Folderly Warm Up Lifetime Deal : E-mail Warmup Tool

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Locate, solve and prevent email deliverability pitfalls.

Alternative to Mailwarm, Warmupinbox,, & Lemlist.

Fully automated process that perfectly imitates human interaction.

Email warmup is suitable and convenient for any business

Folderly Warm Up Lifetime Deal

Need an easy warmup that is universal for any mailbox?

Want to grow email deliverability and build a reliable sender reputation?

Then, don’t waste your time on other tools and use Folderly service to get high email deliverability and performance.

Meet Folderly Warm Up Lifetime Deal

This tool will help you to fix all deliverability issues and warm up your email quickly and efficiently.

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Folderly is an all-in-one email deliverability platform to supercharge your email performance.


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Entrust this hard work to our professional team and your emails won’t land in a spam box ever again.

You will get exceptional deliverability in several weeks!

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The Best Warm-Up Tool for Your Inbox


Not only Folderly will boost the deliverability of your email messages but also the audience engagement:

A qualified team of professionals will take all the necessary steps such as sending automated campaigns only to verified contacts.

  • Be updated on the warmup progress every day.
  • Enhance open and reply rates.
  • And finally, get ready to get your fresh domain ready to hit the Inbox.

Feature Included:

Discover all the Hot Features that Folderly warm-up can offer!

  • Best choice for new domains and mailboxes.
  • Multiple numbers of mailboxes per account.
  • Warmup status dashboard.
  • Variety of ESP integrations.

So, how actually the tool works:

  • Firstly, you need to register on the platform, add the email address, set the required number of daily messages, and schedule the mailing out.
  • Then, it can take 8-12 weeks for email warm-up service to slightly reach the ultimate outbound limit.
  • We send several email messages daily only to the trusted recipients’ network.
  • After, the team professionally interacts with your messages.
  • As a result, in a few months, your address and domain will become reliable for internet and email providers.

Plan Details:

  • Unlimited number of mailboxes/domains
  • Monitor sending progress and warmup your mailbox
  • Add multiple mailboxes for one price, and warm up your entire team
  • Automate thousands of human-like GTP-3-powered email interactions
  • Make your custom setup, and benefit from a result-based approach
  • Ensure mailbox security with mixed ESP & IP recipient lists
  • Integrate via API or SMTP with any email service provider
  • All further product updates will be included
  • Customer support

Get access to this Folderly Basic Warmup (add-on) Deal Plan


  • Dashboard with email deliverability errors.
  • Team/agency access.
  • Warmup emails in different languages.

Customer Reviews

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Deal Terms:

• Length of access: Lifetime
• Redemption Deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.

Please note: { Registration is only possible with a business ESP account. }


What you get in this deal

  • Unlimited Number of Mailboxes/Domains
  • Add Multiple Mailboxes
  • Monitor Sending Progress
  • Warmup Your Mailbox & Entire Team
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Hurry! Only 85 Licence are left

Folderly Warm Up LTD


$89 LTD


60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions:- How to redeem a Code?
Questions:- Does Folderly Lifetime Deal provide support?

–Folderly Lifetime Deal Offers Live Chat Option or you can reach their support at [email protected]

Questions:- How can email warmup service help?

Email warm up can take pretty much of your time if you do it manually.


Email warm up service comes to help when you don’t want to spend much of your time on it.


Thus, in several weeks professionals will take your email deliverability to a completely new level instead of you.

Questions:- Email warm up service: how does it work?

As we described above, you need to register on our email warmup platform, add the email address, set the required number of daily messages, and schedule the mailing out.


The service can take around 8-12 weeks to reach the ultimate outbound limit.

Questions:- Does an email warm up service help?

When you register an account and immediately launch a cold email campaign, all the emails can land in a spam box.


This happens because a newly-registered email account is recognized as spam behavior.


That is why you need to build a reliable reputation for the new domain.


And that is when the email warming process comes in a hand.

Questions:- Email warmup tool: how to choose the right one?

A good tool must: support various ESP plugins, avoid spam filters, generate human-like content for every warmup email, create human-to-human replies, offer understandable dashboards to monitor the status of email warmup activities, ensure 24/7 support, have good testimonials, and have cost-effective price.

Questions:- How long until I see email performance change?

Usually, after 3-4 weeks the platform will improve the email deliverability drastically.


However, there were some cases when the process took 1-2 weeks or even up to a few months.


But you will definitely see the difference from the very first day.

Questions:- What is a lifetime deal?

-As per our agreement with the vendor, once you redeem your code then you’ll get lifetime access to the tool. (Lifetime means – Lifetime of the product).


We do our level best to provide you the latest deals at an affordable price but as a third party, we can’t control what happens on the vendor’s side.


In a few cases, our partners get acquired or stop their services and in such unfortunate situations where the product does not last long, there is not much DealMirror can do about it.


So, it’s suggested to check the tool thoroughly once you redeem your code and if you are fully satisfied with the tool then keep it otherwise you have 60 days for refund.

Questions:- Can I get an invoice for my subscription under my company name?

-Yes, you can. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will take care of this.

13 reviews for Folderly Warm Up Lifetime Deal : E-mail Warmup Tool

  1. Nick Rosales

    The deliverability statistics we received from Folderly were very useful for us. We were able to track our mailshots for multiple mailboxes, which was very convenient.

  2. Peter Roanna

    Folderly has made our emails much more deliverable and they’re constantly improving. They also prevent possible spam issues with our email campaigns, warming up our mailbox!


    Folderly is helping me to maintain high open and reply rates.

  4. Erantsoa Ratsimbazafy

    1. Any details on the daily email send limit per inbox or account?
    2. How many people are in your network doing the warmup process right now?
    3. Will the tools automatically manage all the emails received like moving them to the archive or deleting them not to spam real emails?

    • Admin

      Hi Erantsoa, here you go…

      1. Folderly gives you a custom limit according to the number of send-outs you are planning to send.
      2. We don’t use our clients’ mailboxes for it, all mailboxes are our email addresses that we manage. We have enough mailboxes to support limits that will be needed for daily warmup for your mailboxes.
      3. Yes, we automatically archive all emails after the warmup on a daily basis.

  5. HM Shuja

    How can I be sure about the security of my mailbox? Is there any option of automatic replay to the incoming warmup emails to develop the deliverability?

    • Admin

      The warmup is designed to present your mailbox to other ESPs and infrastructure properly. But to ensure your emails got to the right folder while sending automated outreach you need to get Spam Fix.

  6. Manish Sinha

    Is there any limit on the number of domains, and its parallel multiple domain warmup?

    • Admin

      Hi Manish, you can add as many as you need.

  7. Elma Pena

    How does it compare to other mail warming apps?

    • Admin

      Folderly has better security (your email address are safe from others). Unlimited number of mailboxes to connect. AI algorithm for exactly warm-up set up you need. Easy and understood dashboard statistics. Totally automated.

  8. Rio Mastri

    How accurate is the email placement report? And, is there a feature that can minimize the risk of our emails being categorized as spam?

  9. Andy Lim

    Unlimited mailboxes/domains – this works pretty well for agencies or companies with countless emails! The features look great too especially with human-like GTP-3-powered email interactions. Not like those funky conversations lol.

  10. Kai Peniet

    WOW, this is looking great with unlimited mailboxes and GTP3.

  11. Tim Chan King To

    What’s the USP compared with other email warm-up tools?

  12. Tomas Martinaitis

    Hello, I have a few questions on this.
    1. How does it clean inbox or sendbox? Usually, all email sends acc is full sent emails with some special mark on the title, but it does not clean it after it. I need clean my sent and sent boxes Or it just creates an independent email for sending?
    2. About email warmup quality. How does it the email is generated and how many templates do you have for just sending 100 of the same email? I looking number
    3 for such a system to work properly it needs a lot of emails to send from each other so question what now is your database, what is the number, or are you just stating
    4 why not just to add deepl translation system to translate emails to my preferred language by API

    • Admin

      Emails that you receive during the warm-up process are automatically archived shortly after they are received. No worries about that). All warm-up emails are generated automatically and are not repeated. We are not using our customer’s emails for interactions. Multi-language warm-up is also a part of our road map.

  13. mahabubrajj

    Hi, I have come to know that this lifetime deal will provide Basic Warmup plan access. But you have Pro Warmup Plan with more advanced features. Is there any option to upgrade to pro plan with one time fee?

    • Admin

      Right now there is no such option to upgrade the plan.

    • Admin

      Right now there is no such option available to upgrade the plan.

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