Formcake : The Form Backend Built For Developers

Formcake : The Form Backend Built For Developers

Formcake Lifetime Deal

Collect submissions and trigger webhooks, emails, and other actions.
Perfect for JAMStack, static, and API-driven websites.

Are you feeling trouble? Don’t know how to manage forms and submission workflows?

In today’s age, it’s absolutely essential to have a flexible, simple, and easy-to-use tool to create forms and collect data and trigger different actions accordingly.

So, we ask ourselves: Is there a smarter way, a simpler way, a more straightforward approach to use them simultaneously using form backends.

Meet Formcake Lifetime Deal.

Formcake allows development teams to focus on the front end while leaving the infrastructure to us. Built by developers for developers, we believe in good documentation, minimal dependencies, speedy performance, and everything else software engineers care about.

Whether robust integration support, email deliverability, file uploads, or virus handling are your most important requirements, Formcake enables development teams to check a major item off their to-do lists.

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“Set up an HTML form in seconds, with no code required.

What is Formcake?

Formcake is a form backend built for developers. It only takes a few moments to set up Formcake. Simply point your forms at Formcakes’s API endpoint and your website can start collecting submissions and creating post-submission actions like sending emails, posting webhooks, and triggering Zapier Zaps. Formcake is perfect for static, JAMStack, and API-driven websites.

It is an easy way to collect data from your users without spinning up a whole backend. You can use it with traditional server-side rendered sites as well as SPAs / JS-based form solutions.


  • Form – The backend services that Formcake provides.
  • Presentation Layer – The HTML or javascript your users interact with to POST to a form.
  • Submission – The data is POSTed to a form via your presentation layer.
  • Action – Components within a form are used to process each submission sent to it.

How does it work?

Any website, application, or device that has internet access can use Formcake. Forms accept both application/x-www-form-urlencoded and simple application/json content. Each POST to a form is considered a submission. Each submission is passed to every action which then manipulates or transmits that data depending on its configuration. Actions run simultaneously on every submission and do not depend on one another.

Best For:

Formcake helps web developers, designers, and marketing teams create on-brand form experiences by taking the backend out of the equation and leaving the frontend to your team.


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  1. Works with any form
    Just drop in our endpoint and you’re good to go – anywhere you can submit a form you can use formcake.
  2. Flexible and powerful integrations
    Trigger a custom webhook, send an email template with values from your form submission, kick off a Zapier workflow, and more with our integration suite.
  3. Designed for developer happiness
    Retrieve and manage forms and submissions through our portal or use our API.
  4. Created for everyone
    If you’re an indie dev, small shop, agency, or enterprise company, we’ve got a plan for you.
  5. Unlimited forms
    Unlimited forms. Stop paying for a Contact Us page that never gets used.
  6. No libraries or dependencies
    You don’t need to include a tag, script to an external library, or CSS. No dependencies are required.

Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: lifetime
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 60 days of purchase.
  • All future updates included.


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Plan Details:

  • Unlimited Forms
  • 2,000 Submissions / month
  • File Uploads
  • Basic and reCAPTCHA Spam Protection
  • Full API
  • Powerful Action Integrations
  • 15 Actions / Form
  • File Storage 500 MiB
  • Maximum File Size 5 MiB
  • The deal is stackable up to four codes. Each code increases the monthly submission limit by 2,000 (max 8,000 submissions a month).
  • Just email [email protected] directly your codes for stacking upgrades.

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