Loopin CE : AI Meeting Assistant

Loopin CE : AI Meeting Assistant

Loopin CE Lifetime Deal

Are you tired of spending hours organizing meetings and taking notes? Are you tired of poorly managed meetings that waste time and fail to achieve objectives? Are you struggling to keep track of action items and essential details discussed during meetings?

Well, say goodbye to all these problems; we have some excellent news for you!

Meet Loopin Lifetime Deal – the ultimate AI Meeting Assistant that can automatically transform how you organize and summarize meetings!

Loopin is a collaborative workspace that automatically allows you to organize meetings, generate summaries, and share them with your team!

With Loopin, you no longer have to worry about the frustration of poorly managed meetings. Our system is designed to help you make the most out of your meetings by providing comprehensive features to improve your efficiency.

One of the critical features of Loopin is its knowledge management system. This system allows you to store and organize all the information discussed during your meetings, ensuring you never miss any vital details. Easily keep track of action items, decisions made, and important points discussed during the meeting.
So, improve meeting performance with a system designed to manage your meeting knowledge, boost accountability, and automate the mundane.

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About Loopin

Are you tired of missing crucial details in your meetings and struggling to keep track of action items and critical decisions?

The automatic Meeting Summary of Loopin is there to help you.

Loopin’s AI Chrome Extension can automatically summarize your meetings into beautifully written notes with all the critical decisions, action items, and essential updates. You no longer have to worry about missing crucial details, as Loopin has everything organized.

It seamlessly integrates with Google Meet, Gmail, and Google Calendar, which makes it incredibly easy to keep track of the entire meeting process without ever having to leave Google Meet.

Share Notes:

Loopin makes it incredibly easy to share meeting notes with your team via email, Slack, or your preferred workspace. This way, everyone is on the same page, and you can keep everyone updated on the progress.

We all know how important it is to monitor progress.

Loopin allows you to monitor your progress through weekly calendar metrics, enabling you to analyze how you have spent your time in meetings and projects. This functionality also presents statistics such as completed tasks, time saved, and total time spent on tasks, providing valuable insights to help you identify areas where you can enhance your productivity.

Meeting Notes Inbox

Loopin’s Meeting Notes Inbox allows you to store and organize all your meeting notes in one place. Before the meeting, you can easily access the agenda, previous notes, and pending tasks.

Ever Heard About Meeting Intelligence?

With Loopin’s Meeting Intelligence feature, you can connect similar meetings automatically and organize all the meeting notes. This ensures you never miss any crucial detail or forget an action item. You can focus more on the meeting and let Loopin handle the rest.

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Deal Terms:

Features Included:

  • Chrome extension
  • 15 AI Meeting Recordings/month
  • Unlimited Meetings
  • Unlimited Meeting History
  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Shared and private notes
  • Meeting templates
  • Calendar features and sync
  • Personal task boards
  • Task assignment and tracking
  • Task time blocking
  • Meeting insights and recaps
  • Weekly analytics
  • Integrates with: Zoom, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Slack, Asana, Trello, Notion, and all future integrations

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