SenseApp Lifetime Deal : Get Your Work Automatically Organized

Quick Overview

Unified place to search across all apps, chats and people within your team.

Automatically finds related content and conversations for every document, file, link, task, person, etc.

Everything is automatically connected, organised and synced.

Best For Sales, Teams, Support, Onboarding, Data Sharing, Projects And Task Management etc.

SenseApp Lifetime Deal

What you need is just to spend a few minutes connecting the apps your team uses — and that’s it! Sense magic starts right away ??

Meet SenseApp Lifetime Deal

SenseApp is an automatic Artificial Memory for your work, which is going to be the only source of truth you and your team need for work.

And it’s fully automatic!

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To automatically look through all tasks, presentations, documents, links, meetings, public discussions, and people, etc., and collect them all together into Self-organised Spaces.


How SenseApp Works



SenseApp Overview Features


Get a single source of truth for your work routine

Sense Spaces is the only source of truth you need for your projects. Everything is automatically connected, organised and synced.

Get all your projects, channels and folders at one place.


Know More About Your Content

Sense automatically finds related content and conversations for every document, file, link, task, person, etc. So a document is never just one thing anymore.


Search Across All Apps

Don’t try to remember, where you have seen a file or link last time. Sense is a unified place to search across all apps, chats and people within your team.


Get What Is Important For You

With Sense you get a your personal hub with the things, which are the most essential to pay you attention to: mentions, emails, meetings, decisions, valuable knowledge and other deliverables.


SenseApp Key Features

  • Everything gets automatically organised: emails, meetings, tasks, documents, links, presentations, discussions, designs, commits, people, etc.
  • Single automatically filled the place with all resources for your projects, teams, people and any other topic.
  • Automatic categorisation and structuring for your projects.
  • Rich filters to quickly gather necessary information (by apps, by categories, by people, etc).
  • Search across all apps, channels and people.
  • Full list of related resources, versions and activities for any assets you work with.
  • Detecting resources, topics and activities important for you.
  • Recent activities across your team.
  • Recent activities for every project.
  • Smart sorting by importance for you.
  • Automatic detection of key resources for your projects.
  • Automatic detection of trending topics.
  • Chrome Extension to quickly get insights for anything you are currently on and to search across all apps.

You will never work with a single document or link anymore, Sense will provide you with a full background of related resources, previous versions, and discussions.

We are sure your team is busy producing amazing stuff, and we are sure you shouldn’t spend any second maintaining, searching and gathering knowledge.

Sense is the best in the world for this job!

SenseApp Pro Plan

  • Lifetime access for 10 seats
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited spaces
  • Unlimited knowledge base size
  • Priority support


Deal Terms

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What you get in this deal

  • Lifetime access for 10 seats
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited spaces

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$99 LTD




$199 LTD


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions:- How to redeem codes?
Questions:- Does SenseApp provide support?

-SenseApp offer support chat right in the app:-

Help center:

Any questions:

Questions:- What data do you store?

-We don't store any content from your apps. No messages, no documents, no files, no email, etc.


The only thing we store is the graph of connections between your assets.


All content is delivered to you from APIs of the services you connected.

Questions:- Can anybody see anything?

-No. Teammates are only able to see those resources they have access in the apps these resources come from.


Everybody can connect their private Slack or Teams channels, but the conversations from there are going to be accessible only for their participants.

Questions:- Can people get access to restricted resources?

-Definitely not. Sense doesn't create any extra access levels for the connected apps. If a user can't access an asset in an app, they will never be able to access this via Sense..

Questions:- How do resources get related?

-We use our special algorithms to find relationships for every asset across all the apps your team uses.


For example two assets are going to be connected if one of them contains a link to another one.


If a conversation contains a mention of the given document and other links, both of them: the link and the document are going to be connected as well as the conversation.


There are many more ways of how we can securely assume some assets being connected, including Graph and Machine Learning algorithms.

Questions:- Can I use Sense individually?

-Yes, you can. However Sense is the best to use for the case when you have tons of undiscovered and constantly growing mess, which is more relevant when you have multiple users in your Sense workspace.


Just look around you, you'll see enhanced screenshots everywhere around you.

Questions:- Can I get an invoice for my subscription under my company name?

-Yes, you can. Just send us an email at and we will take care of this.

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  1. Jitesh Sehgal

    Easy to manage my work and teams.

  2. anastasia

    The Sense is the best place to start your work day with > your assets are all automatically organised, and so am I!

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