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Marqly : All In One Bookmark Manager

Marqly : All In One Bookmark Manager

Marqly Lifetime Deal

Donā€™t let the good stuff escape from your eyes!

Save that stuff and then come back to it anytime you want to.

Introducing Marqly Lifetime Deal

Marqly is simple to use and easy to manage, plus it’s a secure way to save bookmarks and texts online.

Your All-In-One Bookmark Manager.

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Feature of Marqly Lifetime Deal

  • Save and edit websites easily
  • Add tags to bookmarks so it’s easier to filter and search
  • Add bookmarks to different boards
  • Build and customize your boards
  • Run an advanced search with options to search by date, URL, type, website content, etc.

Marqly Plan Details

  • Unlimited bookmarks
  • Bookmark preview
  • Advanced search
  • Bookmark tags
  • Unlimited devices
  • Priority support by email
  • New design and layout
  • Enhanced responsive layout, fully responsive, great mobile experience
  • Nested collections
  • All of your highlighted texts are organized in a new quick-access board
  • Advanced filtering and view control
  • Enhanced web preview with full-screen preview option
  • Draggable boards, you can reorder now easily with a long press
  • And much more…

Deal Terms

Manage your bookmarks like a pro.

Easy to use, Marqly makes it a breeze to save, customize, and manage all your bookmarks and texts online.

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