Rig Elements Lifetime Deal : Best Elementor Addons

Quick Overview

35+ Advance Elementor Addons to Build a Dynamic Website in just one click.

Get access to our huge library of designs, which are updated every week.

Built in Header, Footer, Single Post, Page, Archive, & WooCommerce Builder.

Best for Individuals, Solopreneurs, Small/Big Agency Owners, & Freelancers.

Rig Elements Lifetime Deal

The biggest task on your to-do list is probably building a website. The plugins and themes that exist are too many to choose from and you don’t know which one is best.

You must be looking for the best elementor addons, But to satisfy you the built-in add-ons may not be enough because you may need something different, unique, or advanced.

Rig Elements will help you save your time, and energy and keep your mental health at its peak.

Meet: Rig Elements Lifetime Deal

Rig Elements will be your best friend as soon as you are starting using it. It will help you to expand your capability and range of doing more and with ease when you are building, creating, or customizing your website using WordPress page builders such as elementor and divi.

Rig Elements is very easy to use and customize. This plugin is very comfortable for newbies and professionals.

Check the product webinar where we discussed with Mr. Abir from the Rig Elements team.


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The Best Solution For Your Web Building Emperor. Save Time, Save Money, Save Energy, and Keep Your Dashboard Clean With This Masterpiece WordPress Plugin.


Packed with Powerful Features & Widgets


Rig Elements - Features


  • Built-in Header & Footer Builder: It will help you in building your custom header and footer in no time. Customize easily and apply to your site for a classy personalized look.
  • Single Post, Page & Archive Builder: Sounds very basic, but with Rig Elements’ smooth post, page, and archive builder; we make sure you have a great time building and upgrading your project.
  • WooCommerce Builder: WooCommerce was, is, and will be your best friend as long as you are living the wizard of WordPress and making cool eCommerce projects. Rig Element’s smart woocommerce builder will bring charm to your age-old ancient WooCommerce page.
  • Post & Product Search Result Builder: Edit your post and product search result page with our builder to get your desired look and performance.
  • Custom Header & Footer Script Injector: Finding a bug-free smart and workable script injector is a blessing. Adding codes like the Facebook pixel is not a problem anymore.


35+ Advance Addons For Elementor

Great collection of custom-made Addons to help you to build your dynamic website with a simple click. No need to buy any more third-party plugins.

Advanced Elements:-

Dynamic Elements:-


Access to Block & Template Library (500+ Resources)

You get 500+ resources of blocks and templates with rig elements Agency Plan and this library is an additional gift for your web building monarch. You can use them with elementor and divi page builders.



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Product Road-map:

  • For upcoming updates, click here


  • 05 Website
  • 35+ Advance Addons
  • Single Post & Page Template Builder
  • Post Archive Builder
  • Woo Shop Page Builder
  • Woo Single Product Page Builder
  • Woo Product Category Builder
  • Search Result Builder
  • Header & Footer Script Injector

Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Redemption Deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.


What you get in this deal

  • 35+ Advance Addons
  • Post Archive Builder
  • Woo Shop Page Builder
  • Search Result Builder
  • Header & Footer Script Injector

Hurry! Only 97 Licence are left

Rig Elements Lifetime


$49 LTD


60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Rig Elements Lifetime


$99 LTD


60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Rig Elements Lifetime


$199 LTD


60 Days Money Back Guarantee

7 reviews for Rig Elements Lifetime Deal : Best Elementor Addons

  1. Joe Thompson

    Rig elements are great for saving time and energy. If you want to build your own websites, use them.

  2. Richard Carrington

    It has a good selection & collection of addons for website building. Now I don’t need to buy any other plugin. Rig Elements are awesome!

  3. Anna Andersson

    If you want a classy look on your website, use the Rig Elements plugin for WordPress.

  4. Towhid Ul Karim

    Looks very good, instead of using Multiple add-ons for building header/footer, Product Categories, using only one addon for all of those is a great thing. Less plugins less bloated.

  5. Ankit Sharma

    What about speed? Will it affect page or website speed?

    • Admin

      Nope. It won’t affect page speed as the frontend has used the latest technology including React & Tailwind.

  6. Rajen Sikder Raj

    Does it have animations?

    • Admin

      Yes, you can add Lottie animation. And more advanced animation coming soon.

  7. Faz Moosa

    How quickly did you update after elementor released 3.6 and crashed a bunch of sites?

    • Admin

      First of all, We’ve updated within a day. Cause, we are trying to make Rig Elements compatible with the latest version as soon as possible. Second, Elementor already announced the development API before they release 3.6. That helps us to make and compatible the update faster.

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