LabiKnow : Self-Service Customer Support, Updates & Reactions

LabiKnow : Self-Service Customer Support, Updates & Reactions


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LabiKnow Lifetime Deal

Knowledge Base Software, Announcements & Feedback

We know how time-consuming and challenging supporting customers can be. Answering questions fast and keeping your customers up to date is key.

These days it is very hard to find good help. You all have some FAQ docs on one page, a support page, video tutorials on YouTube, and an updates page hidden somewhere on your website.

There is a tool that helps you to build a customizable knowledge base, embeddable help widget, and a changelog in one platform.

Meet LabiKnow Lifetime Deal

LabiKnow is Knowledge Base Software built for SaaS, Tech, eCommerce, and other niches. Our goal is to provide every business with easy-to-use and scalable knowledgebase software. Keeping a centralized knowledge base allows companies to onboard customers faster and have all team members on the same page.

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Whenever you have a new process, feature, detail that play role in a product or service you need to create an article that answers 3 essential questions:

1 – What is this feature, tool, or service for;
2 – How does it work?
3 – And why should I use it? Cases.

This way not only do you educate your customers and answer obvious questions about your service or product. But you also gather customer feedback and reactions which give you the most valuable business strategy insights When you know how your customers react to your product, you can change it, take the right direction and scale your business exponentially.

Knowledgebase should be a priority in your business operations if you want to grow and make your customers happy. Even if you are using a live chat or chatbot, you still need knowledgebase software as a source of macros and customer help information you can use when replying to them.

But as you might have already noticed Labiknow Knowledge base is an All-in-one solution as it comes with the KnowledgeBase, Help Center Portal, Help Center Website Builder, Embeddable Help Widget, Announcements & Updates feed, Public Roadmap, and Feedback Collection instruments.

Use Labiknow to assist your customers, to answer their questions, to resolve issues, to onboard, to educate, to provide tutorials, to write help articles, to update, to send announcements. Use Labiknow knowledge base with your chat software, chatbot software, helpdesk software, emails, tickets, and more.

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LabiKnow Lifetime Deal

Why LabiKnow?

Pros of self-service customer support portal with announcements & roadmap.

Reduce the Number of Questions by Up to 80%

Build your Customer Support & Announcements Portal with these amazing features:


Customizable & Scalable Knowledge Base Software

for your business to create customer support help articles, onboarding guides, help docs, technical guides, answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Let LabiKnow Knowledge base deal with your customers’ questions and issues 27/4.
  • Deliver outstanding self-service customer support.
  • Knowledge base comes with an easy-to-use online editor which allows creating interactive content for the end-user.

Add photos, videos, tutorials, call to action buttons, highlight important parts, add code examples.

Help Center Website Builder

to establish an official channel of communication with your customers.

  • Cross-platform on desktop or mobile device your customers will be able to find answers to their questions, solutions to their issues or contact you via ticket(email).
  • Labiknow help center software makes it easy to customize design up to your brand preferences.

Embeddable Help Widget

Helps you reduce the number of incoming customer support requests by up to 80%.

  • Why bother answering frequently asked questions, copy and pasting the same information to the chat or ticket when you can let your customers help themselves.
  • No need to set up difficult chatbot sequences. Let users find information by easily enter search keywords or phrases on the help widget. Labiknow knowledgebase software will instantly show the most suitable answers for customers to choose from.
  • In case no answer satisfies the customer, they can send you a ticket. However, the LabiKnow help widget and knowledge base guarantee that the number of incoming tickets (emails) will reduce significantly.

Save on excessive customer support agents with LabiKnow’s self-service customer support solution.

Boosted Announcements

for publishing release notes, user announcements for the changelog, improvement updates, downtime and maintenance updates, updates on bug fixes, new feature updates. You name it but your customers will love the dedication to keeping them constantly up to date with your product or service news. That way you show your clients that you care about them. And as you probably know customer care and customer service are key to the success of your business.

Showing customers that their opinion matters is another indicator of a customer-oriented and healthy company.

  • Update your shareholders, investors – keep them excited and informed!
  • Labiknow updates can be sent not only to a widget but also directly to customer emails. You can even share the update on your social profiles. Use multiple channels to deliver the message.

Build features that customers need to collect ideas

Build your product with your customers.

  • Don’t guess, know for sure what your customers want and need.
  • Keep your customers engaged with your product and increase LTV.
  • Share with them your roadmap. What you are planning to build, what kind of features and updates. What is currently in the development phase, what is scheduled to release and what is in your backlog.
  • Allow customers to suggest their ideas, product features, or imporevents. Collect customer upvotes on those features and decide what to prioritize in your product roadmap. Know who your customers are. Segmentize them and build ideal customer portraits (persona). Get to the product-market fit faster.

Keeping your customers involved in the whole process makes them closer to your company and rapidly builds up your community of devoted users.

NPS or Net Promoter Score

allows companies to measure customer satisfaction and overall customer experience with your company’s product or service.

Labiknow Knowledge Base comes with an option to send your website users surveys. Which allows you to assess how likely your customers are to recommend your company’s product or service to others.

  • This is one of the most important indicators of whether you are on the right path with your company’s product or service features, updates, improvements. And this will help lead into the right direction and higher LTV and MAU.

Customer Feedback & Reactions

are more precise indicators and essential customer satisfaction with the help articles your team publishes in the knowledgebase, announcement updates you share with your customers.

  • Know exactly which feature or update drives customers happy or upset.
  • Know which articles are actually assisting your customers and which are lacking vital information for problem resolution. Or simply fail to answer their question.

Use this information to make your product or service a better one. As well as make your knowledge base help articles flawless in self-serving your customers with 100% satisfaction.

Votes, Reads, Views, failed Searches

analytics gives you valuable reports on customer interaction with your product or service.

Understand your customer issues by looking at statistics and what kind of answers or guides they are looking for. Know exactly what keywords they are searching with, to understand the intent. Watch out for failed searches, they are indicators of missing help articles in your knowledge base. Use this data to be excellent at customer support. Help your customers understand how your product or service works. What they need to do and how in every particular situation that they may face when interacting with your company.

Track all the searches performed by the end-users. You will be able to track:

  • Article Total Views
  • Article Unique Views
  • Views per visit
  • Top Articles
  • Top Searches
  • Failed Searches

If there is a failed search, it will be displayed in the dashboard. So if you see many failed searches on similar topics (keywords), you can go ahead and create a designated article to cover the topic.

What’s Coming Up

  • New Help Center Themes, we are planning to have 20+ customizable themes;
  • User Segmentation;
  • Announcements (Push Notifications, Pop-Ups);
  • Public Roadmap Site.

Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime
  • Redemption Deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.
  • All future updates included.

Limited Time Offer Only at $ 49

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Hurry Up !! Grab this Lifetime Deal


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Plan Details:

  • Customer support portal
  • Beautiful support widget
  • Embed knowledge base, contact form & newsfeed in the widget
  • Customizable knowledge base website
  • Support contact form
  • Email forwarding
  • Newsfeed
  • No LabiKnow branding
  • Advanced analytics & reporting
  • Support included

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