ShortPixel Image Optimizer : Online Image Compressor and WebP/AVIF Converter

Quick Overview

Reduce image size without compromising quality.

Alternative to TinyPNG, imagify, reSmush, & EWWW.

Higher ranking on search engine results page.

Best for Social Media Managers, Site owners, and web agencies.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Are you tired of slow-loading web pages and poor search engine rankings? Do you want to enhance your website’s performance and improve user experience?

Gone are the days when we patiently waited for webpages and images to load bit by bit.

Nowadays, if it takes more than a second, we swiftly move on to another URL. Optimized images are vital for better SEO rankings and visitor retention, and ShortPixel is the ultimate solution for image optimization.

Say goodbye to slow-loading times and hello to improved performance with ShortPixel Image Optimizer.

ShortPixel is an image optimization service that uses advanced compression technology to reduce the image size without affecting the before/after quality, so your pages will load faster.

Experience the power of ShortPixel, a robust compressor, and optimizer designed to reduce image file sizes significantly. Enhance your website’s performance and elevate your SEO ranking with ease.

The optimization is performed in the cloud using SmartCompress™ technology.

Increase your website’s SEO ranking, number of visitors, and sales by optimizing any image or PDF document. Add next-gen image formats to your website with just a click and save up to 90% of your website’s bandwidth.

260KB → 65KB (75% image compression)

ShortPixel optimizes images and creates WebP/AVIF versions with an easy-to-use, comprehensive, lightweight, stable, and frequently updated freemium image compression plugin. New images are automatically resized/rescaled and optimized on the fly in the background. It’s also compatible with any gallery, slider, or eCommerce plugin.

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Why should you buy it?

  1. Monetize your high-traffic website or blog by optimizing images with ShortPixel, attracting more visitors and increasing potential ad revenue and sponsored content opportunities.
  2. Incorporate ShortPixel into your web design or development services, providing added value and charging a premium for comprehensive optimization.
  3. Increase traffic to your website due to faster loading.
  4. Training and Consulting: – Become an expert in image optimization with ShortPixel and offer training sessions or consulting services to individuals or businesses looking to optimize their websites. Share your knowledge and guide them on effective best practices for using ShortPixel, charging for your expertise.

In today’s visual-centric world, we understand the power of captivating images over plain text. With ShortPixel, you can harness the potential of high-quality visuals by leveraging its cutting-edge compression technology, which can shrink image sizes by up to 90%!

No matter the format – JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, or WebP – ShortPixel ensures that your images shine in their finest form, optimizing them to perfection. Say goodbye to bulky image files and hello to a visually stunning online presence.

Experience the versatility of ShortPixel’s compression options:

Experience the versatility of ShortPixel’s compression options: Lossy, Glossy, and Lossless. While ShortPixel significantly reduces file sizes, you might wonder about potential image quality loss.

Rest assured, ShortPixel ensures your images remain unaffected in terms of quality. Don’t just take our word for it; witness the remarkable difference between these two images.

Prepare for an exciting journey with ShortPixel’s dynamic duo of powerful WordPress plugins to revolutionize your image optimization process.

Introducing the first plugin, the ShortPixel Image Optimizer, seamlessly integrates into your WordPress Dashboard, automating the image optimization process effortlessly.

What’s more, you can configure this plugin to compress existing images, ensuring your website’s entire history receives the optimization it deserves. Say goodbye to manual image compression and embrace the convenience of ShortPixel’s WordPress plugins.

ShortPixel Adaptive Images Plugin:

Step into the spotlight with the ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin, an essential tool that optimizes and resizes images while utilizing intelligent cropping techniques. It automatically detects the focal point of an image and crops it to emphasize the subject, ensuring visual impact.

When traditional optimization falls short due to large images in smaller placeholders, the Adaptive Images plugin delivers a seamless solution. Its SEO prowess enhances website speed, propelling you toward the rankings you truly deserve.

The plugin dynamically processes images based on each user’s viewport, serving them swiftly from ShortPixel’s CDN for optimal speed. Additionally, it caters to modern browsers by serving “next-gen” images like WebP and offers a “lazy-load” feature for enhanced performance.

SubAccount Feature:

At first glance, ShortPixel seems like a simple tool.

But once you dive in, you realize ShortPixel has many features, from WordPress plugins to batch optimization and quick backups to powerful algorithms.

And if you’re an agency, you’ll love ShortPixel because of its subaccount feature!


Use Cases:

  • Website Optimization.
  • Improve SEO and Search Rankings.
  • User Experience Improvement
  • Blogging and Content Publishing
  • E-commerce Stores

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Plan Details:

  • Image optimization credits can be used to optimize images up to 100MB.
  • Credits can be used to optimize JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PDF files and to create WebP/AVIF files from PNG/JPEG/GIF images.
  • Credits never expire, and they can be used until they are all exhausted.
  • Each image that is optimized or created will use one image optimization credit.
  • Each credit = 5MB of CDN traffic. That means 100K credits = 500GB of CDN traffic, and 150K credits = 750GB of CDN traffic.
  • ShortPixel Adaptive Images (SPAI) uses CDN traffic, not 1 image = 1 credit
  • The credits can also be used for Archive Optimizer and Google Drive.

The credits can also be used with: –

Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Credits never expire, and they can be used until they are all exhausted.
  • Redemption Deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.
  • “Stack up to 5 codes”
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (For Non-Prime Members/Regular users).
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee (For DealMirror Prime Members Only).


What you get in this deal

  • 100K Image Optimization Credits
  • Optimize images up to 100MB
  • Create WebP/AVIF files
  • Use on multiple websites

Hurry! Only 76 Licence are left.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer


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ShortPixel Image Optimizer


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ShortPixel Image Optimizer


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ShortPixel Image Optimizer


$145 LTD


Alex Florescu

Alex Florescu


Hey, DealMirror community!

I’m Alex Florescu, Head of Product and ShortPixel co-founder.

ShortPixel is the favorite image optimization tool among WordPress developers and web-speed experts.

We started in 2014 and we’ve been successfully focusing on speeding websites ever since!

Until now, over 600K customers used our services, and we optimized over 15 Billion images on more than 1 Million websites. So, in case you’re wondering, we’re here to stay :-)

Our tools bring value to anyone running a website.

Images are the heaviest component of a website (usually occupying around 70% of the space) and ShortPixel can, on average, optimize the images by 50%.

Having smaller images means that a website will load faster. A speedier website leads to more conversions and more $$$.

Ah, not to mention that Google also loves faster-loading websites, and they tend to be better ranked ;-)

I’ll be waiting out here, just in case you need anything, drop us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions:- How to redeem a Code?
Questions:- Does ShortPixel Deal provide support?

–Yes, ShortPixel Deal Offers Customer support at

Questions:- Can I get an invoice for my subscription under my company name?

-Yes, you can. Just send us an email at and we will take care of this.

7 reviews for ShortPixel Image Optimizer : Online Image Compressor and WebP/AVIF Converter

  1. Shahed Parvej

    I have been using shortpixel image compressor for a very long time. Their compressor and adaptive image, image replace plugin is the savior for me.

  2. Nicola YaYa

    Can I integrate with wordpress?

    • admin

      Yes, WP plugin is available.

  3. Benjamin Kwa

    Is this recurring credits?

    • admin

      No it is onetime, but you can use these credits for lifetime. These credits will not expire.

  4. Amit

    The tool is perfect as it is fast and integrates seamlessly with WordPress, resulting in significantly reduced image size while maintaining a minimal compression ratio.

  5. Mohd Fayzal

    I highly recommend Shortpixel to anyone looking to optimize their website’s loading speed by reducing image sizes. It significantly improved my website’s performance and has been instrumental in enhancing the overall user experience.

  6. Shifali M.

    My website now loads much faster, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.

  7. David

    For all WordPress web designers, Shortpixel is an absolute must-have tool that should be in their toolkit.

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