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Stuck in a creative slump when it comes to generating new content ideas?

3 mistakes to avoid when writing your website copy⠀

1. Omitting the benefits of your service⠀
2. Not mentioning a clear CTA⠀
3. Forgetting to proofread

Ever wanted to create high-converting social media content in seconds?

Start creating content with MarketingCopy Lifetime Deal

With MarketingCopy.AI you can easily avoid all these mistakes and generate high converting website copy in seconds.

Create high converting social media content in seconds with an AI-powered marketing copywriter! ⠀

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Use AI to generate crafted high-quality marketing copy that maximizes conversions for ads, websites, social media, email, blogs, and more…


No more missed deadlines and no more dry copies


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How MarketingCopy Lifetime Deal Works


Step:-1 Pick the type of tool for your marketing copy

Choose from over 70+ tools for the type of marketing copy that you want to create.

Step:-2 Describe your product or service

Enter details about your product/services along with some words describing the product or service.

Step:-3 Generate AI content

See the magic happen with our AI doing all the creative work for you and generating new ideas and fully crafted copies.

You can then select which ones you like and add them to your lists, edit them, share with colleagues, and more…

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MarketingCopy AI Tools


Product Descriptions
Create engaging product descriptions that can be used on social media, websites, and emails.

Facebook Primary Text
Create compelling high converting facebook primary ad copy for your products and services.

Facebook Listicles
Create attention-grabbing lists for your Facebook ads and posts.

Facebook Headlines
Generate creative and attention-grabbing headlines for your Facebook ads.

Facebook Link Descriptions
Generate high-converting descriptions for Facebook links that drive maximum clicks.

Google Headline
Write engaging and creative headlines for your google ads.

Google Descriptions
Generate unique and high converting copy for your google ads campaign.

Linkedin Text Ads
Create compelling marketing copy for your Linkedin Ads to drive higher conversions and maximize ROI.

Ad Copy
Generate high converting ad copy for use on digital marketing platforms.

Catchy Email Subject Lines
Write catchy email subject lines that drive higher opening rates and engage your readers.

Confirmation Emails
Create uniquely crafted confirmation emails for your customers.

Thank You Note
Generate thoughtful thank you notes.

Follow Up Email
Generate engaging follow-up emails after a sales call, meeting, or something else.

Welcome Email
Generate thoughtful welcome emails for your customers and subscribers.

Value Proposition
Create compelling value propositions for your products and services that can be used on Ads, Emails, Sales calls, and more.

Motto Generator
Whether you need a catchy slogan or a tagline for your business, the motto generator tool will help you come up with the best ideas.

Brand Mission
Create a brand mission that clearly communicates a brand’s purpose, objectives, and how it plans to serve its audience.

Brand Voice
Create your company’s brand voice that communicates with your target audience.

Brand Slogan
Creates a catchy and unique slogan for business.

Shower Thoughts
Brainstorming shower thoughts on topics for new and creative ideas.

Cover Letter
Write an engaging cover letter that introduces you in a more personal way and compliments your achievements and experience.

Resume Bullet Points
Create simple and concise bullet points for your resume that compliment your achievements and experience.

Love Letter
Expresses your feelings for someone you love dearly and show them what makes your relationship special.

Birthday Cards
Create thoughtful birthday messages for your friends, family, and colleagues.

Create a unique bio for your social media, emails, and more.

Landing Page Hero Text
Write engaging hero text for your landing page that explains how you solve a problem people care about.

Subheader Text
Write engaging subheader copy that explains how your product or service works.

Put an end to writer’s block and generate listicle content points in seconds.

Write short sentences that tell a user what to do, address user concerns, and help tell the greater story about your brand and products.

Meta Description
Write meta descriptions for your blogs and websites that rank you higher in search engines.

Event Copy
Writing engaging and captivating event copy for the websites you list your event on.

Testimonial Generator
Generate unique testimonials for your brand from user feedback.

Question Generator
Create interesting and captivating questions to hook your audience in.

Social Proof Text
Generate uniquely crafted social proof copy to be used on social media, websites, emails, and more.

Blog Ideas
Brainstorm new blog post ideas that will engage readers and will improve your website’s rankings.

Blog Title
Write creative and engaging blog titles that will hook your readers in for more.

Blog Intros
Create intriguing blog intros that will get your readers hooked.

Blog Outline
Create lists as well as outlines for your blogs and articles.

Blog Outline Listicle
Create an outline for a listicle-style blog.

Bullet Point To Paragraph
Turn bullet points into a long-form engaging paragraph.

Bullet Point To Blog Paragraph
Turn bullet points into an enticing blog that will rank well on search engines.

Blog Title Listicle
Write creative and engaging blog listicle titles that will hook your readers in for more.

Video Titles
Create compelling and SEO-friendly titles for your videos.

Launch Your Product
Create captivating product launch announcements to be used on social media, emails, and more.

Short Text Hook
Create intriguing short text hooks to grab the attention of your audience and engage with them.

Carousel Post
Create engaging content for carousel posts to publish on your social media channels.

Create compelling captions that drive higher engagement for your posts.

Video Intro Hook
Create video introductions that hook your audience in a short amount of time.

Brainstorm Topics
Brainstorm different topics related to a topic.

Bullet Points
Generate concise and descriptive bullet points for your articles, stories, and more.

Video Call To Action
Create an engaging call to action for your videos and convert the viewer to a marketing qualified lead.

Youtube Description Intro
Write creative and SEO-friendly intros for your youtube videos to keep your audience engaged.

Keyword Generator
Get your websites and landing pages ranked higher with our powerful keyword generator tool.

Pain Agitate Solution
A valuable framework for creating new marketing copy ideas.

Aida Copywriting
Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Use the oldest marketing copy framework to generate interesting copy that catches attention.

Before After Bridge
Clearly communicate how your product/service solves a problem and make emotional connections with your audience using the Before-After-Bridge tool.

Feature Advantage Benefit
Create a compelling copy with features, advantages, and benefits of a product using this tool.

Problem Promise Proof Proposal
A valuable framework to tell a great sales story in 4 simple steps.

Quest Copywriting
Qualify, Understand, Educate, Stimulate, and Transition. A valuable copywriting framework to create engaging marketing copy.

Feature To Benefit
Generate marketing copy that strategically explains the features and their benefits for your product/service.

Marketing Angles
Deliver your messages about an offer to your potential customers in different approaches.

Change Tone
Take a piece of content and rewrite it with a different tone depending on your audience.

Rewrite Content
Rewrite text in different tones and angles.

Essay Outline
Create engaging and compelling lists and outlines for your essays.

Essay Intro
Create an engaging essay introduction that will hook your readers in.

Bullet Points To Essay
Put an end to writer’s block and create engaging essays from bullet points in seconds.

Verb Booster
Find other synonyms of a verb to expresses something in a different way.

Adjective Accelerator
Find other synonyms of an adjective to expresses sentences in a different way.

Analogy Generator
Generate a simple analogy that will help you simplify your message for your product or service.

Rewrite With Keywords
Take a piece of content and rewrite it with keywords to rank higher in search engines.

Press Release Intros
Create an interesting press release introduction for your products and services.

Two Sentence Stories
Generate short two-sentence stories to grab your reader’s attention.

Hero Story Intro
Create engaging introductions to tell a unique story in your marketing and sales copy.

Hero Story Villain
Personify the pains and problems, your product solves, like villains in your brand story.

Create powerful cliffhangers to keep your audience interested in your marketing and sales copy.

Conclusion Bullets
Wrap up your blog posts and articles with conclusion bullet points to highlight the key points of the article.

Create a dictionary-style definition for a topic.

Explain Why
Create an answer to a question with a focus on the ‘why’.

Feature Snippet
Generate a list of steps that explain how to do something.

Take a piece of content and summarize it.

Thought Completion
Complete your random thoughts for new and creative ideas.

Startup Ideas
Generate the idea for your next big thing with our unique and innovative startup idea generator.

Viral Ideas
Create viral marketing ideas for your next marketing campaign.

Growth Ideas
Brainstorm ideas to help your company generate growth.

Product Name
Generate thousands of unique product name ideas for your next product.

Business Name
Generate thousands of unique business name ideas for your brand or company.


Generate high converting marketing copy in seconds

With Marketing Copy AI’s content idea generation tool, you can generate new content ideas in seconds

AI copywriting assistant with the most powerful tools

Forget about spending endless hours trying to think of words to write for your Ad Copies or Blogs.

Let our AI do all the creative work for you and write marketing copies that drive higher conversions and maximize ROI.

50+ built-in templates to help you generate copies for digital ads, social media content, website copies, blog content, emails, and more…

Create unique long-form content with AI

Generate blogs, stories, and more with our long-form content generation tools. Create unique and compelling blogs, articles, stories, and more in minutes using our powerful AI.

Translate and create marketing copies in 20+ languages

Have clients across multiple countries or generating content in different languages?

Easily create and translate copies in different languages with our powerful AI language-translation tool with perfect grammar.

Keep your content organized with multiple projects

Content management can be a challenge when you’re generating a lot of content. Use different project folders to organize content for different projects and different clients easily.


What Can You Create With MarketingCopy AI?



Lifetime Offer Only at $149
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Common Feature in All 2 Plans:-

  • Lifetime access to
  • 60+ AI tools
  • Long-form writing assistant
  • Document editor
  • 25+ languages
  • All features and updates of respective plans

Deal Terms

  • Length of Access: Lifetime
  • Redemption deadline: 60 days from purchase
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.

Original price was: $1,600.00.Current price is: $149.00.

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