questions:- Does Splitmat provide support?

–Splitmat Live chat option via crisp or Drop your queries via emails at [email protected]

Questions:-How do I track conversions?

-Each link has a unique UTM_ID code appended to the url. You can use any analytics platform (Like Google Analytics) to track conversions by filtering by the UTM_ID.

Questions:- Do you integrate with analytics platform?

-For PRO accounts we can sync with Google Analytics and generate a report for your links automatically.

Questions:- How do I connect a custom domain?

-Simply add it in your account settings page and point a CNAME record to splitmat.me

Questions:- What is a lifetime deal?

-As per our agreement with the vendor, once you redeem your code then you’ll get lifetime access to the tool. (Lifetime means – Lifetime of the product).


We do our level best to provide you the latest deals at an affordable price but as a third party, we can’t control what happens on the vendor’s side.


In a few cases, our partners get acquired or stop their services and in such unfortunate situations where the product does not last long, there is not much DealMirror can do about it.


So, it’s suggested to check the tool thoroughly once you redeem your code and if you are fully satisfied with the tool then keep it otherwise you have 60 days for refund.

Questions:- Can I get an invoice for my subscription under my company name?

-Yes, you can. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will take care of this.

3 reviews for Splitmat Lifetime Deal : A/B Testing & Link Tracking Tool

  1. Ankit Jaitly

    How does it compare to ABTesting from PG? More lights on the company and the product roadmap, please.

    • Admin

      Different tools. This is more of a URL shortener that syncs with Google Analytics. The tool supports directly GA Version 4, which means that we can expand on top of their API quickly as for the roadmap, we recently added a feature that automatically discovers all your events and tracks those.

  2. Francis Arios

    Is this server-side?

    • Admin

      Yes, but we might add a client redirect option to load pixels.

  3. Markus Gieringer

    Can I set a threshold at which all traffic will forward to the winner link? And, what happens with the traffic when your service isn´t available?

    • Admin

      If our service isn’t available the redirect won’t work, same as if bit.ly is not available or any other site. This said we use lambda functions hosted on AWS so it shouldn’t be an issue.

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