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Affiliate Corner : Boost Your Affiliate Income With Data-Driven Insights

Affiliate Corner : Boost Your Affiliate Income With Data-Driven Insights
Affiliate Corner

One-time payment

What you get in this deal

  • Access 3000+ affiliate programs
  • Access insights of 115+ niches
  • Access to Niche finder
  • Access to Facebook Community



47% Saving

30 Day Money-back Guarantee


Affiliate Corner Lifetime Deal

Unsure about which affiliate program and niche to choose?

Starting affiliate marketing in the wrong niche with the wrong affiliate program can be disastrous. But not anymore!

Introducing the Affiliate Corner Lifetime Deal: Your Done-For-You Research Solution. Eliminate all confusion with data-driven insights for every niche and affiliate program.

With Affiliate Corner, you can discover the best affiliate programs using 20+ filters. You’ll also receive niche insights, including SEO keywords, target promotion strategies, target audience details, and much more.

It enables users to swiftly find, evaluate, and select the best affiliate programs and niches tailored to their profession and earning goals. And, as a leading niche finder tool, it boasts an extensive database of over 3,600 affiliate programs and 150 niches, enhanced with powerful data-driven insights.

Note: The Affiliate Corner team will add new data almost every 3–4 days.

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Easily filter 20+ data points with important filters such as:

  • Approximate earning potential per sale/month
  • Average order value (AOV)
  • Commission percentage
  • Suitable for (filter as per your profession)
  • Commission per lead (CPL)
  • Commission per action (CPA)
  • Cookie life
  • & more such data points.

Additional Features:

  • SEO
  • Audience Insights
  • Promotion strategies
  • Competitor analysis.

Research Tool by Affiliate Corner:

  • Google trend and commission insights to help you judge the overall trend and commissions within the niche.
  • Industry trends. (what’s new within the industry?)
  • SEO & Audience Insights. (find a list of low-competition keywords of the specific niches and some audience insights to help you save time and money.)


Product Features:

1) Choose the Right Affiliate Program:

  • 3600+ Affiliate Programs, 150+ Niches, and 20+ Data Points
  • Insights on unique aspects of each affiliate program
  • Easy filtering by professions, earning potential, average order value, etc.

2) Get Trend, Industry, & Commission Insights:

  • Overall trend insights for each niche, powered by Glimpse
  • Monthly earning potential per sale for every niche
  • Industry & market insights for your niche

3) Unlock SEO & Audience Insights:

  • Insights on blog posts and keywords targeted by other affiliates
  • Detailed keyword research for replicating SEO strategies
  • Analysis of target audience interests and visited sites

4) Get Promotion Strategies for Your Affiliate Niche:

  • 15+ creative promotion ideas for every niche
  • Diversify your affiliate marketing strategy
  • Create content tailored to your target audience

5) Spy Affiliates Within Your Affiliate Niche:

  • Discover successful affiliate strategies
  • Uncover monetization strategies of successful websites
  • Download the top keywords they rank for


Save big with Affiliate Corner


Get access to 2 premium add-ons worth $88

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Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Redemption deadline: 60 days from purchase
  • 1 code will give you access to every feature of Affiliate Corner
  • This deal is not stackable. Affiliate Corner provides access to all features with one code only.
  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee (For Non-Prime Members and Regular users)
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee (For DealMirror Prime Members Only)

Affiliate Corner

One-time payment

What you get in this deal

  • Access 3000+ affiliate programs
  • Access insights of 115+ niches
  • Access to Niche finder
  • Access to Facebook Community


47% Saving


30 Day Money-back Guarantee


License Tier 1

One Time Payment


  • Access thousands of affiliate programs and hundreds of niches
  • Search the best affiliate programs across 20+ filters
  • Unlock creative promotion ideas for every affiliate niche
  • Download niche specific low-competition keywords for SEO traffic
  • Spy affiliates within the niche and replicate their affiliate strategies
  • Save affiliate programs you like for later
  • Lifetime access to Niche Finder (ever-growing)
  • Access our Facebook community to discuss niche sites and affiliate marketing


    Affiliate Corner offers customer support via email at [email protected]

    Yes, Affiliate Corner is accessible on all devices, provided the devices have a good internet connection.

    -Yes, you can. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will take care of this.


    9 reviews for Affiliate Corner : Boost Your Affiliate Income With Data-Driven Insights

    1. Avatar

      Dan Remon

      How often is it updated?

      • Avatar


        The data for programs is almost updated weekly. New programs and niches are added frequently. Data insights are updated on a 5-6 months interval to stay relevant 🙂

    2. Avatar

      Steve Bessler

      Looks like a valuable tool. Can you give us a little company background?

      • Avatar


        Sure Steve,
        We are a registered company here in India.
        At pre-sales, we did a record $6000 in just a couple of days hence validating our idea.
        I am the founder of the product. Been in the SEO and marketing industry for the past 4-5 years now. Currently, I also run a niche site that I monetize with display ads.
        You can check my Twitter where I share valuable tips and insights (@tejas3732)
        With this marketplace deal, we think of it as initial capital funding, which we will be using to add more features, employees, and of course for marketing as well.
        Hope that answers 🙂

    3. Avatar

      Noman Rasheed

      Spy affiliates is included in this deal?

      • Avatar


        Yes, it is included. We are adding more affiliate sites over time to help you get insights into successful affiliate sites.

    4. Avatar

      Elma Pena

      This deal looks really good for affiliates!

    5. Avatar

      Nilayan Ghosh

      Comparison between shoppers dot com and affiliate corner?

      • Avatar


        They both are quite different and actually can be used in tandem.
        The shopper will help you with affiliate links because they have tie-ups. (specific brands)
        Whereas AC (Affiliate Corner) is more of a research-driven, analytical solution to help you find SEO keywords, promotion strategies, and target audiences for your affiliate niche. This will eventually help you when you write posts or promote offers.
        Hope you got the point.

    6. Avatar

      Ranvir Mehta

      Looks like a must-have for affiliate marketers. Can you explain how Sky Aff works?

      • Avatar


        Sure. With spy affiliates, you can see how successful affiliate sites within their niche use smart strategies to grow their site. It is done manually by me, so there is no automation anywhere. I check every site and share all the insights of that site so that you can get the insights of those affiliate sites. here’s an example (Check pic below). We will be adding more such sites.

    7. Avatar

      Pradeep Indika Kariyawasam

      Interesting. Is there any option to subscribe to get alerts/notifications/emails on a few selected niches once you add new programs under the particular niche?

      • Avatar


        We will always notify the pro users as and when we add more niches, programs, or any updates for that matter. So don’t worry about it. We keep our customers updated frequently 🙂

    8. Avatar

      Anucha Bee Adsin

      I have shoppers, how can I use this?

      • Avatar


        You can use Affiliate Corner in tandem with Shopper.
        Affiliate Corner is a much more research-based solution, so you will get insights into SEO keywords to target, promotion strategies for affiliate niche, target audience, etc to help you make more smart decisions.

    9. Avatar


      Is this for software only, it includes products?

      • Avatar


        It includes a mix of many niches. Softwares, general niches like Meditation, Yoga, etc like that.
        overall 93+ niches & growing fast.

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