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PDFBEAR Pro Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

Unlimited tasks – no limitation for tasks per day.

Maximum files per task – upload up to 20 files per task.

Unlimited storage – unlimited storage for all supported file formats.

Unlimited amount of OCR tasks – accurately convert your scanned PDF/ images into an editable version.

Do you need a tool to manage your Documents??

Convert, split, merge, compress any PDF files to and from.

PDFs are a popular design for sharing documents, yet they’re not actually simple to work with. Regardless of whether you have to alter some content, replace a picture, or annotate a couple of lines, PDFBEAR Pro gives you the functionality it needs to become a PDF editing powerhouse.

Check out PDFBEAR Pro Lifetime Deal

PDFBEAR Pro is one of the best online PDF SaaS which offers up to 20 PDF functions, varied from PDF Converter, Compress, Split, Merge, Repair, Rotate, Delete, Protect, Unlock PDF to Share Document.

PDFBEAR Pro Lifetime Deal creates an advanced reading experience with bookmark and search functions, as well as a night mode that’s easier on your eyes. You can Insert, add, and replace images and texts in your PDFs and even use markup tools to highlight, strikeout, underline, and more right on the PDF.

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PDFBear eSign Feature

PDFBEAR Pro Lifetime Deal offers more advanced features allowing our PRO members to have an unlimited amount of OCR tasks, as well as the maximum compression of PDF files. We strike for improvements and that is the reason why we keep spending lots of effort and resources on research and development – Simply said, we are Making PDF great again!

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OCR Technology

PDFBEAR Pro Lifetime Deal

Strong CompressionPDFBEAR Pro Lifetime Deal

PDFBEAR Pro Lifetime Deal provides a strong compression function, bringing PDF compression to a whole new level. With PDFBEAR Pro strong compress function, users will no longer face the problem of a huge PDF file size.


How PDFBEAR Pro Works

What functions you can do with PDFBEAR Pro Lifetime Deal?

1. Convert to PDF

  • PDF Converter – Convert any kind of files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Etc.) to PDF and from PDF.
  • Word to PDF – Support both DOC & DOCX files convert to PDF.
  • Excel to PDF – Make an Excel spreadsheet become easy-to-read after convert to PDF.
  • PPT to PDF – Convert slideshows to PDF no matter it is PPT or PPTX.
  • JPG to PDF – Convert JPG image to PDF by just a few clicks.
  • HTML to PDF – Copy and paste the URL of the page simply and we will convert it to PDF.

2. Convert from PDF

  • PDF to Word – Convert to editable and high-quality DOCX documents.
  • PDF to Excel – Convert it back to an Excel spreadsheet in a blink of eyes.
  • PDF to PPT – Turn it into PPTX slideshows for you to edit it easily.
  • PDF to JPG – Convert all PDF pages into images.
  • PDF to PNG – Convert each PDF page into PNG or extract all images contained in a PDF.
  • PDF to PDF/A – Wanted to reproduce your PDF exactly the same way? Convert it to PDF/A with us.

3. Organize PDF

  • Merge PDF – Merge two or more PDF files, combining them into one PDF document.
  • Split PDF – Split documents to separate documents, by page ranges or multiple files.
  • Delete Pages – Delete pages you wish to delete from your documents by pages or ranges.

4. Optimize PDF

  • Compress PDF – Compress PDF to smaller file sizes while maintaining your file quality.
  • Repair PDF – Analyse and detect the damaged or corrupted file, recover document data.

5. View PDF

  • Share Document – Share your documents by email or link.
  • Rotate PDF – Rotate your PDFs the way you need them. Rotate multiple PDFs are possible.
  • PDF Reader – Preview your PDF online, no extra software needs to be downloaded.
  • Number Pages – Insert page numbers in your PDF with your desired position.
  • Add Watermark – Stamp an image or text over your documents and make it professional.
  • eSign PDF – Create your own signature, sign your PDF, and request others easily.

6. PDF Security

  • Protect PDF – Allow users to add a password or passcode for your file, and give the authorization to edit, copy, modify, or print their documents.
  • Unlock PDF – Remove the PDF encrypted password that restricts access to the file.

7. OCR Tool

  • Convert scanned PDF files or images into editable office format (Word, Excel, and PPT) and users can easily work on their files after conversion.
  • Help to extract an image from PDF files for further usage.

8. Share & Links

  • Converted files can be shared with others by email, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Users could also share the files by sharing the download link with others.

PDFBEAR Pro Lifetime Deal

Why PDFBEAR Pro is your best option?

  • Unlimited tasks – no limitation for tasks per day.
  • Maximum files per task – upload up to 20 files per task.
  • Highest file size per task– upload file size up to 2GB per task.
  • Unlimited amount of OCR tasks – accurately convert your scanned PDF/ images into an editable version.
  • Unlimited storage – unlimited storage for all supported file formats.
  • Maximum compression of files– strongest compression to the smallest file size with high quality.
  • No advertisements – no ads are displayed when you are processing the tasks.


  • Convert to PDF
  • Convert from PDF
  • Organize PDF
  • Optimize PDF
  • View PDF
  • PDF Security
  • OCR text recognition

What You Will Get In PDFBEAR PRO Plan:

  1. All the tools included
    • PDF Converter
    • Word to PDF
    • Excel to PDF
    • PPT to PDF
    • JPG to PDF
    • HTML to PDF
    • PDF to Word
    • PDF to Excel
    • PDF to PPT
    • PDF to JPG
    • PDF to PNG
    • PDF to PDF/A
    • Merge PDF
    • Split PDF
    • Delete Pages
    • Compress PDF
    • Repair PDF
    • Rotate PDF
    • Share Document
    • Protect PDF
    • Unlock PDF
  2. Unlimited task conversion
  3. Website security
  4. Unlimited storage space for the file
  5. Most number of files per task
    • PDF Converter – 20
    • Word to PDF – 20
    • Excel to PDF – 20
    • PPT to PDF – 20
    • JPG to PDF – 20
    • HTML to PDF – 1
    • PDF to Word – 20
    • PDF to Excel – 20
    • PDF to PPT – 20
    • PDF to JPG – 20
    • Merge PDF – 20
    • Split PDF – 20
    • Delete Pages – 20
    •  Compress PDF – 20
    • Repair PDF – 20
    • Rotate PDF – 20
    • Share Document – 1
    • Protect PDF – 1
    • Unlock PDF – 1
  6. Largest file size per task
    • PDF Converter – 2GB
    • Word to PDF – 2GB
    • Excel to PDF – 2GB
    • PPT to PDF – 2GB
    • JPG to PDF – 2GB
    • HTML to PDF – 2GB
    • PDF to Word – 2GB
    • PDF to Excel – 2GB
    • PDF to PPT – 2GB
    • PDF to JPG – 2GB
    • Merge PDF – 2GB
    • Split PDF – 2GB
    • Delete Pages – 2GB
    • Compress PDF – 2GB
    • Repair PDF – 2GB
    • Rotate PDF – 2GB
    • Share Document – 2GB
    • Protect PDF – 2GB
    • Unlock PDF – 2GB
  7. Storage life for the uploaded task – Unlimited
  8. Storage life for the converted task – Unlimited
  9. Amount of OCR tasks – Unlimited
  10. No Advertisements
  11. Faster upload speed in percentage


  • Edit PDF – Add text, shapes, images, and freehand annotations to your PDF.

Deal Terms

  • Redemption Deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.
  • Length of access: Lifetime
  • Lifetime updates and support FREE

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Limited Time Offer Only at $69.99

Hurry Up !! Grab this Lifetime Deal

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Frequently Ask Questions

Questions:- How to redeem codes?
Redemption Instruction

Questions:- Does PDFBEAR Pro provide support?
PDFBEAR Pro offers customer support via email. Drop your queries via emails at [email protected]

Questions:- Do you offer a Trial?
–We offer a 30-day refund promise should you not be happy with your purchase – we feel letting you try the full experience with the freedom to refund, is better than giving you a limited trial version.

Questions:- Can I get an invoice for my subscription under my company name?
-Yes, you can. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will take care of this.

Questions:- What is a lifetime deal?
-As per our agreement with the vendor, once you redeem your code then you’ll get lifetime access to the tool. (Lifetime means – Lifetime of the product).

We do our level best to provide you the latest deals at an affordable price but as a third party, we can’t control what happens on the vendor’s side.

In a few cases, our partners get acquired or stop their services and in such unfortunate situations where the product does not last long, there is not much DealMirror can do about it. So, it’s suggested to check the tool thoroughly once you redeem your code and if you are fully satisfied with the tool then keep it otherwise you have 30 days for a refund.

Questions:- What are the system requirements for this product?
-Our tool is universally available on all operating systems from Windows, Mac to Linux

Questions:- Can this product be accessed on all devices?
-Yes. It works on all devices.

Questions:- Roadmap?

  • Edit PDF – Add text, shapes, images, and freehand annotations to your PDF.


12 reviews for PDFBEAR Pro Lifetime Deal : Professional Online Saas Based PDF Tool

  1. Liam

    Love it
    For my purpose, this is absolutely the best thing. Very easy to use.

    • DealMirror Admin

      Enjoy this amazing lifetime deal :)

  2. Olivia

    Great Tool Easy To Use
    I am fairly new to DealMirror, however, I felt inclined to leave my first review about PDFBear. I just bought the code and signed up a few days ago, which was fairly easy. I guess there is no need to watch the tutorial as the tool is really simple yet impressive. I was able to convert pdf files in all formats in a matter of minutes.
    Overall I like this tool. I think it’s a great offer for a great price, that allows you to manage all your pdf files with little to no prior experience.

    • DealMirror Admin

      Always welcome :)

  3. James

    I use this every single day :)
    I was using some free tools and was frustrated with the limitations. I saw this deal and had to snag it, can’t beat the lifetime deal. It’s definitely worth the purchase. Buy once and play around all your pdfs ;)

    • DealMirror Admin

      Enjoy this amazing lifetime deal :)

  4. Harry S.

    Worth Purchasing-
    I am a student and eagerly waited for a tool like PDFBear for converting my various documents.

    • DealMirror Admin

      Thank you for this :)

  5. Rod Tucker

    Money Saver-
    It saves you a lot of money over the next few months especially if you are a blogger, agency or any other business or individual who needs PDFBear Tool.

    • DealMirror Admin

      Always welcome :)

  6. Nancy Burns

    No Software Download Needed-
    PDFBear is a website that you can access anytime and anywhere. You can access it on your mobile devices, but the easiest and most convenient way is to use it on your computer.
    All you need is your trusty browser and a reliable internet connection.

    • DealMirror Admin

      Enjoy this amazing lifetime deal :)

  7. George Hartley

    Does this tool support the Hebrew language?

    • DealMirror Admin

      Currently, our OCR supports more than 20 languages that support Hebrew as well.

  8. Matthew Revis

    I am not able to use the compress PDF features?

    • DealMirror Admin

      Clear your cache and try one more time :D

  9. Will Fraine

    Why do I lose my font while converting to word, excel, etc?

    • DealMirror Admin

      We do try our best to preserve the original formatting. If the fonts you use are not recognized by the default settings on Windows or Mac systems, your fonts may get lost and nothing will appear. A quick fix would be to format your whole document to a standardized font such as Times New Roman.

  10. Josh Hurt

    Does this work offline as well and do OCR?

    • DealMirror Admin

      This would not work offline. Even when we create the desktop program it’ll be connecting to our server, so an internet connection is required.

  11. Steven Parry

    As a pro plan user do I get watermark features in the next update?

    • DealMirror Admin

      Yes, as a pro plan user you’ll get access to all the updates.

  12. Alex Croft

    Do I get an API as well with this lifetime deal?

    • DealMirror Admin

      No, you’ll not get API with this lifetime deal.

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$999.99 $69.99

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What you get in this deal

  • Convert to PDF
  • Convert from PDF
  • Organize PDF
  • Optimize PDF
  • PDF Security
  • View & Edit PDF
  • OCR text recognition
  • Premium 24/7 Support
  • Lifetime Updates and Support FREE

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