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Mailifier : A Email Verification Tool Large Plan

Mailifier Lifetime Deal

Mailifier Lifetime Deal

Your mailing list is the lifeline of your digital marketing campaigns. But if your car regularly needs a tune-up to stay healthy.

Ever wondered what it might take to keep your mailing list healthy?

You can write the best email, but no one will ever read them if your email lists are filled with invalid addresses.

Verifying your email lists by hand can be a major, time-consuming pain.

It’s called email verification.

Any idea what that is?

No problem That’s why we help you to understand more about email verification.

Meet Mailfier Lifetime Deal.

With Mailifier Lifetime Deal, you don’t need to use large platforms with dozens of features just to validate your emails.

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Mailifier is a simple and powerful email verification tool & API that cleans up your lists and helps you improve deliverability and campaign performance.

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Bulk Check And Clean-Up Your Email Lists In Seconds

Mailifier Lifetime Deal

Mailifier makes it easy to verify full lists and individual emails.

Simply upload your list and let Mailifier do the work.

Once your list has been cleaned, you can upload it to your CRM.

You can use the Bulk Email Verification Tool and the API for your online forms to prevent false emails from entering your database ever again.

Use the Bulk Email Verifier to clean up your existing lists (or verify a single address) and download your results directly from Mailifier’s dashboard.

Don’t let bad or invalid emails keep you from reaching your clients.

It’s time to say goodbye to spam traps and bad emails.

Use The Powerful JS Widget To Keep Bad Emails Out Of Your Database In Real-Time In Forms

Mailifier Lifetime Deal

After validating your existing email list, you would love to prevent bad emails from ever entering your lists in the first place.

Luckily you can also do this with Mailifier!

Avoid capturing misspelled, fake, or invalid email addresses by using the JavaScript widget or API to verify email addresses in real-time.

Take a proactive approach to keep your list clean by preventing bad emails from ever entering your database.

Individual Email Verification Is As Easy As It Can Be

Mailifier Lifetime Deal

Want to occasionally check an email directly?

You can easily do this in the Mailifier dashboard’s Single Mail Verification functionality.


Mailifier Lifetime Deal

They offer a full-featured service entirely dedicated to email verification.

Their high-precision algorithms, user-friendly interface, and integration features are meant to help you get only actual email addresses without hard bounces.

Save your time, money, and reputation with our email verification service.
Don’t just send emails – deliver them!

Why is it important and how can you improve your campaign with Mailifier?

Mailifier Lifetime Deal

How Mailifier validates your email addresses with maximum accuracy?

Mailifier uses a multi-step algorithm to get the best and most reliable results. Advanced filtering, testing with multiple checkers, and greylisting bypass technology – all to get the cleanest email list for you.


Mailifier removes all duplicate contacts in your list for free.


Catch-all domains detection, removing spam traps and disposable emails.


Anti-greylisting technology that helps you to reduce the number of unknowns.

Bounce Testing

Testing the email address for the bounce without sending an email.

Mailifier Lifetime Deal

Full-featured email validation service

Mailifier Lifetime Deal offers you easy and fast email verification. Get detailed and reliable results of the deep analysis in an easy-to-understand form. As fast as possible.

High Accuracy

Only multiple real-time checks ensure dependable results. No cached data.

Fast Validation

Time is money. Check email validity with thousands of parallel validations per minute.

Powerful API

High-end modular API with many options and integration support from our engineers.

Catch-all validation

Algorithms to obtain reliable validation results for catch-all emails such as Yahoo.

Data privacy

Your personal data is protected in ISO 27001 certified data centers with TLS encryption.

Why Mailifier Lifetime Deal?

Our multi-step verification algorithm allows you to get the most accurate and reliable results. Upload or import your list and get it clean and structured as fast as possible, in multiple formats.

Mailifier Lifetime Deal

Deal Terms

  • Length of accessLifetime
  • Redemption Deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.


We strive to constantly develop our service. Every day we work to ensure that our existing products
become better and new ones come true.

In this roadmap, we want to show what features we are working on and want to implement.

Limited Time Offer Only at $ 119

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Mailifier Lifetime Deal

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Common Features

  • Free deduplication
  • Free misspelled email detection
  • Spamtraps removal
  • Catch-all detection
  • Anti-greylisting algorithm
  • Disposable emails checking
  • Deliverability Guarantee ~ 99%
  • Email verification API
  • Web-widget for websites
  • Custom download presets
  • Integrations with popular email marketing services
  • 24/7 support
  • All future updates

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