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MinChat : All-In-One Chat Solution Within Minutes Tier 2

MinChat : All-In-One Chat Solution Within Minutes

MinChat Lifetime Deal

Ready to build real-time messaging features?

Don’t wait, try our MinChat Lifetime Deal

MinChat Lifetime Deal Effortlessly Add Real-Time Chat to Your App or Website with All-In-One Chat Solution within minutes, saving you months of development time.

Chat API With In-App:- Chat UI Using Chat SDK

Key Features of MiniChat

Build Faster

Everything you need to deploy your in-app chat feature.

MinChat chat API offers you all the essential features that you need to build your app or website’s in-app chat feature within minutes.

Customize with MinChat Chat UI builder

Customize the look and feel of your app or website’s in-app chat feature with the use of our built-in chat UI builder that lets you style your in-app chat feature without needing to write any code.

Deliver engaging, personalized experiences for your users with the minchat in-app chat ui builder.

Developer Friendly Chat API

Need to build your own unique customized in-app chat ui?

MinChat offers a fully functional developer-friendly chat API and chat sdk in different frameworks to enable you to have total control of how you build you in-app chat feature as well as extensive chat API documentation.

We make it effortless to build an app Chat

MinChat chat API can be used to build pretty much any in-app chat use case, and build an in-app chat feature in minutes instead of months.

Private 1-on-1 in-app chat:- Easily create a 1-to-1 in-app chat experience for your users to converse with one another within minutes.

Group Chat:- Easily create a many-to-many group chat for your users to converse with one another within minutes.

Chat UI Builder:- Ship beautiful in-app chat in minutes with the MinChat chat UI builder.

Message Retention:- Messages are stored and can be accessed at any time with the Minchat chat API and chat sdk.

Private in-app chat for large groups:– Power private group chats for groups of up to 255 members and drive real-time engagement.

Notifications:- MinChat chat API has a robust notification system that supports push notifications.

Chat API Documentation:- Get started quickly with the MinChat chat API documentation to let you build with MinChat chat API.

Startup Plan

  • Limitations up to 15000 Monthly active users
  • 6 months of message retention
  • Unlimited messages
  • Unlimited Group chats participants


  • Video/audio calls (coming soon):- Easily integrate video and audio calls into your in-app chat feature.

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