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FineShare FineVoice Lifetime Deal

Are you tired of struggling with subpar voice recording devices that fail to meet your professional needs? Look no further!

Meet FineShare FineVoice Lifetime Deal

FineVoice is an all-in-one AI digital voice solution for streamers, podcasters, content creators, and gamers.

All your voice needs are in one place: a real-time voice changer, a high-quality voice recorder, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, an audio extractor, and a file voice changer. Make your voice sound better and more fun.

Whether you’re a journalist, researcher, student, or business professional, FineVoice¬†is the perfect tool to enhance your productivity and ensure crystal-clear audio recordings every time.

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Capture Every Detail with Unparalleled Sound Quality

FineShare FineVoice is engineered to deliver exceptional sound quality that precisely captures every nuance.

Equipped with advanced recording technology and a high-fidelity microphone, FineShare FineVoice ensures that your recordings are crystal clear and free from distortion or background noise.

Say goodbye to missed details and hello to pristine audio quality.

User-Friendly Design for Effortless Operation

We understand the importance of simplicity and efficiency.

FineShare FineVoice features an intuitive interface and ergonomic design, allowing you to start recording easily.

You can quickly access essential functions with strategically placed buttons, ensuring a hassle-free recording experience.

Seamless Integration and Convenient Content Creation Options

FineShare FineVoice integrates your favorite programs, including Discord, Zoom, Google Meet, Adobe Premiere, Minecraft, Skype, WhatsApp, TeamSpeak, etc.

Use it with your favorite programs and easily create or record voiceovers for your video.

Powerful Features for Enhanced Productivity

FineShare FineVoice has a range of powerful features to maximize your productivity.

Take advantage of audio transcription to convert audio or video into text, saving time and effort.

FineShare FineVoice empowers you to streamline your workflow and focus on what matters most.

30+ Ever-Growing Voice Effects Meet All Your Needs

FineVoice has a library of 30+ voice effects to transform your voice into a child, female, robot, Venom, Chipmunk, and more. Improve your online streaming experience with various voice effects.

Experience the FineShare FineVoice Difference

Invest in the ultimate voice recording solution that will elevate your professional life.

FineShare FineVoice combines exceptional sound quality, user-friendly design, seamless integrations, powerful features, and reliable battery life.

Don’t settle for mediocre voice recording devices when you can have the best.

Make Your Content More Engaging and Accessible

Create audio versions of any content like videos, podcasts, novels, articles, screenplays, and presentations, which increases user engagement, makes content accessible, and reaches a larger audience.

Transcribe Speech to Text: Fast, Accurate, and Reliable

Transcribe your conversations, meetings, phone calls, lectures, and interviews within minutes. Enjoy your free time and focus on essential things.

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Deal Terms:

  • Lifetime Access
  • Redeem your code within 60 days of purchase
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (For Non-Prime Members/Regular users)
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee (For DealMirror Prime Members Only)


Two new features in the FineVoice 1.5 version are added to the feature list. Both lifetime plans and 1-year plans have these two new features:

  1. 30 hours of AI voice change for a lifetime plan; 2 hours of AI voice change per month for the 1-year plan
  2. Original voices (usable for commercial purposes)

Original price was: $99.99.Current price is: $69.99.

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