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Headway One Year Deal : Get Essential Knowledge To Crush Your Goals Tier 1

Headway One Year Deal

Meet Headway One Year Deal

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Want to build a business, improve your health, or succeed at work, we’ve got you covered.

Key Feature of Headway

Thousands of actionable insights and tips are waiting for you on our site as well!

Custom Branding
Customize your changelog to match your company branding and host it on your own domain. We’ll be happy to help you set it up.

Connect Slack and Twitter so both your team and customers are in the loop with the latest changes in your product.

Your whole team can post to your changelog if you need. It’s always better to see the face of a person next to changelogs.

Scheduled Publishing
You sleep/work/chill and we publish.

Privacy is important. Your changelog can be public or private, or just disallow search bots from crawling it.

Custom Categories
Not every product fits a single glove, which is why you can fully customize categories for changelogs.

A subtle widget badge animations inside of your product, just so users don’t miss some important updates.

Markdown Editor
The cleanest formatting imaginable, along with easy image uploading and multimedia embedding.

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Join Over 15 Million Users!

  • Nonfiction bestsellers summarized in 15-minute reads
  • Collections of reads to solve your specific goals
  • Thousands of actionable insights and tips
  • Audio versions of summaries from professional voice actors

Why Headway?

  • World’s best ideas in a nutshell
  • The perfect lessons from the greatest thinkers & various bite-sized formats
  • Personalized approach:- We pick every piece of content according to your goals & needs.
  • Gamification:- Play to master new skills easily! Track your progress, collect achievements & become better with a game approach.

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