PicWish : The Easiest Online Background Remover Ever

PicWish : The Easiest Online Background Remover Ever


Do you want to make your photo more stunning, but you don’t know how? No worries!

DealMirror Presents PicWish: A free website that gives you the power to create unique and amazing photos.

PicWish is a multi-functional image creative platform, that provides rich image processing tools including background matting and changing, compressing images, adding watermarks to images, beautifying images, etc.

It also provides various types of creative templates, covering holidays, posters, banners, social images, new media graphics, and other materials.

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Get a transparent background for any image

Trained on millions and millions of real-world images, our clever AI can automatically handle almost all complex backgrounds in 3 seconds.

More than just a background remover

Pick a solid color, or pre-designed template, or go with a customized background. Unleash your creativity with PicWish!

What PicWish Background Remover can do for you:

  1. For Marketing: Social media posts & Brand banner
  2. For Graphics: Logo cutout & Signature cutout
  3. For Individuals: Digital scrapbook & Family Photography
  4. For eCommerce: Product photo & Business presentation
  5. ID Photo Maker: Passport photo & Driver’s license
  6. For Car Dealer: Car poster & Facebook post

Remove Objects from Photos

Easily remove unwanted objects precisely for free in just a few seconds

How to remove unwanted objects in PicWish


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