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Manage your business and projects with powerful features. Track achievements and team performance. Check projects’ updates in real-time. Motivate workers with Gamification and deliver more to your clients.

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A project management tool designed for high performance


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Product Overview


Project management accessible for everyone:

Use the intuitive GitScrum Board to create tasks and assign them to one or more team members. Split complex tasks into smaller chunks, creating subtasks and task checklists.

  • Assign tasks to one or more users.
  • Add comments, images, files, and videos to tasks.


Monitor Activities in real-time to increase team performance:

Ultimate resources to track task efforts, tasks’ duration, and team performance. Distribute work fairly and increase demands according to individual evolution.

  • Simple but complete – no previous knowledge required.
  • Associate the team’s goals with Sprints, monitor and increase performance.


Communicate and Collaborate with your team remotely:

Powerful enough for team members to work autonomously, self-organize and facilitate the manager’s routine.

  • Enabled for you to create your own Gamification program.
  • The best performing tool for the Agile methodology.


The Perfect Fit for Modern Team

By using a project management tool, the tracking of it all is much easier to have a good quality team management. It happens because there are features to assign tasks, monitor progress, and share the success with the team and clients.


Features to help you on your Daily Productive Journey

Skyrocket your productivity with a project management tool you can use in 21 languages, and make it yours, features to build a vibrant work environment that will help you deliver unprecedented projects!


Most Loved Features:

  • White Label: Unlocking the powerful brand experience. GitScrum offers you the possibility of setting a White Label interface to showcase your logo and impress your clients. Don’t forget: your visual language speaks a lot about your company’s service.Rebrand and call it yours the best Project Management Tool for your teamwork out there, unlocking the powerful brand experience to “Wow” your clients. Find out the powerful GitScrum White Label.
  • Board: Track tasks, collaborate, and marvel. At how they progress in real-time. Our Board is an incredible visual tool that provides an overview of the current work status, designed to simplify team communication and efficiency in performing tasks.
  • Time Tracking: Manage time is essential to efficiency. The new way of remote work can be more organized and productive, managing time is essential to efficiency, and this tool will help you reduce team stress in an intuitive and accessible way. Using Time Tracking, you pay more attention to the importance of managing each project and how much it interferes with your team’s revenue.
  • Task Checklist: Gain more efficiency and agility. All projects need a task list to define and prioritize a set of activities to complete the best way for a project. Do this vital stage of your project using the GitScrum Task Checklists and gain more efficiency and agility
  • Mind Mapping: Powerful method to brainstorm ideas. Use in your workflow the powerful method to brainstorm ideas with simple mind mapping. See how it’s easy to bring your projects to life when you use GitScrum Mind Maps in your projects.
  • Sprints: Work fast with consistency on projects. Use the best working process to keep track of your team’s productivity every week, based on an effective Agile framework. Your work efficiency and management skills will soar once you use GitScrum Sprints as your ally to work fast with consistency on projects and improve job accomplishments.
  • User Stories: Stay focused on the end-user. With GitScrum User Stories, your team will know what to do. Stay focused on the end-user, work on tasks efficiently and deliver excellent results with consistency.

Other Features:

  • Gantt Chart: Get the project Big-Picture, define requirements, and adapt to changing quickly. A Gantt chart is a powerful graphical representation of the uniting waterfall model with the agile methodology that is too beneficial for planning and scheduling projects. They help you understand how long a project should take, determine the resources needed, and plan the tasks in order.
  • Spreadsheet: GitScrum Spreadsheet is your new way to add and arrange robust data to your projects. It replaces the need for external apps for calculation tables and lists, so you can gather everything fully integrated into the same place.
  • Invoices: GitScrum Invoices brings facility and power to your administrative and financial routine. Charging for your jobs is no longer a problem now, with this practical feature that integrates data to provide complete information and reports to your clients, and issue professional invoices with billable work.
  • Documents: Find and share valuable files with your team using GitScrum Documents to have fast access to these files anytime. You also don’t waste time searching for valuable attachments spread on your board added directly on each task block or spread all over the place in different cloud services.
  • Subtasks: Use Subtasks to create a variety of requests, sorting them by activity. Optimized Overview of Projects. By creating Subtasks under your tasks, you and your team will get a complete yet efficient overview of your projects.
  • Wiki: Increase collaboration between team members using wiki pages for projects. Everybody collaborates using their strengths, improving ideas, coming up with better ones instead of getting stuck. Knowledge is shared so you can make extraordinary things happen with your projects.
  • Discussions: Every project consists of a lot of focus, purpose-driven work, and a fast working pace. However, if there’s only one thing that conquers them all, it’s effective team communication and collaboration. And that’s what the Discussion feature is all about.
  • Form2Task: Public forms can be viewed and filled out by anyone! Turn forms into actionable tasks for your projects with Form2Task. That way, you stop wondering what to do, start asking intelligent questions, do better work based on the correct answers, and collaborate with your team to reach important project goals.
  • Rock Star Team: GitScrum Rock Star Team is a little competition to the projects. Healthy competition between team members improves results without forgetting the collaborative spirit. GitScrum Rock Star Team is a gamified feature to help you find out which team members perform better.
  • Task Effort: GitScrum Task Effort works like an Agile Estimation Reference Stories. While estimating story points, you assign a point value to each task. GitScrum allows intelligent effort level management using revolutionizing the way you manage your tasks.

Plan Details:

  • 25 Active Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Unlimited Future Updates

GitScrum is available for 21 languages:

Deal Terms:

  • Length of accessLifetime.
  • Redemption Deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.
  • Support and Updates included.

Limited Time Offer Only at $99Hurry Up !! Grab this Lifetime Deal


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Common Plan Features:

  • Time Tracking
  • Templates
  • User Stories
  • Sprints
  • Sprint Burndown
  • Mind Mapping
  • Scrumban
  • Gantt Chart View
  • Calendar View
  • Documents
  • Discussions
  • Task Checklists
  • Task Custom Fields
  • Task Videos
  • Task Due Dates
  • Task Labels
  • Task Attachments

and more than 120 features.

White Label + LSS ( Business Plan Only ) 

Premium Features ( Business Plan Only )

  • Duplicate Projects
  • Clients / Contacts
  • Invoices
  • Wiki

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