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How this Info Flash Bar is helpful:

    • It displays a notification.
    • Update your upcoming events.
    • Highlight Headline.
    • Display a message with a button.
    • Add PromoBar without any extra effort.
    • Highlighted things are easy to understand.
    • And much more…

Need to show a notification about promotion or news? Info Flash Bar gives you a chance to do that effortlessly.

An easy and straightforward WordPress module that permits you to have a promotion and message bar showed at the top level of your site. You can have an important message or essentially an appealing message for your promotion within a few minutes. These features can be effortlessly configured in the admin panel. You have a control over the whole bar from an instant message, countdown time to content and colored links.

This plugin will come in your hand if you want to display banners with any kind of data on your WordPress website. With Info Flash Bar, the extent of data appeared on the banner, messages about launching a new product and service announcements, to special offer advertisement, and any type of information which you want to share with your users in common. There is a number of customization options are available, which allows you to selecting the position of the banner (in all pages, in homepage only, or in any post/page/template too), along with the banner design.

There is a number of customization options are available, which allows you to selecting the position of the banner (in all pages, in homepage only, or in any post/page/template too), along with the banner design.


  • Arrange on the based on time.
  • Shown on mobile users, non-mobile users or all users.
  • Shown only on the home page or excluded on the home page.
  • Shown only for certain categories or not shown in certain categories.
  • Shown only on certain Pages or not shown on certain Pages.
  • Shown only when the user scrolls the page down.
  • Given a Priority: to ensure that more important messages are shown more frequently.


Key Features:

  • Add PromoBar without any extra effort.
  • Select PromoBar to display: select the pages, on which the banner you want to be displayed, or with the help of shortcode to display banners.
  • It customizes banner design.
  • Select PromoBar position (at the top, at the bottom, to right side, to the left side).
  • Display a message with a button (This feature is optional).
  • Button open a URL.
  • Can be fixed at position (Sticky Bar).
  • The display on Scroll event.
  • Set any height or width you want.
  • Set the number of seconds before the bar appears.
  • Shows a close button for the visitor.
  • Fix the number of seconds before auto close.
  • Colors are fully customizable.
  • Display a Re-open Button.
  • Simply select the pages/posts you want to display the notification.
  • Simply select the user roles you want to display the notification.
  • Fix Start and End dates.



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