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iSend : Say Yes to Effective WhatsApp Marketing with Ease Tier 2

Quick Overview

iSend promotional campaigns, customer notifications, transactional messages, tracking numbers, and create effective communication funnels.

Alternative to Sendapp

Seamless integration with software and platforms like Chat button, link generator, WooCommerce, Shopify and Zapier to provide added functionality and increasing its overall usefulness.

Best for :- e-commerce businesses, online marketplaces, and service-based businesses like variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, and more.

iSend Lifetime Deal

Do you struggle to reach a large audience with your marketing campaigns?

Are you tired of manually sending individual messages to your potential customers?

Do you want a cost-effective solution to promote your business and that too with WhatsApp?

Sending marketing messages can be cumbersome provided that you have to make your messages engaging and relevant to your customers so that it sparks interest in them.

What if there was a tool that can measure the success of your marketing campaigns and determine which strategies are working and which ones aren’t.

Say goodbye to all these problems now with iSend Lifetime Deal

Introducing iSend – the WhatsApp SMS marketing tool that can solve your marketing problems!

With iSend, you can easily reach a large audience with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to manual messaging and hello to automation!


iSend Key Features Overview


Use the WhatsApp channel in your communication automatically

Send promotional campaigns, customer notifications, transactional messages, tracking numbers, and create effective communication funnels. Use the iSend platform.

It’s the he best way to do marketing — bring your marketing campaigns on WhatsApp the most used communication platform used by millions of people around the world.

Create messages, send them and manage the entire conversation flow.

It is now possible to send, receive and schedule chats from WhatsApp accounts.

Finding it difficult to manage information which is crucial for your WhatsApp marketing strategy?

In WhatsApp page of iSend Lifetime Deal you can view you sent, received, scheduled chats as well as campaign activities, WhatsApp Groups and accounts.


Imagine the impact if you are not able to manage your SMS marketing strategy effectively and efficiently?

You can access the SMS key parts of the SMS page wherein you can have the details about the sent, received, scheduled SMSs as well as campaigns and transactions activities.

What could be better than that if you could manage API keys, webhooks and actions?

API keys provide several benefits, including security, integration, automation, scalability and analytics.

Similarly Webhooks can be a powerful tool for streamlining workflows and improving communication between different applications and services.

Thus iSend helps you manage key parts of the Tools page like API Keys, Webhooks and actions.

Not only this Generate free live chat widgets for WhatsApp for any website

Use Customize Chat button settings and chat widget settings to personalize WhatsApp Chat button and Change your brand name, subtitle, welcome text and default user message.


How To Create Whatsapp Link?

Get WhatsApp Chat Link :- Enter your country code without the + symbol, followed by your WhatsApp Business number.

Now add a pre-filled message(optional). Click on the “Generate WhatsApp Chat Link” button!


  • ChatButton
  • Link generator
  • Isend Mobile
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Zapier
  • Google Sheet

Plans Details

  • 5 Whatsapp Account
  • 5 Android devices
  • 5 Webhooks
  • 50k Contacts
  • 50k Send Messages
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Unlimited SMS sending
  • Unlimited SMS reception
  • Ussd Unlimited
  • Notifications Unlimited
  • SMS/chat Unlimited
  • Whatsapp API
  • Actions Unlimited
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Prestashop Plugin
  • Shopify Plugin
  • Support

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime Access
  • Redeem your code within 60 days of purchase


What you get in this deal

  • 5 Whatsapp Account
  • 5 Android Devices
  • 50k Contacts
  • 50k Send Messages
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

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$60 LTD


60 Days Money Back Guarantee



$180 LTD


60 Days Money Back Guarantee



$320 LTD


60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions:- How to redeem codes?
Questions:- Does iSend provide support?

-iSend Team offer live chat support option via twak and you will email at iSend team at [email protected] 

Questions:- What is a lifetime deal?

-As per our agreement with the vendor, once you redeem your code then you’ll get lifetime access to the tool.

(Lifetime means – Lifetime of the product).


We do our level best to provide you the latest deals at an affordable price but as a third party, we can’t control what happens on the vendor’s side.


In a few cases, our partners get acquired or stop their services and in such unfortunate situations where the product does not last long, there is not much DealMirror can do about it.


So, it’s suggested to check the tool thoroughly once you redeem your code and if you are fully satisfied with the tool then keep it otherwise you have 60 days for refund.

Questions:- Can I get an invoice for my subscription under my company name?

-Yes, you can. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will take care of this.


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