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Lightster : Co-Create the Best Products

Lightster Liftime Deal

Are you eager to push the boundaries of product development and leave a lasting impact on your industry?

Are you seeking a tool that empowers your team to think outside the box and bring truly disruptive products to life?

Imagine a world where collaboration is seamless, ideas flow freely, and user feedback becomes the driving force behind your product’s success.

Picture a platform that empowers your team to think outside the box, connect with a diverse community of like-minded individuals, and deliver products that exceed customer expectations.

Now, add cutting-edge technologies, agile processes, and dedicated support into the mix.

Welcome to an opportunity that unlocks the full potential of your co-creation efforts Meet Lightster Lifetime Deal.

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Lightster LTD instantly connects you with qualified potential users for discovery, feedback, testing, and co-creation.

With Lightster You Can Do

• Product Improvement and Market Success
• Identifying Profitable Market Opportunities
• Launching Successful Products
• User-Driven Product Development
• Beta Testing and Early Adopter Revenue
• Innovation and Intellectual Property
• Consultancy and Research Services

Feedback from Real Potential Users

Fast Instantly find users that match your target profiles to test or give feedback on what you are working on in minutes.

Get real input from real users
Product Testing
Watch users interact with your product, and experience first-hand what it’s like to be a user of your product.

Looking for ways to improve your product? Ask users to share their ideas or bounce yours off them.

Customer Discovery
Understand what users are going through and get evidence to validate your assumptions and hypothesis. Marketing Content
What better way to craft content, than to work on it together with the people who will be consuming it?

How does it work?

Set your criteria: Find potential users based on your own specific criteria, and get high-quality matches.
• Select from age, location, industry, job title, among others
• Add your own custom screening criteria (ie. “When was the last time you traveled?”)
• Receive instant matches with users.

Find your match: Look through profiles in detail to find the users that you want to connect with.
• View detailed profiles & social media links
• Direct message users at any time
• New users get added daily, and you’ll be notified.

Send a survey or schedule a live conversation with the users that you want to connect with directly.
• Screen-sharing, session recording, and voice transcriptions included
• Join on the web or mobile
• Rate & favorite users after each session.

Everyone can join as a user to co-create the newest products and be the first to try them out.

Lightster is a dynamic platform that empowers you to engage directly with users for testing and improvement.

Seamlessly validate your ideas and gain valuable insights as you connect with a diverse community of potential users from various demographics and occupations.

Lightster Lifetime Deal facilitates an open exchange of thoughts and ideas, providing you with the feedback needed to refine and perfect your product.

Embrace the power of user-driven innovation and watch your product soar to new heights with Lightster Lifetime Deal.

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Use Cases

• Product Validation and Idea Testing
• User Experience Improvement
• Feature Prioritization
• Market Research and Competitive Analysis
• Beta Testing and Early Adopter Feedback
• Persona Validation and Target Audience Identification
• Marketing and Messaging Refinement
• Usability Testing
• Concept Testing for New Features or Products
• Understanding Customer Pain Points

Best For

• Product Managers and Product Development Teams
• Startups and Entrepreneurs
• User Experience (UX) Designers
• Market Researchers
• Digital Marketing Professionals
• Beta Testers and Early Adopters
• Business Owners and SMEs
• Innovators and Inventors
• Digital Product Developers
• Digital Product Developers

Plan Details

• Segment users with custom criteria
• Free chat with unlimited users
• AI-enabled voice transcriptions
• Dedicated 1:1 support.

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime Access
  • Redeem your code within 60 days of purchase
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (For Non-Prime Members/Regular users)
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee (For DealMirror Prime Members Only)


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