Facebook Marketing Tips: The Best Advice, Tried-and-Tested

Tips to Make Money on Facebook

  • Post publicly on Facebook
  • Create an appealing Facebook profile
  • Gather More Leads
  • Targeting locations
  • Create a group for support
  • Inspire sales team

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Facebook is continuously dominating the popularity contest as a key component of most content marketing strategies. However, because of its longevity, you may find yourself struggling to constantly come up with new content and fresh ideas for your company or brand’s Facebook page.

Although it’s tempting to just write up some content, find a cute image, and post away, approaching Facebook with some strategy will improve your chances of actually engaging in valuable conversations with your audience and customers. The following Facebook marketing tips will help you increase engagement with your Facebook marketing efforts, no poking required.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing:

  • Low investment costs.
  • Increased Exposure to Potential Customers.
  • Targeting locations.
  • Gather More Leads.
  • Lower Your Marketing Expenses.
  • Use Facebook Insights.
  • Build Brand Loyalty and more…

Do you have a Facebook page for your business?

imageBut how do you even make a Facebook page, if you haven’t already? And how do you keep it maintained and updated? Not just with posts, but so that you really get noticed?
It may seem easy at first but truthfully, creating a Facebook page for your business that truly stands out among the millions that are out there can be a time- consuming and tedious process. And it can all become a little confusing after a  little while, too.

This report is here to guide you through not just creating a Facebook page, but highlighting each feature and showing you how to make the most out of each and every one.

Learn Facebook Marketing Tips: The Best Advice, Tried-and-Tested techniques.

Inside you’ll find not just a link to creating a page, but the actual process of doing it – step by step.

Tips for Your Facebook Business Page:

  1. Create a business Page, not a personal profile.
  2. Claim your Page’s vanity URL.
  3. Add a great cover photo.
  4. Add a recognizable profile picture.
  5. Optimize your “About” section — especially the preview.
  6. Earn the “Very responsive to messages” badge.
  7. Add milestones.
  8. Choose a call-to-action button.
  9. Create custom page tabs.


Is it regularly updated and maintained with interesting and useful information for your customers? Do you know how to take advantage of all the new features that Facebook pages for businesses hold – and are you?

If not, you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity, and giving your competitors an easy – and huge- advantage.

Tips for News Feed Visibility:

  1. Prioritize quality over quantity.
  2. Post at the best times for your audience.
  3. Post your best blog content.
  4. Make sure your blog posts’ meta descriptions are complete.
  5. Remove links from your post copy.
  6. Post your most compelling visual content.
  7. Make sure your images are properly formatted.
  8. Post videos, especially live videos.
  9. Use Facebook Insights.
  10. Schedule posts in advance.
  11. Add Facebook social media buttons to your blog and website.
  12. Subscribe to Facebook’s Official Blog for future announcements from Facebook.

Tips For Advertising on Facebook:

  1. Choose the right advertising tool (Probably the Ads Manager.).
  2. Use Audience Insights to learn about your audience.
  3. Test multiple versions of a single ad.


Learn some useful Facebook marketing Tips for local business:

  • Facebook has more than 800 million users as of
  • One out of every 13 people on the planet is on
  • More than 71% of Americans use
  • About 50% of Facebook users log in the website at least once a
  • Facebook has become the number one choice of social
  • The average Facebook user spends more than 5 minutes each day on the website.
  • About 48% of Facebook users aged 18-34 check their Facebook page as soon as they wake
  • Over 1/3 of professional marketers call Facebook “critical” or “important” to their business.


See the essential features of Facebook Marketing:

  • Pin to Top
  • Highlight Post
  • Custom Cover Photo
  • About Section
  • Profile Content
  • Like Pages
  • Engage
  • Photos and Video
  • Mailing List Signup
  • Facebook Ads

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