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Email CopyDyno : Automated Process for Email Marketing

Email CopyDyno Lifetime Deal

Some say email marketing is dead, yet they tell you that through emails.

The fact is: that email marketing is not dead.

It remains the best way to market your products and services without restriction and without spending time.

Say Goodbye To The Things That Hold You Back

Here we’re presenting an intelligent email writing software that creates powerful email sequences in any niches, like; as digital marketing, weight loss, self-help video, B2B, and others.

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Meet Email CopyDyno Lifetime Deal

Email CopyDyno helps you save time by creating emails that employ each stage of your sales funnels. With this, you’ll create and send unlimited emails in only a couple of minutes.

If you recognize your product, Email Copy Dyno will write the emails you would like for you. Just tell the software about the merchandise or service you’re offering, and watch how it creates highly converting emails that will pull in sales for you.

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Writing Emails That Convert Is Hard But Email CopyDyno Makes It Easy

What Exactly is Email CopyDyno?

Email CopyDyno is an intelligent software that has been devised to make email writing a simple and holistic experience for the users. It deals in various niches and offers to write down persuasive professional emails from the market point of view which will assist you to usher in more sales or business.

It is an ingenious alternative to hiring expensive copywriters to write your emails. The software not only provides quality content but is additionally much faster than traditional writer hiring services. The niche artistry involves more click rates, consequently resulting in better business and revenue.

Who can use this Email Tool?

  • eCommerce experts and marketers.
  • Product creators and service providers.
  • Affiliate marketers.
  • Professional coaches and consultants.
  • B2B business owners.

Different Tones, Different Writing Styles, Yet Your Voice

After EmailCopy Dyno writes your email for you, you’ll easily click a button and it’ll rewrite it for you employing a different literary genre, while still retaining your voice. You can also choose different tones for your emails: aggressive, standard, or soft.

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Technical Features of Email CopyDyno:-

Currently, there are a total of 9 types of emails that the software has been taught to write on-

  1. Product Launch:
    This feature comes the handiest when you have just created a new product or a new service. Email CopyDyno can write an excellent copy for you which will persuade the readers to leap in at your offer and lead you to raised sales.
  2. List Nurturing:
    List Nurturing means creating brand trust, especially at the time of new subscribers. When you have a replacement subscriber on your channel/portal, you’ll use Email CopyDyno to make onboarding emails to ask the user, to create trust, and most significantly, make the user buy from you.
  3. Affiliate Marketing:
    Affiliate Marketing is one of the foremost common sorts of marketing at the present. In this era of utmost competition, Email CopyDyno can assist you to write persuasive emails to form your readers to devour the affiliate offers thus yielding better commissions.
  4. Cart Abandonment:
    Tons of people abandon their carts at the time of payment. At this pointyou’ll send your customers a well-formed mail to convince them to return back and complete their purchases. And guess who can help you? Yes, Email CopyDyno can with its intelligent writing and brilliant formatting.
  5. B2B Cold Emails:
    This one comes useful to the people, entrepreneurs, or companies that deal business with other companies. In that case, you’re required to send tons of cold calls and cold emails to send to your audience . Email CopyDyno can do an equivalent for you with great ease.
  6. Webinar Emails:
    If you’re an influencer, tutor, YouTuber, or if you would like to host a webinar in any field; you’ll use Email CopyDyno to make a mail that would persuade your target audience to subscribe, register and purchase their way to the webinar.
  7. JV Recruitment Emails:
    In case you’ve got created a product and you’re trying to find affiliates to market it for you, then you’ll just draft an email with the assistance of Email CopyDyno and see the software work its magic within minutes.
  8. Discount Offer Emails:
    If you are running discounts on the products that you are selling, even then you can use this software to your maximum advantage. Email CopyDyno can draft an email for you urging your customers to select the simplest discounts and offers, ultimately resulting in better revenue.
  9. Re-engagement Emails:
    If you’ve got been inactive for a short time which has led to inactive subscribers, then you’ll use Email CopyDyno to write down a persuasive email to recapture the eye of your subscribers and re-engage them.
  10. Special Mention: Soap Opera Emails:
    This is a special mention within the category which is usually employed by Andrew Chaperon, Russel Brunson, and other top marketers. It helps you create drama and excitement within the language of your mails and makes it exciting to read, keeping your leads expecting your next mail.

There are several more email types in the pipeline that will be available for use very soon as the software is still going through refurbishing and updating.

Quality Features of Email CopyDyno:-

Email CopyDyno is unarguable, one-of-a-kind email marketing software within the market immediately. To assert this point further, here is a list of its benefits-

  1. Encompassing Numerous Email Types:
    Quite reasonably, there are several email writing software available in the market. However, they concentrate on writing 4 to five sorts of emails. But Email CopyDyno can already write up to 9 differing types of emails and there are still more underway. The producers estimate that within the subsequent 12 months, the software should be ready to write up to fifteen sorts of emails.
  2. Quality Emails:
    It came as no surprise to us when a team of copywriters vouched for the standard of the copy that the software provides. With unblemished language and robust content, Email CopyDyno produces high-quality converting content due to the team of A+ writers who created it.
  3. Fresh Content in Just a Click:
    Email CopyDyno also has the choice to REWRITE the content just produced just in case you don’t love it or if you would like a special literary genre.
  4. Diverse Writing Tones:
    Different emails require different writing tones- sometimes you would like a soft tone to urge a customer to shop for your product, and sometimes you would like an aggressive tone to say your pitch and to push your sales. And regardless of what you favor, Email CopyDyno can write it for you, within the blink of an eye fixed.
  5. Integration with Autoresponders:
    After the e-mail has been written by the software and you’ve got cross-checked it, you’ll send your email to an autoresponder with a help of one click. At the time, there are a complete autoresponders incorporated within the software.
  6. Best Price:
    Email CopyDyno is one of the foremost affordable software for people, influencers, and business owners anywhere. It can also be easily used by small business owners who are careful about the way they spend their money.
  7. Durability and Long Term Support:

Important Tools:

  • Ability to rewrite the emails written for you by the software, with just one click.
  • Ability to choose the tone you want for your email.
  • Access to the new writing styles as learned by the software each month.
  • Integration to different email marketing services: Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Kyvio, and more to come.
  • Access to all future updates for free.

Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Redemption deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.

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Plan Details:

  • Unlimited number of emails/month
  • Up to 2 different variations of any email sequence
  • Email tone options
  • Downloadable PDF sequence
  • Integration to autoresponders
  • Access to all Email types

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