Linked_Booster : LinkedIn Automation Tool

Linked_Booster : LinkedIn Automation Tool

Linked Booster Lifetime Deal

Take a break and enjoy your coffee while you’re at it. Linked Booster will smooth out your problems, so you can focus on using LinkedIn more effectively.

Meet Linked Booster Lifetime Deal

Linked Booster provides an easy and professional solution where you need the most when using LinkedIn for sales and recruitment.

Automate Your Linkedin Activities with well-built tools like Auto-connect, Auto-visit, and Auto-collect from search. It fuels your days and works while you are sleeping or chilling.

Webinar with Duc Vu (Co-founder) of Linked Booster


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Product Overview


Automate Your Linkedin Activities

With well-built tools like Auto-connect, Auto-visit, and Auto-collect from search,…
LinkedIn automation fuels your days and works while you are sleeping or chilling.


Linkedin 1st-degree Connection Management

Connections on LinkedIn can help you be more successful. Linked Booster offers a LinkedIn CRM list-view of your contacts, which will lead you to unexpected success. You can sync, filter, tag, note, search and download the connections.


Smart CRM Dashboard

Your center brain is able to hold all of your customers’ contact information with a segmentation tool, advanced search, saved template manager for invitations and messages, received and sent invitations.


Export contact info from Linked Booster dashboard to CSV

Export unlimited Linkedin contact information: from your network (including name, phone, email, website, social network URLs…) to CSV. – No limit for your export.


Dark modes

The dark mode is a hot tech trend on LinkedIn. Bring dark mode to your LinkedIn profile! We have 2 dark modes!


Main Features:-

1) Automation:

  • Lead lists building with Auto Tag.
  • Auto-connect with a personalized message.
  • Message templates management.
  • Auto-visit and scrape public contact Infos.
  • Withdraw all/multiple pending invitations.

2) Search and filter:

  • Advanced contacts search form.
  • Segment contacts by tags.
  • Distinguish/Exclude 1st connection from normal Profiles page.

3) Data Export:

  • Export UNLIMITED LinkedIn contacts. (includes available phone, email, social URLs, etc…) to CSV
  • Export contacts by segment/filters.

4) Night Mode:

  • 2 shiny variants of a dark theme for LinkedIn.

Plan Details:

  • Auto-send personalized invitation.
  • Auto-scrape detailed contact info. ( Email, phone, social URLs)
  • Auto-visit targeted profiles.
  • Smartly organized CRM dashboard.
  • UNLIMITED data export that LinkedIn won’t give.
  • Sync and manage your LinkedIn 1st connections in a separate view.

Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Redemption Deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.
  • Free feature upgrade.


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