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Offermative Lifetime Deal

Offermative is like a smart marketer, effective copywriter, an amazing designer, detail-oriented web developer, big data analytics expert, and strategic mentor – all rolled into one.

It automatically does everything for you and gives you control to fine-tune.

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Discounts, Nudges or Reco

Offermative Lifetime Deal works for lots of different use cases. How would you like to win more customers?


Fixed, percentage, sitewide, cart discounts, conditional, exclusive… all sorts of discounts are covered.


Powerful discounting rules without advanced coupon setup. Offermative will create coupons automatically.

Related Product Recommendations

Trending, frequently bought together, new, top sellers… Offermative will recommend what’s likely to sell.

Upsells & Cross-Sells

Increase average order size and lifetime value with smartly positioned funnel bumps.

Order Bumps

On the cart or during checkout, these are Order Bumps your customers will love.

Offers in Purchase flow / Sales Funnel

Offers based on cart contents and pricing – with unobtrusive designs.

Post Purchase / Thank You Page Offers

Different types of promotions on the order complete / thank you page.

Free Gifts / Giveaways

Dynamically set price to zero to give away add-ons and free gifts.

Dynamic Pricing

Intuitive offers campaign rules for different dynamic pricing use cases.


Best WooCommerce plugin for discounts, upsells, and recommendations


5-minute setup
Answer a few questions – like the maximum discount you can give, products to never discount, and a little insight about your audience. Offermative will set everything up – and learn from your existing order history.

AI automation + enough control
While Offermative automatically generates ready-to-go-live onsite marketing campaigns, you can quickly tweak them to suit your needs.

Product selection
Offermative studies your catalog and order history to pick up what products should be promoted if they should be discounted or not. But you can change this easily.

Sitewide seasonal sales, product/category-specific fixed or percentage discount. Offermative will automatically pick an appropriate discount (or zero discount).

Product recommendations
Upsells, cross-sells in-category related products, pushing top-selling products or trying to clear inventory of items that are not selling as much. Offermative can run intelligent recommendations automatically.

Conversion focused placement in the sales funnel
Too many or intrusive promotions and you may lose the customer. No promotions and you leave money on the table. Offermative’s offer messages are tested to improve conversions and shown at the right place at the right time!

Dynamic targeting rules
Who should see the promotion campaign? Offermative sets up multiple targeting rules so the offers show to a limited set of qualified customers. You can tweak this if you need.

Design templates & images
Graphics and design is a big task. Offermative includes dozens of high converting offer designs and automatically selects a design appropriate for the offer. It can use your existing product images or show images on its own.

Expert copywriting & CTAs
This is where most of us get stuck. What headlines and CTAs will close the sale? How to tap into the pain and desires of the audience? Offermative takes away your pain by writing all the promotion copy for you!

Translations / multilingual
We understand your site may not be in English. Offermative works with WooCommerce sites in any language, and our AI copywriting generator also supports translations for a whole range of popular languages.

A/B Split testing
Would a popup work better or a header bar? Or an inline coupon? Each Offermative campaign can contain multiple messages and they are all split tested automatically.

Campaign management
Set date/time as to when each offer campaign will be made live. You can extend campaigns that are working well or stop the ones that are not performing. And of course, you can edit various aspects of the campaign too.

Tracking & analytics
Promising vs delivering… Offermative tracks everything it does and learns how to run better campaigns for you. The more you use it, better results you can experience.

WooCommerce sales automation
Since Offermative can take care of the entire sales / promotion process and is tightly integrated with WooCommerce, it will become your “automatic sales machine”, closing orders and making sales on its own.

Deal Terms

  • Length of accessLifetime
  • Redemption Deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.
  • Online Access Tool
  • 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee


  • Modify offer campaign colors
  • The show offers are based on acceptance/rejection. Like if the user accepts an upsell, show another upsell.
  • The show offers are based on exit intent, time spent on-page, and other triggers.
  • Email notifications updates related to expired/new campaigns and campaign summary reports.
  • Offer rules based on custom taxonomies.
  • Offer multiple products per campaign


Limited Time Offer Only at $ 99

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Hurry Up !! Grab this Lifetime Deal


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